I cover two very important books by well known American strategist Thomas P.M. Barnett who is a globalization maximalist. I focus this talk on his love of globalization and how it necessitates mass movements of people from the poorer parts of the world to the west. I quote extensively from each book to ensure that the proper context is given but offer some criticisms as well.

There are a lot of subjects and areas mentioned here that could justify dedicated videos themselves. I have tried to avoid going on to many tangents and to keep this focused on globalization and mass migration. I see Barnett's strategy as one strategy but not the only one being conducted within the American defense establishment. I think it at least partially fits within the "Full Spectrum Dominance" strategy but I do see the Pentagon's New Map as a very idealistic view of the world rather than a secret plot to destroy Europe. I am critical of it but I have tried to represent Barnett's views honestly just the same.


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