The Broadcaste

The lead song from our first EP, and the first video I ever made (2008).

Seems fitting these days.

All about programming the masses. I was most happy with the sound in this one.

One of the "Broadcaste Podcasts" I made a while back.

The first "Broadcaste Podcast" I made.

I made this video a while ago and wasn't happy with it so I shelved it. With all that's going on there's a lot of potential so I'm putting it up with the invitation that anyone who wants to use the song in their own video is welcome to do so. Just let me know.

This one just has basic imagery to compliment the song, so it's more of a put on and kind of notice video. I didn't want to just put a boring still image, and was still learning After Effects. Hope you enjoy. The womb shot near the end is my favorite.

On a side note, for some reason this song was licensed for use in a republican convention in the U.S.A. ?!? Keep that in mind as you listen to it. There is no way this can be described as anything but dark so I found that quite telling as the song is about the powers that be and what they think of the public going along with their plans.

This was the lead song off of my second CD.

If anyone would like to use the song for their own video just ask, I'm sure I'd be happy to have it used.

Cheers. JC

TheBroadcaste - Freedom


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The Broadcaste was my band a few years back. On the side I also made trippy videos that talked about a lot of esoteric / social control topics. I might up upload those at some point.

I should point out that the three ellipses ((( was at the time meant to mimic the soundwaves like in the dolby logo. Now it has turned into something more, but hilariously still works.