In the US there are nearly Twice as many Vaccine related Deaths at March 2021, than all the Vaccine Deaths this Past Decade.

Data out of Israel, which has the Highest C19 vaccination rate in the World

Dr Francis Boyle, who wrote the current US bioweapons law, says the C19 vaccines are "NAZI Frankenshots" being used against us... & the same technology was used in the vaccines that KILLED & DISABLED 111,000 Gulf War Troops. The same will happen to the world if these vaccines are forced upon everyone. They know what this tech will do to people!

The Covid-19 FRAUD train continues on full steam Fauci pretends to accept the deadly poisons into his bloodstream that he expects us to accept.

Nanotechnology for drug delivery is being used to deliver Covid-19 vaccines.Intranasal administration via a “TEST” can bypass the blood-brain barrier and deliver chemicals directly to the brain. Hydrogel nanosystems can adhere to mucous in the nose for the purpose of increasing the period of contact with the nasal mucosa and enhance drug absorption.

Microbiologist Dr Sucharit Bhakdi on Fox News speaking about the C19 Vaccine says...."I think it's downright dangerous, and I warn you, if you go along these lines, you are going to go to your Doom!...and it's so so unnecessary" - Then interview is quickly CUT

Senior Constable Kevin Dawson of NSW Police fully supports his colleague Senior Constable Alexander Cooney's open letter to the NSW Police Commissioner, questioning the Covid-19 Agenda, with a letter of his own to the Commissioner.

In order to justify the vaccines they are going to need REAL "Covid-19" cases & REAL "Covid-19" deaths. 5G, once rollout completed, can do the job, according to a paper published by the NIH. Links

Mike Adams explains that the vaccines contain EXPERIMENTAL Nanotech components that have NEVER been used in vaccines before. So, this is why this vaccine must be stored at -70 deg'. The Nanotech components once injected into the warm body then become active...thus almost ensuring a Real Pandemic with real deaths which will then be "justification" for more vaccines to beat the pandemic, as it will be pushed that Covid is back & much more deadly this time. So, the vaccine is perpetuating the "pandemic".

AstraZeneca names a few Horrors of their Covid-19 the MHRA URGENTLY seeks AI software to process the expected High Volume Adverse Reactions to the Covid-19 vaccine. Australian police now realize their is a highly disturbing agenda behind the Covid-19 Pandemic & want no part in enforcing the tyrannical rules that come with it. Senior Constable Alexander Cooney of NSW Police, Grafton NSW, leads the "Resistance"

Australian police now realize their is a highly disturbing agenda behind the Covid-19 Pandemic & want no part in enforcing the tyrannical rules that come with it. Senior Constable Alexander Cooney of NSW Police, Grafton NSW, leads the "Resistance"

Melbourne Anaesthetist Dr Babak Amin says "I couldn't even begin to fathom where Andrews gets his data from"... as he speaks out on behalf of the broader medical community, explaining why Mandatory face masks have no benefit & can only cause harm.

The evidence that the Hydroxychoroqine protocol is enoromously effective as a cure/treatment for "Covid19" is skyrocketing. To quote Chief Professor Harvey Risch of Yale University...."The evidence is more overwhelming than anything else I have ever seen"

Alan Jones responds to Daniel Andrews so called opening up of Victoria on 27-10-20. Many Drs are coming forward exposing the many health hazards of face masks,yet Andrews ignores their advice & cannot explain how his so called experts come to their conclusions regarding masks.

The Covid-19 vaccine program is a MASS Live EXPERIMENT on the worlds populations to see how the vaccines effect them. They will be tracked & monitored by Google & Oracle in real time. Google And Oracle Will Track The Vaccinated With ‘Incredibly Precise’ Tech New bill aims to allow foreign troops and foreign police to be used in ‘emergencies’...WITH POWERS TO FIRE UPON AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS.

Members of the World Doctors Alliance speak out against the Covid crime & introduce themselves in Berlin just prior to another freedom rally 10-10-2020

See it for yourself, there are No isolates of the C19 39 of the CDC's own report.

Dr Carrie Madej tells Richie what the Tetanus Vaccine is really all about.

Hear Joe Biden's earpiece director advise him, then shout NO SH#T as Joe makes a Gaffe as he starts to speak about Covid.

Lawyer, Dr Reiner Fuellmich speaks about the biggest court case ever, the COVID FRAUD SCANDAL

Rachel Baxendale asks Daniel Andrews why a person,alone in the open air of country Victoria has to wear a mask. He does his usual avoidance of answering a question we are entitled to know the answer to. How can he impose such a rule if he wont tell us why?


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