This exposes the truth about how abundant oil really is and how we are all being played like fools for something as bountiful as water on the planet.

This is a video I trimmed and cut from at the

Rev 3:9 (((they)) are the Synagogue of Satan
The truth Does not Fear Investigation
Censoring positive dialogue promotes violence.
Hate Speech is a Hypocrisy.
Multiculturalism is Cultural Genocide.
This is going to be one of the most important documentaries ever made. Guaranteed!

Kyle Hunt

Note: Our main upload was averaging 100,000 views per month until it was banned by youtube, but there are many more copies available, though they are restricted in many countires. If you cannot view this film in your country, try using this: You can also try this torrent, or this one, or The film has been copied all over the internet, so you should be able to get it regardless of censorship.

A broadcast with a lot of input that was done long ago

One of the most prolific videos examining the 1933 cooperation between Nazl and Zlonist groups

This is a video containing a compilation of all three #GDL shoutout videos that the news would not show you & what the USS Liberty is about. It is also the news broadcast that was aired with Brett Farve apology. Please take notice at the bias they have & how Brett Farve Favre may as well have said: To hell with those murdered Americans aboard USS Liberty. I serve the (((them))). *

Please check out Zionist Report 3 and sub, here is the original broadcast I got from their channel for this video

Check out Black Pilled
The Day Liberty Died

Please feel free to share and download and dont forget to keep Redpilling them normies, NPC's, ect...

Truth doesn't fear investigation


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