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"Drink a Pop" means a soda.

I am by no means perfect but I at least try to let other white people know about this issue.

What I mean by "Get Europe." Is a total replacement of the White population.
It was snowing outside that is why I was by a window.

MoonMan1488 made this clip for me thank you.
This (((Movie))) is about Detroit during the 1967 race riots. Its just called Detroit.

The war between National Socialism and ZOG is being fought here on BitChute. Which side are you on? Jewish TV and movies makes mental retardation.

The boy isn't old enough to know right from wrong. He is having fun because it is nature however, this "EuroTrip" (((Movie))) is pure evil.

A personal favorite, thank you.



Federal income tax does not take the majority of my income, I was exaggerating still considerable way more than $4.
White (((Taxes))) are what supports ZOG.
I ranted about the (((TV))) because I hate it!!

I know that ZOG won't die because I asked nicely it's just wording purposes.

(((MOVIES))) and(((TV))) will poison your mind. The evil must get out of your house!!

Our currency is just paper, Jew love it.

What is the goal for this decade?

From Band of Brothers, sorry about the Swedish subs

Around Blacks never relax .
Notice how these blacks take his stuff after he leaves.

I do not support an Army using cannabis, for well know reasons. These men are fight in Vietnam to either die here or go back to Cultural Marxism. Which is destroying America at the same time. These men were lost and didn't see the Jew, The Jew is the evil behind our pain. Let us not forget that if Germany won World war two there would have never been United States involvement in Vietnam.


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