An examination of the Roman Catholic doctrine of the Blessed Virgin, and the "very special devotion" granted her by the authority of the Church.

Reflections upon the modern state of Evangelicalism in the United Kingdom today - it's corruption, doctrine, and direction; with characteristics of its devilish nature.

An examination of James chapter 2 verses 14-26, clearly showing that nowhere within the passage is taught Rome's false gospel of salvation by faith and works.

Analysing and showing to be entirely false, by the Holy Scriptures, the Romish doctrine concerning (what they wickedly term) "sacred Tradition"; and detailing what that true tradition is, which is spoken of in 2Thessalonians chapters 2 and 3.

Through the example of celibate Bishops, we take a look in this short video at the foundation of Rome's philosophy underpinning her diabolical system; a rejection of and contempt for the Holy Scriptures.

A short reflection upon one facet of the Roman Catholic Church's false 'Jesus' which she houses within her system.

The Roman Catholic Church sheltering assisting offenders is perhaps best known from her antics with Nazi war criminals during the middle of the twentieth century; but few know that this well organised scandal was not a rare and unique practice of the Roman Church - it was a continuation of her centuries old policy which favours and blesses those who are of use and merit to her system, though they be offenders of the law in the countries wherein they dwell.

The Roman Catholic Church has images. Images which speak and move. And the Roman Catholic Church has persecuted and put to death those who refuse to obey her decrees of the veneration of images. Is Revelation chapter 13 a continuation of historic Roman Catholic doctrine and practice?

A short look at the Roman Catholic position on what constitutes a 'Saint', compared to what God says about saints in His holy Word.

An example from the 13th century, from the Roman Catholic approved writings of Pope Gregory IX, of how the 'Saints' are to Rome THE vital mediators, obtainers and dispensers of God's blessings, graces and mercies, as well as various wonders and miracles. Catholics don't just ask 'saints' to pray for them; they are informed by their highest authority to regard them as gods in their nature and ministry.

A brief look at Mormon doctrinal claims of the past; in this instance, teachings regarding persons living upon the moon and the sun.

A brief analysis of the character and origin of the coming false prophets and false Christs which shall deceive many in the coming days.

A short video showing, from official Roman Catholic biography, the manifestation of LEVITATION in the life of Francis of Assisi; as also is said to have occured in other canonised heroes of Rome's historic Pantheon; and relating this manifestation of satanic power to the coming false prophets and false Christs who shall soon frequent the earth.

Part 3 in the series examining the Roman Catholic Church's history of lying signs and wonders turns again to Francis of Assisi; analysing some of the reasons the Roman Church attributes signs and wonders to its saints, the current Pope's revival of Francis of Assisi's ministry and doctrine, and some examples of the abysmal heresy with which Francis of Assisi was devoutly committed.

A biblical and logical look at how it is Paganism which borrows from Christianity, practicing a distorted and perverted parody of biblical truth, rather than Christianity being an offshoot of an older form of Paganism.

A short analysis of Nicky Gumbel's methods in leading the younger generation under the Roman Catholic yoke - on this occasion through the promotion of a Roman Catholic Saint, Catherine of Siena; who in turn is also examined as to her doctrine, along with a peculiar occurrence in her life of a false Christ speaking to her under the form of 'consecrated bread'; and how this relates to end-times prophecy, including the mark of the beast received in the right hand or in their foreheads.

Analysis of a 2018 lecture by Nicky Gumbel, part of an Alpha Course event; reflecting upon his false view of the 'Church', and his role and influence in developing and building the blossoming Roman Catholic ecumenical monstrosity.

Part 2 of the series examining the reasons for, methods, and records of the Roman Church's false signs, miracles and lying wonders, examines the Catholic portrayal of the wounds of Christ given divinely to Saint Francis of Assisi.

The first in a series exploring the Roman Church's history of spiritual deception and wickedness in the promoting and manifesting of countless displays of false miracles, signs and lying wonders. This episode is an introduction to the subject, bringing in a brief example from the life of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Analysis of Anglican ecumenism, involving key player Justin Welby; the absurd 'Red Wednesday' remembrance of persecuted Christians; and Church of England hypocrisy and betrayal of the saints and martyrs in siding with the bloody Roman whore responsible for their cruel demise.

A look at prominent Church of England based false prophet and devout ecumenist John Sentamu.

An examination of the farce of Rome's god-making machinery; and the type of monsters who qualify for canonisation. (Please be aware; the background ambience may be louder than I had planned in editing. Though the dialogue is still clear and audible, I apologise for any sound issues in advance. Consequent videos shall have the issue rectified, unless uploaded from my YouTube channel. Thanks for your patience.)

Short reflection upon the absurd hypocrisy within the Roman Catholic Church regarding sexual deviancy. (It has been pointed out to me, and I am grateful for it, that the background noise to some of my videos may be louder than desired. I shall certainly fix this for my newer videos. However, some uploads from my YouTube channel may still contain a louder than desired background ambience. As the words and speech are still, thankfully, intelligible, I shall refrain from a complete re-edit, but truly have learned lessons for future productions. Thanks for your feedback.)

A brief look at the reprobate ministry of Justin Welby and it's foundational rejection of the Holy Scriptures.

Analysis of a poignant question of Jewish involvement in the death of the Lord Jesus.


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Exposing Roman Catholicism's wicked history.