Many parties will tell you what they'll do if they get a majority. Here's what I'll do if I don't.


I am the only candidate with a policy to leave the EU, AND keep Remainers happy. #TDA4PM

As the UK hurtles towards another general election, I make my case to be the country's next Prime Minister.

With Theresa May fucking off on what will undoubtedly become a permanent walking holiday, the position of Prime Minister is vacant, and who better to fill the role than I, a man who has no political background whatsoever?! #TDA4PM



F1 meme gg. Copyright claimed on YouTube, so trying on here instead.

Only a small list of things that irritate me.

A man mourns the loss of a bit of hair on his face.

After 6.5 years, it's time to say some harsh truths to YouTube, all of which will no doubt be ignored.


After careful consideration, thedoctorand decides to throw his talent away. Has he made the right decision? Only time will tell, but yes.


He might not be going to jail, but the £800 fine sets a dangerous precedent for comedy in the future.


Just a few songs that piss me off when I hear them. Most of these seem to be played at either work or in shopping malls, and the playlist of songs never gets updated. Play a bit of AC/DC for a change pal!

Adrian Mann goes to a talent show audition.

When A. Mann attends an interview, things kick off 'n' that.

After yet another horrendous rewind, I suggest some ways in which YouTube could have improved their rewind for current year video.



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