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Here's the sort of baloney being fed to employees. After that short clip, I paid a visit to two pharmacies. They never heard of the FDA approved drug, Comirnaty

Download the flyer here: Sorry about the typos at the end. Flyers warning people about the pfizer shot. 147 cars today plus three bus shelters. Got 95 cars in another lot yesterday and hit five bathroom stalls. Anyone that takes time to do the research suggested will find out two things. 1) Only Comirnaty is approved, and it's not available. 2) they've been deceived. Maybe, just maybe, the sheep will wake up.

A cartoon that does a fantastic job explaining the shot.

Short video...

UAL threatens all employees to get the jab.

From Mike Lindell's Symposium early August 2021

I infiltrated the local dem's group on Facebook. Discovered they were planning a gathering. We decided to pay them a visit. I was removed from the dem's group after the raid, ha ha.

Protest against mandatory shot.

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “Religious people shouldn’t be allowed to impose their beliefs on others. Keep your faith between you and your God.”

What would you say?

Many people love President Trump.


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