you are all going to get mad for this video natzee symbols removed taking the game out of the era it is suppose to represent foot steps nothing is working and i don't think it is going to be working right upon release

This video was live this is the copy of the video enjoy this installment of the fam reacts

in this special edition we react to the tom mcdonald song brainwashed

This is a first look at the new game riders republic by Ubisoft this is a massive extreme sports game including mountain bikes skiing snowboarding and many other outdoor sports the audio of the game has been muted as this footage was under NDA That NDA has expired enjoy this XDEA exclusive gameplay

gaming opinion and commentary

a video series that outlines the memes posted on our group

outlining the upcoming content of TheFamInc

i address the people that are complaining about there being no campaign in the new battlefield give me a break like 0 people play battlefield for a campaign

we talk about how gun laws being implemented and crime rates and gun violence go up in the most restrictive democrat controlled cities

we talk about how our kids are being indoctrinated into a false ideology teaching our teenagers to hate and critical race theory

a new spitfire opinionated political commentary video for all of you to enjoy

This will be short videos that are recorded from within the game sometimes funny sometimes weird you never know what is going to happen with these videos so enjoy

a tense round of Russian roulette in this episode of Days Of Pavlov

A comedy take on gun safety from pavlov including russian rulette
Join the discord for chat TeamSpeak and news

We have fun in pavlov shack for the oculus quest

The entertaining violence of blade and sorcery

In this episode we talk about the blue holy flame mod which adds a new spell to the already huge amount in the game and the nude spell cast it 1 clothes come off cast it again to put there clothes back on a funny mod to add to the gore and violence in this game why not have a little fun also a dagger that splits into 9 when thrown also we unveil the time stop spell

We have a problem developing information from the police officer trial which George Floyd unfortunately died. The prosecution is failing on trying to charge the officer who quote choked George Floyd to death as the prosecution and the da are trying to stick higher charges on the officer Once again I am not defending the cop or the victim this is my opinion so enjoy the video

3 major stories to talk about GameStop stock situation new software from Nvidia that allows you to stream on your browser similar to stadia world news as Poland negatively cracks down on womens health sparking protests across the country as the conservative party reigns in abortions

This is an opinion piece believe whatever you want but the entire q thing is nothing more than false hope misplaced values on people that can be easily manipulated into believing anything

trumps exit from the white house and his pardons several political items in the first segment. second segment tech we talk about a 9.5 million dollar law suit. The third report is about the keystone pipeline being stopped pending a revoke of the presidential permission that trump authored as part of Mexico usa Canada deal causing more problems with the tensions that already exist for the sake climate change

what's going on in dc shoot to kill orders for conservatives but not BLM and Antifa ces 2021 the new lap tops and chipsets up coming and why are other countries fighting for free speech but the us is not

three stories trump impeachment big tech gets bitch slapped again for censoring and news on hitman 3 and several other points made in this episode enjoy this style of news first take may be some mistakes enjoy

a new direction a new year politics tech world and local reports enjoy


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