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Naturally there are the stories that are beyond belief. It's not all bad however. The usual suspects are up to their usual tricks. Academically students have been let down more than ever. The current 9th graders were born in 2005, so we are now seeing the first completely youtube smartphone generation come through. It's a mixed bag. I talk about both the good and the bad.

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As the censorship levels increase, as the Top of the Pyramid sprints toward the finish line, there are people who have already broken free. In 1984, Orwell talks about the Proles. These 'lower' people don't do any of the things required by the Party, they live as they wish. Now, they are not well off, nor are they consciously holding any power. However, Orwell explains that they have LEVERAGE. They don't know it, but they, through sheer numbers, could defeat the Party quite quickly. Power resides where it is believed to reside.

The Proles are too numerous to bring to heel, so the Party ignores them, and tells the Goodthinkers that the Proles are trash.

Orwell got many things right. He seems to have been able to not only recognize how massive government power would play out, he seems to have been able to pinpoint the psychological nature of those who crave power.

The psychological effects of media on the minds of The Herd are undeniable. People, even with facts, reason, and evidence in front of them will act emotionally rather than rationally. Because we are herd animals, and like groups, the Top of the Pyramid will, and has, use this psychological aspect of our minds to control people. Does that sound conspiritorial or strange to you? It shouldn't. Look around at social trends, politics, and sports. It's right in front of your face. Then take a look at who runs that stuff and ask yourself: has an outsider ever come in and joined the club? Perhaps it would be easier if you asked yourself what it would take to start a bank with a few of your friends.

Good luck with that.

Self Esteem is a Result.

We talk about self-esteem a lot in school. We’ve had staff meetings, staff training sessions, development sessions – all about student self-esteem, and how to improve it.

Self-esteem isn’t something you tell someone. It also isn’t something that, if repeated, magically happens. A person’s sense of self and self-confidence are results of creation... of creating something. It almost seems to be that the people in charge of schools think that if we just tell students that they’re wonderful people, they’ll have a glowing sense of self and feel great about themselves.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

People gain self - worth by creating. Sensible children do not wish to be incomplete adults. There are no exceptions to that previous statement.

There are tons of ways to make something. I try to do many small assignments throughout the year in class, culminating with a ‘portfolio’ of written work, and some art. That’s my method.

There are tons of other things to do nowadays, especially with all the new avenues via technology. I urge students to create a blog via WordPress or blogger. It doesn’t have to be something massive. A paragraph a week gets you a good body of written work in one year. Starting a YouTube channel with spoken word content or artistic expression is easy. An online art portfolio is easy to make.

These suggestions dovetail nicely with the way I do things in room 227.


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A baseline I use when looking at Corporate Media news is that the Mainstream Story / Opinion is not the real story. This Epstein tale is the perfect example.

The reason I picked this title is the apparent disdain for The Rabble - shown by the 'acceptable sources'. Almost, if not all of them are TELLING you to not believe any conspiracy theories, that the story they've given you is the real and true one, and your job is to be a good piece of vermin and not look up from the feeding trough.

Like many of the events of the last century, the most ridiculous story is the Official Story.

It's OK to think outside the box and talk out of school:

Quincy Johnson, banned from Twitter because of his intense and original thought, returns for part III of a multi-part interview series. Q begins by explaining the world of truck driving, and buying your own truck. For young people looking for insight into the trucking world, Quincy, a self made man, is your best source.

We then go into the Democratic party's presidential debates and the candidates in them, as well as the American political and racial scene. **Independent thoughts are contained in this interview.** GJ is part of the Hotep Movement, which means you will hear thoughts and ideas not in the mainstream.


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That headline isn’t fake. This school has no bells, no itinerary on the chalkboard, no Google Classroom, no buzzers, and no student has an individual schedule, because no student, teacher or volunteer has a schedule.

Students just show up and do whatever they please…all day long.

Sound crazy? Sound like a joke? Sound like a school where students play video games or basketball all day long? That’s what it sounded like to me too. Then I looked into it. It’s called the Sudbury Valley School, and they have an amazingly successful track record. Students not only do well in the classic school subjects – they do well on whatever Standardized exams they decide to take.

