Count Dankula visits the City of Failure

From Episode 169 of The Dick Show

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A place to pick up women and $25k cartoons alike: Lesbian Art Shows.

From Episode 179 of The Dick Show

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John McAfee calls in and talks about whales, the McAfee Dex, and his surreal life.

From Episode 179 of The Dick Show.

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Bank Bans NP2 Merchant Account "Why don't you just build your own bank?"

From Episode 179 of The Dick Show.

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I get the stink eye from people in the audience for laughing and cheering at the parts of Joker that you're supposed to laugh and cheer at. What am I saying, the people doing it are who the movie is about. WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY!

I sure hope they remember to lock the doors when they send her to jail!

Two blank stares from a Chad and a Stacey. That's fine. They don't understand.

This was before the whole Greta the Gremlin shit.

Boomers really do complain a lot. Time to whip your dad into shape!

Pretty interesting study on the effects of smart phones on the brain. Doesn't matter though. Thinking is for nerds.

Why come chicks can post embarrassing chats, but men can't post nudes? It's the exactly the same.

It's not real. None of it was ever real. Second-hand thinking.

It's unsolicited advice from retards from cradle to grave. Please post your amazing tips on how to avoid hairloss in the comments below!

Andy Signore send some flirty comments with fans. Who the fuck cares. Then a former love interest said he sexually assaulted her. He was fired for it and had his career ruined by a bunch of white knights, including Hal Rudnick and Roger Barr. Turns out the bitch made it all up. What a surprise!!!

The same poor, uneducated idiots on both sides talk too much and listen too little.

Another story of Boomers interacting with technology, and mandatory fun in the workplace. Hooray!

What are they having a bachelor party or something? Fuck off to Coffee Bean and stop arresting people who aren't doing shit.

I don't care what they call it, it's sexual assault.

How else will they know they're not married to a ho?

I only wish I had more time with this guy! John McAfee calls into the show to talk about crypto, the government, and life itself. Wow!


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