the most soppiest play fighting ever eventually bully boy has to jump in & say enough of this flirting guys

after their day out all doggies want to do is sleep

pictures of the day with Archie & my pack

if you as the owner are unable to control your own emotions when walking your dog this breeds what we call bad behaviour, Barking at other dogs, aggression etc. What happens is dogs feed off our emotions if your scared the dog becomes scared if your angry the dog will be aggressive. They always look to the leader for guidance and if you show you are weak they will not want to follow you (listen to you). You must be a calm & balanced leader to have calm balanced dogs



Saphire still remembers her road awareness training even though I haven't walked her in around 3 months. goes to show that my training methods work wonders



tethering in a park helps control excitement so when we move on to the open fields he will more inclined to behave himself

just walking through the farm

just letting Archie be free don't have to call him much nowadays just let him enjoy the day he understands his boundaries now so doesn't go to far & always looks back for me so I'm happy to just allow him as much freedom as he likes. We bump into someone with their dog and Archie is so well behaved now, he doesn't run off waits for us to catch up before going to say hello

chattin about the reasons why thedogwalker is leaving youtube for BitChute

the benefits of walking young pups away from people & other dogs


here I let him off the lead to burn off his excess energy & excitement

again just allowing Archie the freedom to roam getting him to use his brain in remembering his boundaries and keeping him calm around the pack. This is teaching him not to be so exciteable around other dogs & the more we do this the less inclinded he will become to chase after other dogs or bug them

we stop to rest and get some shade & Achie quickly gets bored & attempts to climb on Kai but I stop him with just a quick tug on the harness I let him go again & he understood & went off doing his own thing again.


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