It sounded a little off even to someone like me at first. Then I watched the welcome video, and I found out that when young people are left to their own devices, they take deep dives into things that interest them – and learn great things along the way. One student played video games for AN ENTIRE YEAR. That’s what he did for 9th grade. Then he got tired of that and learned how to play guitar. Then he spent the third-year crafting essays about the things he’d learned speaking with the students and teachers in the common area. Deciding, at year four, that music wasn’t going to be his career, he went into neuroscience because he was intensely curious about now music is perceived by the senses. He then prepared for a successful entrance into a traditional college setting that would focus on science.

Is that how things are at your high school? It isn’t where I work.

I recommend you watch the intro video. I was skeptical as well, but I’ve found out that young people in the High School are capable and determined – when it matters. Things that take EFFORT have VALUE to teenagers, as they do for everyone. I’ve been trying to get teenagers to unleash their potential for 25 years. There are many ways to do that. My online courses are only one way. This unbelievable and contrarian place de..

There are a few things, that if you spoke openly about them 10 years ago, you'd have been mocked and goofed on. One of them is the Gulf of Tonkin Incident... that didn't happen. For years that was one of the flagship conspiracy kook topics. If you spoke about the Tonkin incident, that wound up costing 58,000 American lives (and perhaps more than a million Vietnamese lives), you were branded a tin foil hat wearing nut. Guess what? Now everyone "knows" that the Gulf of Tonkin "attack" was a hoax. Nothing to see here citizen. Bow your head and kneel before Zod.

It is important that you notice that all the fake news, fake history, and fake narratives you're fed by the corporate media and skool history are getting exposed. In this video I walk you through 3 of these instances.

To anyone thinking independently, logically, or clearly; it has become apparent that we are not only ruled over, but surrounded by people who think like children. They slavishly obey gov't authority. They listen uncritically to corporate media. They cheer at things that make no sense. Very few people seem willing to say that the Emperor has no clothes. Perhaps you're different. I hope so.

You need permission to go fishing. If you use untreated wood to build your back porch, you've violated the code and have to take it down. You will pay tribute (property tax) to the Overlord, or you'll lose your property, even if it's paid off to the bank. You work for 4 months unpaid, as a slave. You have to pay for permission to do African Hair Braiding. Only FRN's can be used as money, even if you have an 18 wheeler truck trailer filled with gold.

Enjoy my rant like behavior in my car as I wonder why we celebrate July 4th. Sometimes things are right in front of you and you don't see them - hidden in plain sight.


The School Year 18-19 is now over. I was in the South Bronx, 142nd and Brook Avenue to be exact, and I decided to do 2 things. I initially share the state of the "right left paradigm" in which we live now. The labels and rhetoric used by The Enemy are more confusing than ever. I help you figure out the meanings of the words and how to navigate and find your place in the fast paced rhetorical mess we're in.

Second, I search for SJW's while I'm talking with you. I was there for a little over an hour, and there were NO Social Justice Warriors to be seen. It's strange how in the neighborhood most in need, where only PoC's live, there was not a single SJW around. Not one. My legions of fans and I kept our eyes open but came up short in our search for the SJW in the South Bronx. So strange!

In a decision that shows many things about the corporation, Facebook has decided that censorship is the way to go. One can only guess the bubble these people must live in to think that throttling videos, deplatforming unapproved opinions, and de-monetizing creators they don't like is the best way to go. Naturally, anyone who doesn't agree with the Regressive Left Cathedral's point of view is fair game. It really shows you that a Converged Corporation is not worth it, as they have abandoned their original mission. At least it's good news for and - perhaps other alternatives will benefit as well.


I'm on because of trashy decisions like this, and my classes can be found here:

My Grandmother was born in June of 1919 - 100 years ago. In this episode of the GED Report, I chronicle some of the lowlights in the past century that helped turn what was once a pretty good stab at creating a country with a free people into a degenerate fake collection of imbeciles. From the end of WWI (1919) to today, the country has been destroyed from within, oftentimes with the help of a venal and cloddish electorate that simply reacts emotionally, instead of intellectually.


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Get the literacy skill and command of English back. It was taken out of the school curriculum long ago - get your intellectual self defense BACK!

