Using the recent example of Agu Irukwu's Prayer Shield UK initiative, this video explores evangelical intrigue and deception in the UK aimed at developing a perversely united 'church' which will lead the way in end times signs and wonders deception.

A video looking at a Roman Catholic depiction of the Stigmata, (drawn from an approved biography of Francis of Assisi) and warning of miracles, signs and wonders that manifest in contexts which are not in line with the Word of God and genuine biblical ministry - such false miracles are of Satan, and we are warned by our Lord Jesus Christ to not be deceived thereby. This video also explores the Stigmata as a potential pattern of the coming mark of the beast.

A rewritten/re-edited video of a former (now extinct) video, introducing the issue of specific examples of lying signs and wonders of the Roman Catholic Church - in this example, an occult manifestation regarding Francis of Assisi; and an examination of why the Roman Catholic Church needs lying signs and wonders to validate her devilish system.

A re-edited release of a previous (now deleted) work by the English Fundamentalist dealing with the absurdity and perverted character of the Roman Catholic saintly hierarchy, along with the cover up of the crimes of some of the supposed saints in heaven.

An example, using prominent UK based ministers, of how false Bibles are used to promote the Roman Catholic Church and it's Satanic doctrine within evangelical churches; conditioning minds unto the unbiblical organisational unity of their own perverse imaginings, and which will lead to great deception and lying signs and wonders.

A re-edited/re-written release of a previous (now extinct) video looking at Nicky Gumbel's promotion of Roman Catholic philosophy, in particular, Roman Catholic 'saints' such as Catherine of Siena, and the satanic manifestations and false Christs that are subsequently sanctioned by Evangelicals such as Nicky Gumbel which appear in the lives of such 'saints' that they admire and quote; factors which have a haunting similarity to end times events seen in Revelation chapter 13.

A video outlining the plans for the rapid spread of Mike Pilavachi's Soul Survivor philosophy through a multitude of church plants; and the occult mysticism of Mike Pilavachi and his Soul Survivor spirituality.

Documentation of a Roman Catholic decree from the 1169 Council of Tours in which that Church's persecutory spirit is seen in forbidding heretics the opportunity of BUYING or SELLING; a very relevant example in light of Revelation 13 verses 16,17 and the persecution of those refusing to take the mark of the beast - "that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Revelation 13:17)
For more information on the mark of the beast, please see my playlist, "The mark and image of the beast'.
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A video looking at false Christs and false manifestations of Christ's return, and how the Roman Catholic Church in her Eucharistic doctrine may be a significant character in such end times deception.

A short video giving an example, from the popular 'Message' bible perversion, of how the modern 'bibles', which are promoted enthusiastically by UK evangelical leaders, corrupt and pervert the Word of God and support the rebellious doctrinal direction that apostate evangelical ministries are walking in.

Detailing the great danger of the modern evangelical trend to interpret the Bible in light of ancient secular history and culture of the time the Scriptures were initially written; showing how such a theory destroys confidence in God's Word, blasphemes God, is unbiblical, rejects the sufficiency of God's Word, changes doctrine, and does great violence to Christian truth.

A look at the corruption of the Church of England; in this case, infiltration at its highest ranks of an individual with the ecumenical philosophy of the World Council of Churches "Bossey Ecumenical Institute"; and his influencing UK Christian culture with such poison, at the behest of apostate Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

A short video exploring the Church of England's wicked unity-in-diversity ambition, which rejoices in the violent, heretical, and blasphemous doctrine and practice of church history, couching such in the sanitised and rebranded terms of positivity, such as 'rich tradition' and 'rich variety'.

Analysing a 2019 article by freelance journalist Tim Wyatt; and discerning therein some disturbing information concerning Soul Survivor, it's musicians and it's leadership, and their key role in end times apostasy.

Using Nicky Gumbel's 1997 book 'The Heart of Revival', this video analyses Nicky Gumbel's philosophy regarding church unity, and revival; learning in the process of his 3 decades of deception and the preparing the way for the false 'revival' of Satan which, in the video-makers opinion, will engulf the earth in the name of Christianity.

A video exploring whether Soul Survivor and it's chief shepherds, Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft, actually operate in the Holy Spirit, or if something more sinister lies behind their unbiblical ministry.

A video exploring the Catholic charismatic renewal springing publicly up from the 1960's second Vatican Council, and the subsequent focus of the Roman Catholic Church upon a renewed spirituality inclusive of Church miracles, signs, and wonders; how Nicky Gumbel and Holy Trinity Brompton are in line with this Satanic agenda; and how this Vatican plan of decades ago may be the fulfillment both of Rome's centuries old desire for worldwide dominion, and end times prophecy such as seen in Revelation chapter 13.

A video exploring the neglected role within UK evangelicalism of a pastors duty to warn the sheep regarding false teachers and false doctrine, naming those individuals and ministries which are a danger to souls. Examples from the Word of God are given which show the great danger that popular UK evangelical ministries, such as Holy Trinity Brompton and Soul Survivor, are placing their followers in by not only refusing to warn them of spiritual danger, but leading them into it through inexcusable promotion of heresy. Instead of shepherds, faithfully shepherding the flock, such ministers are hirelings preparing the way of the wolf.

A video looking at two passages of the Bible, from Matthew chapter 27 and Acts chapter 1, and examining whether the critics have correctly asserted that there is a contradiction in the Bible regarding Judas Iscariot's death, as well as other matters relating to him; or, have such critics been hasty in their criticism, there being a simple and clear solution to their passionate allegation?

A brief assessment of what the Alpha Course is, and it's being used by Nicky Gumbel and Holy Trinity Brompton church London to evangelise souls into Satan's Roman Catholic Church, and preparing the way for the coming religious deception.

Nicky Gumbel uses the "Come, Holy Spirit" prayer relentlessly; but where does it come from, and where will it lead? This video exposes further UK evangelical Satanic deception.

A video demonstrating principles which leading evangelicals use to drive on their pro-Roman Catholic agenda.

A critical analysis of Nicky Gumbel's and Alpha International's Bible in One Year Commentary, noting how it's study notes, commentary, prayer, theology etc promote the extremely dangerous philosophy of Nicky Gumbel, such as the supposed validity of the Roman Catholic Church, the excellence of Catholic ministries, and how we are to unite with this satanic system. The Bible in One Year project also uses Satan's corrupt Bible versions, and this video is a warning to all to avoid The Bible in One Year app, and to avoid Alpha International and HTB and Nicky Gumbel in general, along with their many tentacles which are thrust out to capture souls into their abhorrent perversion of Christianity.

A look at Ephesians chapter 4, which amongst other things highlights the pastors responsibility to establish Christians in the truth and in the unity of the faith; duties which mainstream evangelical ministries in the UK, such as Holy Trinity Brompton, fail to do, leaving believers children spiritually and primed for spiritual deception and Roman Catholic tyranny.

An introduction, by way of warning, concerning a significant figure directing the Alpha Course in the UK, Holy Trinity Brompton based pastor Stephen Foster; with a brief reflection on evangelical promotion of Satanist Russell Brand.


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Bringing to light information concerning the Roman Catholic Church and other false religious systems which does not necessarily receive the amount of exposure as it should, and which display such religious tyrannies and perversions for what they are.