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On 19 November 2023, Israel's national broadcaster Kan uploaded this song to X (formerly Twitter) in which Israeli children sing in celebration and support for the Israeli army's mass extermination campaign of Palestinians in Gaza. Kan also posted it on its website and then removed it. The Electronic Intifada translated the lyrics and added subtitles for news reporting purposes.

September 30, 2000.
video of Jamal al-Durrah trying to shield his son as bullets rained down on them.

Cowboys for Trump Leader Couy Griffin Says the ‘Only Good Democrat Is a Dead Democrat’

College professor Stephen Miles (Gary Bayer), his wife, a young girl, and a drifter (Jerry Houser) are suddenly faced with a society where money is worthless, food is scarce, your neighbor is your enemy and oppression reigns. The four must survive a world of earthquakes, natural disasters, looters, corrupt officials and the Anti-Christ in power.

100% beyond a shadow of a doubt ABSOLUTE FACT.

Breaking news from Washington, D.C. indicates that Hunter Biden’s high-paid solicitor Abbe Lowell might be modeling his behavior along the lines of the New York Times, other leftist media, and FBI. Just like those “august bodies” avoided the realness of the “Hunter Biden Laptop” and the evident crimes documented therein, Hunter’s lawyer appears eager to avoid the reality of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) presentation and questions during her exchange Wednesday, July 19, with IRS whistleblower Special Agent Joseph Ziegler.

The 1979 Ba'ath Party Purge (Arabic: تطهير حزب البعث) or Comrades Massacre[1][2] (Arabic: مجزرة الرفاق) was a public purge of the Iraqi Ba'ath Party orchestrated on 22 July 1979 by then-president Saddam Hussein[3] six days after his arrival to the presidency of the Iraqi Republic on 16 July 1979.[4][5]

Six days after the resignation of President Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr and Hussein's accession to President of the Iraqi Republic, Regional Secretary of the party, and Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council on July 16,1979, he organized a Ba'ath conference on July 22 in Al-Khuld Hall in Baghdad to carry out a campaign of arrests and executions that included Baathist comrades to consolidate Saddam's hegemony and increase his influence.

The list included most of the comrades who opposed Saddam Hussein's rise to power after Al-Bakr,[6] and among these was the former president's secretary, Muhyi Abdul Hussein. Names of people were announced and they were taken outside the hall to be executed. Ba'athist propaganda at the time showed that they were convicted of conspiracy and high treason to the party.[2

On this day 28 years ago the greatest man that ever walked the face of the earth took out the trash. ABSOLUTE ZERO EMPATHY

Timothy McVeigh Manifesto

A look at the life and work of American journalist, I.F. Stone, who leads a one-man crusade against government deception.
The film follows several independent, investigative journalists who have been inspired by the example of I. F. Stone (1907–89), who was known for digging into public records and back-page stories to track down and expose stories the mainstream corporate news media were ignoring. We see the challenges these reporters face today as they dig for the truth, rather than acting as “stenographers to power”. John Carlos Frey investigates the cover-up of mass graves of undocumented immigrants who died while crossing the U.S./Mexico border. The film looks at independent journalistic investigations of governments dating back to the 1960s and manages to retain a nonpartisan point of view.

Pfizer Executive: ‘Mutate’ COVID via ‘Directed Evolution’ for Company to Continue Profiting Off of Vaccines … ‘COVID is Going to be a Cash Cow for Us’ … ‘That is Not What We Say to the Public’ … ‘People Won’t Like That’ … ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’

The documentary 2030 Unmasked reveals the link between Covid-19, Vaccines, Masks, the Banking System, and the impending “Great Reset.”
This film is for everybody who recognises that something is wrong with the world. Especially useful for individuals who are “just waking up.” It’s unsettling to realise that so many things you’ve been told are false, and this video aims to explain WHY so many things are occurring, HOW they’re happening, and WHAT you can do about it.
We won’t be able to obey our way out of tyranny.
The greatest way forward is through mass disobedience, and helping as many people as possible become AWARE is a good place to start.

The Day After is an American television film that first aired on November 20, 1983, on the ABC television network. It was seen by more than 100 million people during its initial broadcast[1] is currently the highest-rated television film in history.[2]

The film postulates a fictional war between NATO forces and the Warsaw Pact that rapidly escalates into a full-scale nuclear exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union. However, the action itself focuses on the residents of Lawrence, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri, as well as several family farms situated near nuclear missile silos.

The cast includes JoBeth Williams, Steve Guttenberg, John Cullum, Jason Robards, and John Lithgow. The film was written by Edward Hume, produced by Robert Papazian, and directed by Nicholas Meyer.

Schwab has publicly bragged that he has “penetrated” cabinets around the world to force his economic philosophies upon the people circumventing any right of the people to vote. This was at his talk at Harvard.

Schwab has publicly bragged that he has “penetrated” cabinets around the world to force his economic philosophies upon the people circumventing any right of the people to vote. This was at his talk at Harvard.

One of the funniest PSA's i have EVER seen.

This riveting and fast-paced documentary by award-winning filmmaker, Paul Wittenberger, is specifically designed to break people out of their trance, see the big picture, reveal the truth to them… and take our world back! This is Part 1. Share it far and wide!

The "HOLY GRAIL" of sports videos


Crisis event actor employed by the United States government caught in the act working on FAKE mass casualty events (i.e. Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, and many more).

A look at the many oddities surrounding the controversial 2012 Sandy Hook school shootings.

Our world is filled with an extraordinary amount of lies, deception, disinformation, misinformation, fakery, fraud, facades, mirages, propaganda and brainwashing. The good thing though is that once you awaken to the deception, you can use it as a tool for raising your consciousness.

Fathers of slain children do not go around joking and laughing the next day this guy is a fraud and he is an actor and so is the aunt that spoke before him and this entire shooting is a scam to take away gun right for a much bigger global domination plan. Robbie Parker was a paid actor and THE WHOLE DAMN THING WAS FAKE. FACT

They tell everybody EXACTLY what they are doing.

And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. Matthew 24:22

THE VERDICT IS IN: They’re deliberately killing us with the Covid ‘vaccine’ bioweapons!


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