Have you read the Beatrix Potter tales to your children? Have you read the first paragraph of Thomas Paine's "Common Sense"? After you finish those, you'll realize that your education, your 'schooling', has been watered down beyond recognition. Both of those works were written for regular people, or in Potter's case, children. I will show you the tools they used to become deft and skilled writers. Once you're there, you'll also, by default, become a better speaker. Your school system is a pale shadow of what it once was - reacquire what used to be there now!

Dave Smith, libertarian comic, invited Milo Yiannopolous onto his show, "The Legion of Skanks". The reaction to this among the SJW class was visceral, as is to be expected. Here's the noteworthy aspect of this incident: Smith and the LoS didn't back down. As in previous podcasts, I've explained to you that the current Progressive SJW Thought Controlling cabal wants to control your mind, you have to remember that they want you to act as they wish you to act. When they tell you that Unapproved Opinions are not allowed, they expect you to cancel your events when they tell you to do so. In the same way that a school security guard with a power trip tells you to go down staircase A instead of staircase B ... for no real reason, these people expected Smith and LoS to bend the knee and Do As Your Told.

They didn't comply, and the whole incident is worth analyzing.

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I had the chance to interview Quincy Johnson - an outspoken black man who, by all standards, is doing it right. He made a joke on Twitter that was not only innocuous, but understood and laughed at by the person it was directed at.

We talk about: Social Media, the Hotep movement, life in America as a Black Man under the Trump administration, and a bunch of other things. Quincy isn't one to mince words, so be ready for an avalanche of opinion, insight, and Real Talk. (There is some profanity - please listen accordingly).

Dr. Duke Pesta was on the "School Sucks" podcast last week. What I found interesting about it was that he has upper level students in the Wisconsin University system, and he sees the same limitations among his students that I see with mine. He has to teach them how to read before they can read the material in an upper level Shakespeare course. He also has to assign fewer plays and do less work, as students today can't handle the amount of material that students 20 years ago could handle. His university career mirrors my career as a HS instructor. This "dumbing down" is not a myth - it is real. Avoid it at my teachable site: https://thefreelanceteacher.teachable... - or simply buy the Harvard Five Foot Shelf and be smarter than everyone else.

Near Rhinebeck NY, Cessna Cutlass 172RG takes off during a windy day.

A sunny Memorial Day - slight crosswind - Cessna Cutlass 172RG lands in Upstate NY...

You're not going to believe this. We have had a major decision made by an educrat regarding how to teach our Special Education students. These are our most vulnerable students in the building. Because some highly paid educrat saw about 9 minutes of a class, and didn't like what he (it?) saw - there is now a major change in how those classes should be taught. It is the dumbest idea in the world, but we HAVE to do it because Educrat X told us to. This is how decisions get made in schools. Rather than train the teacher, or work with students, or provide some sort of developmental work with the instructor - they rip the 'system' up at the roots and install ... "parallel teaching".

As usual, students will lose.

You can avoid the nonsense, and get what you need at my site: - we cover topics you can use, and I'll teach you how to speak and write in a professional manner. No "parallel teaching" to be found at my site...

For the past 25 years, I have been working with high school students in the rough neighborhood. I found out the hard way how to prepare students not just for their studies in English class, but also for all of the exams they have to deal with on the way. Here I am sharing all the things I've learned on the Instructor side of things. The methods, knowledge and techniques that have worked - some of them in trying circumstances, are here for you.

Literacy Boot Camp – What we are doing, and why we’re doing it.

1. Basic Concepts regarding English Writing and Speaking.
2. Educational Nutrition Crisis – How to get what you need to feed and grow your Intellectual Self Defense
3. It takes Communication Skills to navigate life.
4. You’ve been duped – get back what is your Birthright.
5. What level literacy do you need so that you do NOT get manipulated when you’re on your own.
6. Active Literacy: Writing and Speaking.
7. The usage and understanding of Phrases (a group of words that serve a purpose in a sentence).

The Cameron Todd Willingham case from the early 1990’s is a lens into the flawed human condition. We have looked over the case as part of our “Justice in the USA” unit. The end of the story is this: the government of Texas killed an innocent man. In this horror story, you’ll see the wretched ways people act. You’ll have the displeasure of seeing how people put political agendas and image ahead of justice and the truth. You’ll see how preconceived notions will allow people to have no conscience when it comes to putting someone to death.

