An excellent sermon by Malcolm Smith, showing God's eternal love through the glory of His grace.

This is an external donation link, not mine, but of a Saint that uses such donations to endorse and promote Christian content here on Bitchute.

A brief message expressing that the Gospel is afforded to all, be you Queer, be you Drunkard, or be you anything.

A brief exposition, proving the Holy Trinity, and disposing of the heresy of Modalism.

Sermon by Pastor Cucuzza and some Christmas carols.

A short teaching, showing that the very will and work of God (The Father) is to believe in/on Christ.

A donation link for another Christian on Bitchute helping the beloved in the grace community acquire more views, as to aid the Gospel, if feel led to help, here's the donation link for any love offerings.

Me and Merle go over Acts chapter 15.

A comparison video between AI Algorithm censored controlled Youtube, and Bitchute.... You decide.

A biblical teaching, expressing those who are saved by grace, through faith, and this in Christ alone, are thus married unto Him.

The true Gospel

A free Grace stream, with sermons and hymn's.

A free grace stream with a message and hymn's.

A free grace stream with worship hymns and sermons by Hank Lindstrom and Bob Wilkin.

General discussion.


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