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All of this comes at time when gold mining is falling off a cliff. We have witnessed two major mergers that happened in the early part of 2019. This has the potential to change the gold mining landscape forever.

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A review of the latest scheme by the Indian government to steal gold from the people - maybe not steal but tax all the value-or so it seems.

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Gold has been money for thousands of years. It was recently brought back to central banks balance sheet in the form of making gold a Tier 1 asset, which makes gold, for all intents and purpose, money as it is now treated the same as bonds and currency. This is setting the table for more changes where gold is concerned.

I sat down with long time associate and great friend of Liberty and gold, Claudio Grass, to get his take on the state of the precious metals markets.

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RICO was designed to go after organized crime syndicates. It was first used against the mobsters in the 1930's during prohibition when all the bootleggers were running around killing people in the streets. Oh, and more importantly they weren't paying taxes on all the booze they were selling and you know how the government hates to cheated on their theft, I mean taxes.

First of all that's why they call them "banksters". Which is term that's used quiet frequently these days, and rightly so, because this is the first time that JP Morgan has had a criminal offense, there have been other criminal offenses, recently, under Jamie Dimons leadership, but the bank is allowed to continue to operate, which should tell you a lot about why the government allows them to operate. It's basically serving the governments interest, because the banking system, today, no longer serves you and me it serves the government, in the country, where it operates. James Turk ~The Daily Coin

James Turk, founder and Lead Director, Gold Money ( and Lend and Borrow Trust ( ) sat down to discuss the current state of the precious metals markets in light of all the shenanigans at the Federal Reserve and all the other Western central banks.

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It seems the Federal Reserve and ECB are on the brink of massive fiat currency printing, again. the Middle East continues to be a powder keg, trade wars, and a variety of other major issues around the world seemingly continue to keep the headlines filled with gold and silver friendly items. The only news unfriendly towards gold is a slower start to the Indian Festival Season.

I sat down with Nick Barisheff, BMG-Group, to discuss the gold market and implications of the Federal Reserve's recent announcement of "Not" QE in light of all the gold friendly news laid out above. Nick's argument for $10,000 gold is solid. He paints a realistic picture using historical and present information to support his claim.

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For the past couple of weeks we've been watching gold and silver gyrate around the charts like a stoned hippie at a Grateful Dead concert. Prior to that both metals were moving, steadily, consistently to higher ground. Then a drone bombing of one of the largest oil fields on planet earth in Saudi Arabia was quickly flowed by Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell stating the obvious - quarter percentage point drop in Fed Funds interest rates.

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Kenneth and I take a deep dive into the gold and silver market and present a case for protecting wealth with these historically sound metals. As most of you know precious metals have protected and / or been wealth for 6,000 years. Does that mean anything in today's world? As someone who looks at norms, history and data I would rather place my bet on an item that has 6,000 years of history rather than betting on an item that emerged on Halloween in 2008.

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We look at our collapsing society from a slightly deeper perspective than simply reviewing the economics and financial systems. There is something going on that is rarely discussed when it should be the forefront of every conversation regarding our collapsing society and unfolding paradigm shift. Buckle up as the next half hour is going to get bumpy!

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Once you learn that being poor, or said another way, financially dependent upon others for your income is "normal", then you can do something about it. You can look around and see there is a way of being financially independent. It is not easy and, at times, it is scary as hell. The good news is - it's yours.

Short videos about issues that have been ongoing with Twitter since the upgrade. Today they are particularly bad and just wanted to share what I have with you.

In-depth discussion regarding the bible, Jesus and the role of the church in our lives.

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Central banks no longer trust fiat currencies. You know how I know this to be a fact? Central banks around the world acquired more physical gold than has happened since in more than 45 years. This same trend carried over into the first quarter of 2019.

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If you have ever donated funds to a church, relief effort for a natural disaster or other situation, odds are, you probably used a credit card over the phone, wrote a check (what’s that?) or made a direct donation using cash. Over the past decade we have just about talked stopped using cash for any purchase or any transaction between ourselves and a business, organization or individual. Mostly it’s done over the internet or using a piece of plastic.

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silver eagles and retail demand for silver coins and bars has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, We take a brief look at what has changed.

I sat down with Ivan Bebek, Executive Chairman and Director, Auryn Resources, to learn about his success in discovering, profiting and selling two different mining projects and what he is working on today.

The energy sector, unlike the precious metals sector, is a necessary part of life. We can’t operate our current lifestyles without energy, cheap energy, but we can operate without precious metals. Mining, plays a significant role in the cost of both precious metals and energy.

The mining industry has been suffering over the past several years, pretty close to a decade, from a lack of capital. Capital inflows have been depleted and when there is a smaller pool of investment dollars something has to be sidelined. Exploration, research and development have been the victim and this is now creating issues with the major mining companies like Barrick. It is also creating problems within other areas of the resource sector as well.

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I sat down with David Moadel, Chief Analyst and Opportunity Researcher for to discuss the current state of affairs with our economy and how to protect our wealth as the next leg of the collapse begins to unfold. If you're looking for a "big bang" type of economic collapse you are going to be sadly disappointed. Continue Reading

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Over the past several years we have discussed, at length, the BRICS, SCO, EAEU and some of the other economic alliances led by China, Russia or co-chaired by the two nations. We have reviewed some of the policies around the debt China is creating and how they are dealing with it or, as the case may be, simply creating more and more debt all the time.

Russia, on the other hand, has a completely different view of debt - they have almost no debt and are responding to the sanctions implemented by the west, in a way that makes their nation stronger, more independent and less reliant on the world reserve currency, Federal Reserve Note, US dollar. While China and Russia share some goals, this is the great divide between the two nations and will eventually lead them in opposite directions from one another.

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Matt, Silver Fortune, is one of these young people. I sat down with Matt to get his take on a variety of topics that impact our world right now. Today, Wednesday December 19, 2018 the head criminal at the Federal Reserve "Bank" is going to grace the world with his words of wisdom and possibly another interest rate hike. The question I have is the same question I have been asking for years - does it matter?

I sat down with Louis Cammarosano, Smaulgld, to find out what is happening with the sale of Eagles to the AP's. Louis is unconcerned with speculative numbers, which makes him a voice of reason in a time where everything is rigged, manipulated and speculation runs rampant. Do we believe the numbers from the U.S. Mint? Personally, I take them with a grain a salt as I do any government reported anything. The government is not interested in helping the people and the U.S. Mint is part of the government, so...we review everything with the same skepticism. Continue Reading /

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We are seeing what can only be defined as a trend that is spreading all around the world - populism. The globalist are terrified that the people are going to take their nations back, demand sovereignty and throw them all out of office one way or another. We are seeing people rise up everywhere. At this point if you don't see what's happening and see it as a global phenomenon, then you need new sources of information because you are not getting the whole picture.


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