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This is a quick video that shows how to use the Trend based Fib Time Tool\

An example on how to use my TDRPriceCount indicator.

Orange has 18 RPs with two possible extra RPs (IBP), one before and one after the RVL, all within 16 seasons (4 years). If the Orange RP1 inverts, then the Orange RP2 inverts too, adding two IBPs and making 20 Orange RPs total.

Magenta has 8 RPs and does not invert in the 4 years of its degree.

RVL = Start/End Point
IBP = In Between Point
RP = Reversal Point

Here's how to use the Fib Time tool (three steps).


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Daedalus has been trading for 24 years & this is NOT magic. It's PURE science.

"TIME is more important than Price!" - W.D. Gann

TIME is the #1 tool that should be in your trading toolbox.

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