Time to correct the selective memory from Episode 1.

It's time to venture through WWE 2K20's MyCareer Mode, as we follow the journey through 2 characters in this mode.

Don't you just love when someone brings you their infected PC to be fixed?

Player 1 vs. CPU, 18 hole limit.

This just isn't my game.

It's time for Luigi to learn the power of fire!

My apologies for the brightness, this was how my modded GameCube output the quality while it displayed on my TV.

Welcome to the debut of my wrestling podcast, Wrestling vs. The World. Every podcast will have a theme in order to keep things structured. 6 things will be covered per episode and this episode's topics are as follows:

1. Survivor Series Fun Fact.
2. Straight Outta DUDville.
3. Top 5 Survivor Series Conclusions.
4. Survivor Series Hidden Gems.
5. History of Undertaker at Survivor Series.
6. The 3 Count.

And yes, this podcast is here on BitChute (following YouTube's controversial actions and severely low views on my channel, despite the sub count), so hooray! :D

When you see a big red button, don't push it.

We've got the first 3 main ghosts in the way, let's take them in!

It's time to venture through the original Luigi's Mansion, as Luigi stumbles upon this mansion that's haunted with ghosts.

This game isn't worth it!

An old live stream I did on YouTube back in 2015, this was a pain to go through in one sitting.

Time to venture through the Deku Tree stage of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


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