This is a mini movie made by Gary J. Tunnicliffe, who stars in the role of Pinhead. You can find this movie in the Hellraiser: Deader DVD.

Title: Saraba Urutoraman
Episode aired 9 Apr. 1967
An alien invasion fleet arrives at Earth. While the Science Patrol deals with an infiltrator, Ultraman must confront the alien leader.

Title: Chîsana eiyû
Episode aired 26 Mar. 1967
The small monster Pygmon returns with a warning that a monster who can control other monsters is preparing an all-out attack against Earth.

Title: Hateshinaki gyakushû
Episode aired 19 Feb. 1967
A member of the Science Patrol is on vacation from India. Her vacation is cut short when a monster begins burning mountains and surrounding areas.

Title: Ningen hyôhon 5 - 6
Episode aired 22 Jan. 1967
Ultraman's old foe Dada arrives on Earth and is collecting human specimens for their experiments.

Title: Kaijû denka - Kouhen
Episode aired 15 Jan. 1967
After the monster eludes both the Science Patrol and Ultraman, the threat to the population becomes even greater.

Title: Kaisuisei Tsuifon
Episode aired 1 Jan. 1967
The shock wave from an approaching comet is expected to detonate a missing nuclear bomb. Unfortunately for the Science Patrol, the bomb is located inside one of three different monsters. The Science Patrol must dispatch the three monsters without allowing the nuclear bomb to detonate.

Title: Kyôfu no rûto 87
Episode aired 27 Nov. 1966
A dragon statue that was designed by a boy comes to life when the boy is killed by a car. The dragon's mission is to protect children from the dangers of automobiles.

Title: Shinjugai bôei shirei
Episode aired 16 Oct. 1966
A pearl-eating monster wreaks havoc on world pearl prices, much to Fuji's consternation.

Title: Denkô sekka sakusen
Episode aired 11 Sep. 1966
A uranium-eating monster threatens a boys mountain camp, forcing the Science Patrol to attempt to lure the monster away from the kids.

Title: Miroganda no himitsu
Episode aired 14 Aug 1966
A scientist finds a rare plant that is determined to destroy humanity.

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