The Corals have survived 550 million years. Ice Ages, Warm Periods, Meteors, Vastly Different Composition of Oceans didn't kill them... but now, today, a slight increase in CO2 is the fatal poison...! Or not.

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The year is 2015. The Climate Apocalypse starts...

..Or so Climate Scientists thought in 2009!
Watch for a collection of predictions, all of which either did not, or will not take place as described.

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How well do the NASA predictions from 2007 on Climate Change and the Arctic hold up? Watch to find out!


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For this short video, I take a look at what NBC News said about Climate Change almost 40 years ago..

Were the scientists referenced correct? Watch to find out!

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I take a look at old documentaries, and see if the predictions about Climate Change or Global Warming have come true! This episode focuses on the Documentary The Age of Stupid.

Part one of series on Climate Change!


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The goal of my channel is simple. To look at claims made by Climate Scientists or Mainstream Media, and how the claims match up with reality.