Analysis of Justin Welby as a servant of the Pope, of being a Roman Catholic at heart, and his earnestly promoting the false Christ of the abominable Eucharist.

A summary of the biblical truth regarding the context of the mark of the beast, showing the various conditions which are necessary before the mark can be revealed - conditions which are not yet in place.

A short analysis of the Alpha Youth Series, which is a wicked tool towards the indoctrination of the young into Roman Catholic religion; and an examination of the Alpha Youth Series openly promoting the 2016 Roman Catholic World Youth Day event in Poland, which had at its heart the image of 20th century 'Saint' Maria Faustina Kowalski; an image which, when examined, has many similarities to the image of the beast as seen in Revelation chapter 13.

Documentation of another prominent UK based leader who is shepherding souls into dark places by the ecumenical agenda which furthers the cause of false Christs and false gospels; in this example, Gavin Calver, CEO of the Evangelical Alliance.

There is a dangerous satanic deception preached loudly in these days by UK leaders of influential churches; that God's blessing, spiritual revival, and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit's power shall accompany the Roman Catholic Church's ecumenical project, the unity in diversity multi-denominational philosophy; a philosophy and movement which the mainstream UK church denominations have bought into, support, and participate in enthusiastically. When lying signs and false wonders shall be wrought in satanic power by false prophets and false Christs, within the context and framework of an ecumenical church setting, many shall be deceived, being encouraged by UK church leaders that what they are witnessing is the hand of God, rather than the power of Satan that it is. This short video introduces viewers to examples of persons and organisations within the UK which are actively participating in this devilish world agenda.

An introductory examination into the role which most Bible Societies play in shaping and forming the spiritual climate, through their perverted "bibles" and Bible teaching, which is rapidly leading to a worldwide spiritual tyranny involving the Devil's Roman Catholic Church.

A video summarising the British false teacher Paula Gooder, her influence, methods and devilish work.

An assessment of the ministry of British evangelist J John - a ministry of grave danger and great deception, particularly with regard to the coming lying signs, wonders and miracles movement, and Roman Catholic seduction.

A video defining Anglicanism, it's Lambeth Conference, and how the Anglican system plays it's part in manipulating, guiding, and formulating the UK Christian landscape by her heretical persons in influential theological and authoritative positions, setting the agendas decades in advance.

A summary of the Roman Catholic Church's influence concerning and participation in Spain's attempted 1588 invasion of England, with a view to bringing about that nation's subjection to the Roman Church's power and authority.

An examination of the Roman Catholic false Christ, its place in ecumenical unity, the false signs and wonders to be expected from such, and Justin Welby's promotion of this false Messiah, as also Welby's significance as an agent of Rome charged with romanising the UK.

A short assessment of Guvna B's (real name Isaac Borquaye) ministry within the UK evangelical movement, along with his wife, Emma Borquaye, both of whom focus upon youth work. The couple are dangerous role models, who promote false Christs, the Roman Catholic system, debased ecumenism, and the worldly, carnal, compromised so-called Christianity of these perilous times wherein we live.

A short update chronicling the spread of the Alpha Course in the UK over the last few weeks during Covid-19, and subsequent effects upon healthy doctrinal barriers which, already weakened and breached significantly, seem to be finding their dissolution at this unique time of coronavirus church cohesion.

A video examining the UK ministry 'Youth For Christ', it's leadership, philosophy, history and methods - viewing therein that it is an organisation which is of great spiritual danger to the young within the United Kingdom. (Please note: at the time of producing the video, indications were that John Sentamu was still the president of Youth For Christ. The same day I released the video, Youth For Christ's National Director released a message which seemed to indicate that John Sentamu had either very recently left his role as president, or was imminently due to do so. No intention to mislead in this respect was purposed.)

Documenting Church of England educational materials which are subversive to a healthy Christian landscape; in this example, the Church of England's promotion of the Dominican order, a notoriously bloodthirsty order set upon physically purging heresy, as well as philosophically, and moulding society unto Roman Catholic tenets - including Marian images.

The Church of England have a strategy; and Nicky Gumbel is the tool they have turned to in order to change, revitalise, and condition British Christianity. In the process of planting 100 churches in key locations across the UK, Nicky Gumbel and Holy Trinity Brompton church are seeding the UK with their perverse form of Christianity, which in turn is the catalyst for eventual Roman Catholic domination. With an immense amount of wealth, power and influence behind them; and key political and clerical powers on board; and strategic indoctrination centres churning out pastors in the image of Nicky Gumbel, teaching his brand of reprobate Christianity; everything is in place, and the journey has begun, for the 21st century Great Replacement of UK Christianity by an Alpha/Gumbel Christian perversion.

Reflections upon the British evangelical church scene, and how evangelicalism has adopted a number of Roman Catholic principles of ecumenism, laid out by Rome decades ago, which is transforming British Christendom into a key conduit for the emerging Roman Catholic world spiritual tyranny.

Fresh documentation regarding Church of England Bishop Jill Duff's recommendation of Russell Brand and his Satanic philosophy; on this occasion made before a live online audience which included two prominent members of the Evangelical Alliance hierarchy, who remained silent and offered no reproof or correction; with additional information regarding Nicky Gumbel's continued promotion of Russell Brand since at least 2014.

A setting forth of historical scholarship concerning aspects of Islam. This episode contains Church historian Philip Schaff's summary of Islam's foundations of violence, persecution, and bloodshed.

19th century scholastic testimony to the debauched nature of Islam - this episode focusing upon Islamic sexuality.

The Church of England is a wicked ecclesial system, overflowing with iniquity, and in its educational policy tears down, pollutes, and confuses the moral and spiritual foundations of young persons who find themselves with an unenviable seat at such a vile place of learning.

The Second Vatican Council (1960's) and Pope Francis' ecumenical and interfaith programmes are not an apostasy of the Catholic Church - they are a utilising of principles far back in the church of Rome's history, designed to gradually win over nations, churches and peoples with seduction and guile; a temporary compromise and accomodation, for long term ambition and purpose - as seen in "Gregory the Great"s evangelistic strategy regarding dominantly pagan Britain in the late sixth century; a strategy that employed false miracles in order to subdue to Rome the churches of the kingdoms; a pattern that fits well with scriptural descriptions of religious deception in the end times.

A video reflecting upon the Roman Catholic Church's perversion of the ten commandments, her sanctioning of images, and where this may lead in relation to the end times universal image worship.

Analysis of the rock band Delirious?' role in preparing the way for the false prophet and his deceptive miraculous ministry as seen in Revelation chapter 13.

A video examining evangelical church leadership recommendation of satanic ministry; Nicky Gumbel, Peter Lynas, and Stephen Foster, along with Bishop of Lancaster Jill Duff, the guilty party in this example.


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Bringing to light information concerning the Roman Catholic Church and other false religious systems which does not necessarily receive the amount of exposure as it should, and which display such religious tyrannies and perversions for what they are.