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Episode 1 taken from my first podcast using

I'm putting it on here for those who don't have access to it anywhere else and...monetise.

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Just a quick Christmas update because I've not been keeping to my schedule in uploading videos for you all. Expect future vlogs in this format. Check the links beneath for websites we now use:

A reactionary video to a reactionary YouTuber who bullies other YouTubers.

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The podcast host of Solaran Faith, Indie Artist, Composer, Writer & Author, Ashley Ellison aka Lord Avatar II, stops by to chat with Dini about his latest album, "History Lessons", how he acquired all of his talents & if ancient mountains are actually chopped-down giant trees. To find out, set your reminders, it's happening! 07/10/2017 | @11AMCST | Call in at 701-801-9813 | United Kingdom +44 330 998 1253 | Access Code 206194 | You can also hop in the mix by visiting and slapping that "Go Live" button | Please follow our show at & remember sharing is caring! Be sure to follow our show there! Thanks for your continuous support!

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The character Kreia from the game Knights of the Old Republic 2 is arguably one of the greatest female characters in gaming. However, despite her fame, much of her philosophy has been misunderstood due to the puzzling manner in which the game presents her backstory and motives. This video will serve both as an examination of Kreia's philosophy and her criticisms of the Star Wars universe as a whole.

Chris Avellone famously said in an interview that Knights of the Old Republic 2 was meant to question everything there had to be questioned about Star Wars. This video will be answering those questions.

From Mesopotamia Civilizations to the great Achaemenid Empire
Written by: Vahid Takro
Date: May – August 2018
Narrated by: Lord Avatar II
Music: Craig Armstrong & Thomas Bergersen

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Just a quick update on recent events with the Police who thought we may be a dangerous organisation...

Trophy hunting on this awesome Zombie game. You can find all my links here:

In this episode, the Avatar, leader of the Solaran people, is taken ill and in critical condition. A young woman takes control, she is tasked with the revolution on Frojaa. Will she be as effective in battle as the Avatar was?

In this episode, the Solarans and the Frojans go in search of a new Earth planet to colonize. On one such planet, they stumble into a battle scene with two separate alien races fighting it out. They narrowly escape the carnage. . .

In this episode, the Enemies of the Solaran people launch an assault upon The Solaran Empire. In doing so, they set about an event that will change the Galaxy forever. The Solarans meet with the S.S. Generational and its crew. The Frojans, who built the ship for the Solarans, welcome them aboard. The Solarans must find a new planet to colonize, in their search they meet another alien race known as the Reptice, a violent race of reptiles who conquer anything they can. . .

This is the pilot episode of my mini-series. It is based on a book I wrote a few years ago. Please leave some feedback by commenting on this video.

Just a quick update on various projects I'm working on at the moment.

An audiobook of poetry from my previous works, songs and competition entries.

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An erotic interracial story about a black married couple, the wife, devoted to her husband, but unsatisfied by their sexual activities, turns to cuckoldry to spice things up. The husband, reluctant at first, decides to write a journal following his wife's various sexual adventures.

Daves Diaries Episode Three. This episode is all about criminality and the state of the word due to some failings within.

I do not own the Copyrights to the music or characters. This is a fanfiction story only. Based on the hit television series, Xena: Warrior Princess, created by John Schulian and Robert Tapert.

The FanFic Collection contains five original short stories and poems, which explore the past, present, and future of the legendary Warrior Princess.

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Here is a video from today of my snails in their new tank. The new tank looks quite good, so, I thought I'd share it with you all.

This is the trailer to my next novel. It is not yet released, but it will be available for free on Kindle Unlimited and wattpad as soon as it is complete.


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The Solaran Faith is a new religious movement that rises from the ruins of today's broken society that seeks public attention and invites people to join the movement. The Faith of Solara was started when Avatars from a different universe visited the wilderness of Macclesfield Forest. This new religion gets its name after Goddess Solara and believers of this faith worship her to ascend to her realm some day.

The Solaran Virtue is full of knowledge and truth and can take the world towards a better tomorrow. One can now join this new religious movement to gain the knowledge and power they need in life.

This encourages people to be part of it in an informed manner and one can get all the answers to their questions before joining the religious movement. There are several free e-books that one can download from their website to learn everything about the Faith of Solara. Some of the important books are The Jardacia (Volume I, II & III) and The City of Eternal Lights. Besides, one can contact them with their queries and doubts.

To know more about this new faith or to download the free e-books, one can visit the website: