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Remember when MK-Ultra was a “conspiracy theory”? The govt is releasing some of the documents 65 yrs later and they’re shocking. They reveal the dark heart of the DeepState but the crude methods are not nearly as shocking as the mind control being done to the public today. Then, Kavanaugh was “innocent until proven guilty” but he rejects protection for innocent children and supports govt funding for Planned Parenthood. And, China’s Xi is desperate to establish himself as a god, a communist cult leader. But a brave pastor released a manifesto opposing his “Caesar Worship” mandates. What happened to the pastor is America’s past, but may be our future.

CBS’ “60 Minutes” and scientists at NIH freely admit that it is a giant experiment — on our population. The effects are already evident for young users of smart phones, pads & games. David Knight explains how it truly is a continuation, an extension, of MK-Ultra — but far more dangerous

On “UN Human Rights Day”, China moved to arrest hundreds of Christians after a Chinese pastor published a manifesto in defiance of Xi Jinping’s demands to worship him. This is America’s past, the key reason America was created by religious refugees and why we have the First Amendment. But it may become America’s future if we don’t stop the forces of censorship.

Laws passed in the wake of the Center for Medical Progress exposing Planned Parenthood offering baby body parts to order were shut down in lower courts. In the first test of Kavanaugh he fails miserably. Clarence Thomas calls him on it. Should we be surprised given Kavanaugh’s background?

It’s a UN globalist war against people, their families, their country & culture and the 2 biggest fronts are going on now with Paris riots and the Marakesh Migrant treaty signed today by most nations of the world. Then, Nick Begich joins to talk about “Earth Changes” vs man-made climate change, surviving Alaska’s earthquake and the combination of self-reliance & community behind the quick recovery. And, Democrats openly admit their bias against Christians & in favor of Islam in recent polling

Democrats openly admit their bias against Christians & in favor of Islam in recent polling. And the bias is even stronger for Hillary supporters

As climate change is being pushed in COP24 meeting and pushed back in Paris riots, Nick Begich explains the dominance of natural forces like volcanic activity & solar activity in affected climate change as he covered in his documentary “Earth Changes”

When Macron said he wanted an EU army and labeled nationalism & patriotism as “treason”, David Knight said he wanted the EU army to control his people. It didn’t take long. Tanks with EU flags on them to shut down French protesting EU policies. Patriotism is treason to the EU & Macron.

Nick Begich explains Alaska’s approach to federal overreach on marijuana and how it applies to broader issues of privacy and free speech.

She only occasionally uses her brain but is Ocasio-Cortez dangerous? Her comments about running for President, her campaign for a “Green New Deal” and her authoritarian threats to Don Trump, Jr when he criticized her show that she and her constituency are very dangerous.

Nick Begich on how Alaskans dealt with the recent quake in a combination of self-reliance & community. He was in Alaska for the recent quake & was there was there with the big one in 1964. He explains what were they like, what should you do if you’re in one.

Only the elite have private jets while they lecture YOU about your car. But soon only THEY will have cars and they’ll be multi-million dollar cars like Schwarzenegger’s Bugatti. More hypocrisy at the COP24 meeting in Poland as the fossilized actor denounces fossil fuels & Trump

77 years after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor we look at George HW Bush’s 50th anniversary speech blaming “America First”, not the Japanese, and touting the benefits of our own pre-emptive attacks as new evidence of America pushing to intervene in Ukraine. Then, why do we need USMCA? It’s worse than the worst deal in history, NAFTA, and this is why and how we stop it. And, Craig Richardson exposes climate fraud and a decade of lies and hidden data.

Craig Richardson, Energy & Environment Legal (, joins to explain the decade long fight to expose ClimateGate and how the trillion dollar climate industry creates a conflict of interest in research

You can run, but you can’t Heidi. German schools are being told to look out for young girls in kindergarten coming in dresses with braided hair. It may be a sign of parents enforcing gender norms, probably because they’re “nationalists”. And Facebook flagged a picture of Santa & baby Jesus as “violent or explicit”.

NAFTA 2.0 may have some short term economic advantages but it contains all the sovereignty destroying structures and adds some new ones — gender identity mandates and immunity for internet companies to censor. Here’s what’s wrong and how it can be stopped.

The CDC acknowledged that a Vegas man contracted Guillain-Barré syndrome immediately from his flu shot but health officials say its a rare occurrence and flu shots are still worth it. Why have we had an explosion in conditions affecting the immune system and nervous system like autism, rheumatoid arthritis & GBS? Ready to play Russian roulette?

It’s been 85 yrs since Americans learned the lesson of failed Alcohol Prohibition and passed a Constitutional Amendment to legalize it again. Yet President Trump thinks he & Xi can prohibit fentanyl successfully. Economics and human nature prove them wrong.

The arrest of Huawei’s CFO (who’s also the daughter of the company’s owner) is not about trade as the mainstream media & Wall Street are saying. Then, the Cold War against free speech reaches absurdity as thought police extend their wishlist of prohibitions and invent their own fantasy narratives—Veggie Tales is racist, Hanukkah is hateful, the Virgin Mary was raped by God & the baby Jesus was an anchor baby under threat of deportation.

Christmas is a battlefield, but it’s not the whole war. The war is against all of Western civilization, including Hanukkah, and even a SNL comedian gets his mic physically seized and is denounced on stage by humorless SJW at Princeton — who will soon have a great deal of influence in our society.

According to a Buzzfeed reporter, it wasn’t a tax revolt in France but a failure of a bot algorithm on Facebook to censor properly. It really IS about censorship of POLITICAL speech they hate. And, Macron waves the white flag to the yellow vests while Trump points out the French agree with him.

They have a list and they’re checking it twice with all the major gun control groups. If you believe in the right to keep & bear arms, you won’t be happy about their plans for the new year.

Crime pays—especially war crime. It sure helps to become a giant military contractor when you have a Bush on the board. Just take a look at how George Bush’s “Uncle Bucky” profited.

PETA says we are guilty of “speciesism” but are they dehumanizing women? If women are equal to chickens & cattle, should we call them “chicks” & “cows”? You won’t believe the silly new speech rules they’ve put out.

A Florida boy is facing multiple felony charges after he shared THC-laced gummy candies with his classmates, resulting in five students being hospitalized.


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