UPDATE: THE ORIGINAL VIDEO HAS BEEN CENSOR-TUBED!! SEE IT HERE...Calling on our town’s brightest! Please comment on the results of this mask experiment. Are we poisoning kids at school and in public with their own CO2? Public critical thinking and comments needed! [email protected]

Why would "they" censor?
Original (CENSORED) Video:

Science Teacher's Channel / Original Poster:

Planes sprayed over La Veta’s lightly cloudy skies on Thursday morning, July 23rd, 2020. About 5 hours later, several loud jets flew in succession over cloudy skies. In previous years, they sprayed a lot more over our skies. What are they spraying? Why are they spraying? When are they spraying? Please send your theories and info to [email protected]

Peaceful protests take a violent turn when raging man lashes out and menaces in front of town hall and local food store. *Disclaimer: This video was altered with humorous images to protect the guilty.

This may be the 5th time the Marshals were called this week for this man practicing his constitutional rights. What do you think? Email opinions to

As of 7/8/20 - 2 business owners on Main Street LV have called Marshals 4 times on man for practicing his constitutional rights. The peaceful protests have continued since July 4th. Comment below or email [email protected]

“It’s impossible to argue with stupidity.” Who is unwilling to talk it out? Do these masked protesters prefer to yell and mumble names through their masks rather than respectfully debating opposing views? Comment below or email [email protected]

Should we require permits for practicing our constitutional rights? Comment below or email [email protected]

This concerned vacationer becomes quite confrontational after being called out for entering into local man’s social distance bubble. Comment below or email [email protected]


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