I was interviewed by my Half Filipino friend Mark Hill from his YouTube Channel Knome King talking about my former involvement with Iglesia Ni Cristo Filipino Cult Movement. I gave more of a balanced view of Felix Manalo's INC movement since this was the very first time ever doing an video interview. I did stutter too much on my words as you can see from the video.

This hidden camera footage that I recorded over 2 years is about How I Left The Iglesia Ni Cristo Dangerous Filipino Cult Racial Movement. I filmed this back then in my apartment unit private property to protect my safety knowing how the INC invades members privacy especially during committee prayer meetings. My story is explained in the video when I was speaking to the Filipino Minister. I was officially removed from the INC on May 1, 2018 after 10 years of the nightmare trying to leave this retarded organization claiming that Filipino's are God's Chosen People by their founder Felix Manalo. I was from the Iglesia Ni Cristo's Locale Congregation of Toronto at 310 Burnhamthorpe Road Toronto, ON M9B 1Z9, for 26 years of my life born and raised in this movement.

This is really my last video on my YouTube Channel. I'm deleting my Entire YouTube Channel And Videos by the end of this week due to the whole COPPA situation.

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I talk about in my lengthy video about my former involvement with the Filipino Iglesia Ni Cristo racial movement and how they invade members privacy through the R2-01 form and the "report on the condition of the worship service" documents which are not available to their own members.

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Title: BB Corps

I talk about in my video My Thoughts Regarding Radicalism. My commentary mentions about how working within the system doesn't work in the long term because by the nature of it, its reactionary and not revolutionary.

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You guys have been asking me for years what got me into all of this. I talk briefly about my former involvement with the Iglesia Ni Cristo Filipino movement organization. This was the organization that indirectly in my life got me exposed to racial topics during my childhood. My upcoming videos about my movement past in full detail will be talked about in my future recordings.

INC church members accused of kidnapping, murder in Philippines - The Fifth Estate

Dr. James White vs Bro. Joe Ventilacion - Who Is God? - Trinity Debate - Official

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In my video I talk about about the colored Non-White races generally speaking are the cause of abusing the White Race's White European Canadian publicly funded health care system. Public health care isn't free at all. White Canadians are the ones paying for it. Non-White colored people bring their genetic diseases when they come to White society even though they never payed into the system at all.

This is just a very short video about me talking about how The White Race are the definition of excellence. I do have a tendency to repeat myself a lot in this video, but I'll do better in my future recordings.

It's been so long since I've made my last video 2 years ago when I talked about The White Race being the most beautiful race on the face of the earth. This is just more of an update video. Here is my new Instagram page to chat and to get to know me more.

I have to admit, I really wish I would have done a much better job when I made this video a few years ago in regards to how I looked like and presented myself in the video.

I speak in my video about how the White Race is a powerhouse in the world economy. I look at economics through a white racial perspective. The White Race produces all of the goods and services throughout the rest of the world.

This is a short video about me talking about the Japanese, Chinese and Koreans. Recorded September 1, 2015.

This is my thoughts regarding Alex Jones. Alex Jones is a scam artist because he mixes truth with lies. He also never mentions that the International finance is controlled by the Jewish Race. Alex Jones is a businessman more than anything else. I explain more of this in my video. Recorded on May 31, 2015.

This is one of my very first videos that I have ever made on my former YouTube Channel username mrjohnrobinson20 talking about the greatness of the white race and white nationalism. Recorded on Oct 24, 2014.

My old Channel introduction. This was more of a test video recorded using my under performing Acer W3-810 Tablet. Recorded on April 25, 2015.

I had to address the very core issues within the white nationalist movement by mentioning about "A Brief History Of The White Nationalist Movement" document I found on the internet. It's a compilation document comprised of different articles within the white nationalist community. The very causes of infighting etc within the white nationalist movement are outlined in that report.


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Hi everyone. It's Johnny. This is all of my videos that were from my YouTube and being backed up here on BitChute. I was formerly mrjohnrobinson20 and now TheBladeTurtle. I'm the guy who talks about the greatness of The White Race and White Nationalism and what got me into all of this. JewTube is absolutely terrible and free speech is restricted on that website. Every time I wanted to say things that are 100% on my mind for being on that site for many years, YouTube forced me to take down my videos.