You were not put on earth to sit at a computer and live in a virtual reality that is pushed at you from an entity that is NOT pro human..
Sophisticated NLP methods are used to "defrock" off your humanness every day without your awareness. If you value your human template you owe it to yourself to educate yourself and learn strategies to protect your human essence.
I explain what is going on from a spiritual aspect. The insights will assist you in understanding what each of us has to do to withstand the attack and rise to higher levels of consciousness. Please sign up to this channel and please share your thoughts.

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I am a trading psychology coach, performance coach and trader. For over two decades I have worked with inistitutional and independent traders, entrepreneurs and military personnel helping them to get better at navigating life. The financial markets as we know them are changing. The change will impact everyone who has investments in stocks and shares, a pension portfolio, or is looking to make a living from trading.

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The "Healing From Your Heart" program was channeled through me by Frank a trader at Cantor Fitzgeral, and is supported by a beautiful healing energy from the traders of the trading floor at Cantor Fitzgerald who lost their lives in 911. The energy is beautiful healing and gentle. To purchase this program go to I am running a special launch offer. Please contact me to take advantage. The Special launch Offer, $ 129.00 will end once the course is on my website.
"I want to share a beautiful, powerful and a deep experience with you. I did the "Self Love, The Portal to heal from your Heart" activation and meditation after I woke up at 4:30 AM today. What a beautiful message about source and our inner self having all the resources to find knowledge and answers. Your message struck me; we keep looking for knowledge, answers, peace, comfort in books and in outer sources but it resides inside us and we need to activate it. This activation can be done by breathing exercises and meditation. I meditated to your voice for 20 minutes; I experienced something very powerful. My body opened up, the morning tightness in the body went away. I had great joy and peace run inside me. Then I went in front of the mirror and as I looked at me- I saw something surreal; I looked like a different person; a person who should spread love to all; my friends, relatives, family and even people I don't know. I think the activation opened the heart portal and it made me realize I have an abundance of love inside me that I should share. Thank you for creating this wonderful course and making it so affordable. I highly recommend everyone to do this once; it will cost them less than the price of good jeans. If I can experience something so beautiful on Day 2; I am sure many others can. For some it will take a little longer but I am confident this will help everyone. Thank you for your creation" G.S.

We need to look at the bigger picture, We are dealing with a spiritual reset. Trump is the trigger.
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Chronic brainincoherence is the cause of all dysfunctional behaviours, I have studied the impact of environmental toxins on the brain for three decades. It is an important part of my work as a coach and mentor for traders and emtrepreneurs. We are not helpless there are ways to harmonize the toxic energies. Everyone needs to be educated on the effect of 5G on our wellbeing so that they understand why they need to spend the time learning techniques to raise their vibrational frequency and use technologies that can help them to ease their brains back into harmony.
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According to recent statistics over 60 % of all investors have made no adjustments to their investment portfolios this year. Many active traders have lost fortunes because they were mentally totally unequipped to foresee the changes which have seemingly over night transformed market behaviour.
This shift is part of an ongoing process that will require a very different way of looking at the financial world. You will have to use different mental strategies to navigate an uncertain future. The chaos and associated volatility will remain, altering risk quite profoundly. The way you measure risk must change with this transition from one super cycle to the next. I am not talking just about the money you put on a trade. I am talking about YOU. The biggest risk factor in your trading and in your life.
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A few weeks ago the psychology of the markets has changed dramatically. Most traders and investors have no idea about the depth of change, nor what to do navigate the next 15 years of transition.
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I am a trading performance coach and trader and the author of The Buddhist Trader. My experience over 20 years of experience. Trading has brought me many insights into the reality of the financial markets and of life. The financial markets impact everyone, from the small independent trader, to the investor who needs to protect their pension funds and investments to the brokers who are facilitating all forms of trading.
I am sharing my knowledge and vision for a better financial system both from a three dimensional and a spiritual perspective. The two go hand in glove. Everyone who understands how the financial system works underneath appearances has an advantage.
Knowledge is light and empowering. If more market participants understand how their thoughts, feelings and actions contribute to evolution of the financial; system and learned strategies to think correctly and in alignment with more enlightened priciples the system can transform withou collapsing in an angry shift to the next ewvolutionary level.

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