I like exploring abandoned buildings. It does not get much cooler than an old cold war banker.

The ROC bunkers were used by the royal observer corps to monitor the power & types of blasts as well as the yeld & fallout. They were entirely manual & would have housed three men. At least of of them would have had to go top side to retrieve the pin hole camera images of the blast as well as take measurements of the surrounding area. They would have reported all their findings to a central command who would have relayed the information via a dedicated phone line to what remained of the goverment & public.

Most of these bunkers have ether been demolished or left to rot these days, however there are ones that have been preserved

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We lack SILO's in the UK so all bunkers are just that. To allow the select few to suvive. Not that much of the UK would suvive a full on atomic way.

Another one of these went pop, they came with the house & the rest will be replaced as & when they also go pop.
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