Because Cameron Todd Willingham was seen as a piece of human trash, the system saw to it that he was expendable. Who would stand up for a mullet wearing, unemployed, violent wife beater? In fact, there were people who came to his defense, but they were not powerful enough to stop this tragedy. Even after his death, there are those involved who, despite the scientific evidence presented, refuse to alter their beliefs about Willingham’s guilt.

Unfortunately, this story provides a lens into today’s clown world. The rejection of science. The triumph of feelings and emotions over logic and reason – these are things that rule the day today. Go onto social media and stress to people the scientific fact that there are only two genders. The same mindset that sent Willingham to his death, despite the scientific evidence provided by the heroic Dr. Gerald Hurst, will get you banned and / or punished by The Unthinking Herd. Because everyone knows there are 72 genders … or none at all.

Prepare for an irrational world, filled with small minded irrational people.

FRONTLINE Documentary on this topic:


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This isn't a nice story at all. A woman came to the USA at the age of 16. She's now past 20, low skilled, and hasn't gotten any help. Even as a zero government libertarian, this is a tough story to tell. Seeing the system fail this woman so completely is not only difficult, it's sad. One of the things that's important to remember, that I didn't stress in the video, is that the actions of the major players (or lack thereof), are not borne out of being malicious. The people involved, except the guidance counselor and a select few others, are complacent, lazy, and can't be fired no matter what. We hear often of "systemic" issues. Well, the system is broken so badly it isn't even funny. Here is one 'systemic' issue the Progressives won't touch because the Public School system is America's only government sanctioned Church. You're not allowed to criticize it.

The end of the story is there will soon be a 20 year old woman, low skilled, with no HS diploma - being cut loose from 'the system'. Our public system is broken, and it's irreparable.

It is these types of stories you never hear about. There are tons more of them as well. This is only the tip of the iceberg.


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Quincy Johnson has been driving a truck for over 4 years. He goes into all of the aspects of the job, from the beginning of the Journey, to present day. Mr. Johnson got his life together a few years ago, and adds not only a practical angle to the discussion, but also some deep philosophy to the discussion. Mr. Johnson is an independent thinker, so if you're able to not only listen for practical advice, but deep knowledge - Quincy is your guy.

There is some audio choppiness on my end, but luckily QJ does most of the talking, so the quality is solid.

There's great information here for young people, but all will enjoy the inside information Mr. Johnson provides.

Quincy can be reached on Twitter at @QuincyLovesBBWS

My Online school is here:

One of the things I've noticed when I read older books is that they're more difficult. They're also well written. Even the boring books have a certain elegance to them. Why is this? Why were the books from even as far back as the late 1700's and early 1800's America more rigorous? What did people do, in an era of practically no school, in order to be able to handle such a high level of reading? In case you think I'm kidding, look at "Last of the Mohicans". It was published in 1826, and it is a literary marvel - complex, thoughtful, dynamic, and filled with rich imagery. Have you tried to read it? Most college graduates today would curl up in the fetal position after the first 3 paragraphs.

The story we get is that these great works were only for the literate Elite. This is patently false. It's a myth. The regular people bought "Last of the Mohicans" in droves - it was a bestseller. Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" was another example of this. One fifth of the country read his treatise. Pick it up and read it. How is it possible that these two works sold so well and were read so widely if few were literate?

It's because people were more literate back then. They studied language, grammar, and practiced with difficult material. My mission here is to give back to you what is your birthright as a person: the ability to navigate all levels of literacy and literature. The reason slaves, throughout world history, were forbidden to read is because a literate person is dangerous. A literate person won't be fooled by slogans and mindless repetition. In other words, a literate person won't be snookered by the charlatans who boss us around today.

Let's get learning - and literate. The old ways weren't broken. They didn't need to be 'fixed'. It's time we took back what is ours.


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I am now on a couple of platforms, teaching and tutoring. I work in a school that is rife with difficulties. Without putting too fine a point on it, I'm in the Bad Neighborhood School. However, my students have done quite well on exams, and in school, over the past 25 years. The competition is quite fierce these days for certain colleges. My tutoring and instruction have been helpful in getting many clients into schools like Tulane, SUNY Binghamton, Penn St., Harvard, Bates and Hamilton.

We will work together on exams, reading, writing, literacy, current affairs, history and economics. I'm a reader - you should be too.

Build up your Intellectual Self Defense, and get the results you want!