Kingdom of the beast
Or The Kingdom of Yahuah
Choose whom this day you will serve

Duality world and how it really operates

The masters of double speak who will not be silent, seek to silence the rest of the population
There is a great falling away happening and it is always with men worshiping other men


Repair of the world?
What are we returning too?

The system itself is the problem
What most think is running incorrectly is actually running exactly as planned

In a world of iniquity men and women can no longer discern fact from fiction and instead imagine the vain things, worship the graven images and bow to idols that can't speak.

Short on the Bolsheviks

Video is unfit for the Jewstapo over at Jewtube and thus it is constantly banned.
I saved it and have uploaded it multiple times to youtube but it always is removed.

Older upload and while some of my views have changed from this video forward, I still find this video to be of extreme importance and yet a necessary building block for understanding my later videos.

The basic building blocks of language have been controlled by the powers that shouldn't be.
The manipulation of our words is the manipulation of the people who must use those words.


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Faith without works is dead
You are either lawful or in the land of lawlessness
Lawlessness finds neither grace nor faith as the very act of lawlessness is defiance to the Real Law of the Land

This channel exposes the Truth to the scriptures and man's interference and perversion of that truth.
We try to show the basis for the manipulation of our reality starts with our language.

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