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The Fumble



The Philadelphia Eagles first-ever Super Bowl Championship Parade took place today and let’s just say it looks like no one in Philly went to work today. Nick Foules won the Super Bowl MVP but Eagles Center Jason Kelce was the MVP of the Eagles parade. Kelce dressed up in a mummer costume and first led the crowd in a profanity-filled version of “No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care."

How does this man have a 1-year-old daughter? Just weeks ago Floyd Mayweather Sr, was in trouble after a women claimed that he struck her during an argument. Today, it appears he’s in even more legal trouble because a 29-year-old woman named Purisa Farris has sued Mayweather Sr. for failing to pay child support in connection to their 1-year old daughter Nalani Mayweather.

Can you imagine renting a car, driving it around for four days and then finding a LOADED gun in the glove compartment!? It’s literally the worst-case scenario if you decide to rent a car. Well that is exactly what happened to WWE star Shelton Benjamin when he rented a car from Budget Car Rental. When Benjamin found the loaded gun he immediately took to twitter to put Budget Car Rental on blast.

Is it possible 2 of the best fighters in the world may be going at it again? Apparently Floyd Mayweather is ACTUALLY considering going to MMA to fight Connor McGregor. We all know Floyd loves money, and should a rematch go down – he may be looking at cashing in half a billion dollars. Will part of that half-billion be coming out of YOUR pocket?

LeBron James is the one that is responsible for constructing this terrible Cavs team, and you would think he'd be responsible for going out with this team. It would be a terrible look for him to jump ship. But with all his disagreements with the front office, should LeBron just part ways with Cleveland? Let us know in The Huddle!

And they said the brother couldn't shoot. Lonzo Ball and his long time girlfriend Denise Garcia are reportedly expecting a baby! TMZ reported that Denise is 4 months pregnant and she and baby are happy and healthy. There is no word yet on whether it’s a boy or a girl, but LaVar is probably already thinking about how a baby could fit into the Big Baller Brand and what he could do for babies everywhere.

Matt Miazga has been fined by Vitesse for “inappropriate behavior” on the field for an incident involving him grabbing opponent Denzel Dumfries groin during a match in January. Matt Miazga is an American soccer player who joined Chelsea from the New York Red Bulls in 2016. He was then loaned to partner club Vitesse after making 2 Premier League appearances for Chelsea.

Whatever number you are thinking double or triple that- to the Tune of 100 Million Dollars! Le'Veon Bell is trying to become the highest paid running back ever-by a long shot, asking for 100 Million dollars if the Jets want a shot at him. Le’Veon Bell has made it clear that he has no interest in getting franchised-tagged by the Steelers, even going so far to say that if they try it for 2018, he’ll retire.

The tension between LeBron and the Cav’s front office has been brewing since this summer. It all came to a head in the team meeting a few weeks ago where players questioned Kevin Love's illness and leaving the game early versus OKC. According to a report put out by the Atlantic’s Jason Lloyd- It was in this meeting, that LeBron cursed out two front office executives. Beginning of the end?

Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana has been having a rough season that all started with an injury that benched him for 4 months. Since his return, he has has suffered setback after setback and during this week's match it all came to a head...or neck of his opponent during the 63rd minute of a U-23 match.

Floyd Mayweather may be the king of the boxing ring but he's just an amateur in the octagon, so its only natural that money Mayweather have a few ups and downs while training in the MMA. In a hilarious 'What Are the Odds' parody video, Din Thomas gives his take on how Floyd's MMA career might turn out.

Malcolm Butler was the Pats' Super Bowl hero just a few years ago, only to be forced to sit and watch his team lose to the Eagles. Was Belichick's decision to bench Butler warranted or fair? Let us know what you think in The Huddle!

A gossip website called Media Take Out, which was the first outlet to break the Kobe Bryant cheating scandal, just reported that everyone's beloved dad and husband of the year Steph Curry was caught creeping around behind his wife who just announced she is pregnant with the couple's third child. Do you think it's true?

Just a few days ago Rob Gronkowski played in the Super Bowl and planned on coming home after and relaxing a little while he contemplates his future in the NFL. Things didn't really go as planned when he returned on Monday. Gronk found that he had been the victim of a home invasion.

Super Bowl 52 was definitely one for the books. It had a lot of great moments, and some pretty bad ones like that failed little trick play starring Tom Brady. Antonio Brown took note of the embarrassing moment, and offered to help the once-believed GOAT with his catching ability.

After the Super Bowl, Eagles fans went crazy and completely tore up the city so Carson Wentz decided to jump on the bandwagon and get in the action too. He didn't play in the game but did get a hit in after the Super Bowl by hitting this lady's car. Check it out.

One person that was not impressed with Tom Brady's Super Bowl performance was his baby mama Bridget Moynahan. She threw some shade at Tom as she cheered on the Eagles.

The Eagles won their first Super Bowl in franchise history 41 to 33 over the Patriots, but of course no win comes without some controversy. The game winning touchdown was scored by tight end Zach Ertz and according to the NFL rules, that was not a catch. But it was the same rule that said Dez Bryant dropped it and Jesse James dropped it. So which is it?

During a recent fight in Lincoln Rhode Island, Timothy Woods and Tim Caron hit the ring together when things changed rather quickly. 83 seconds into the fight, Woods seemed to have everything under control until he didn’t. Woods was pinned to the ring wall when he made a move to take Caron down. However, he accidentally knocked himself in the head and was out cold before even hitting the ground.

Despite getting an 'F' rating from the reall BBB (Better Business Bureau), LaVar's Big Baller Brand continues to sell somehow. Well Giannis Antetokounmpo was having none of it when he saw a fan wearing a BBB shirt, and decided to offer the kid the hoodie off his own back to cover up the uninspired logo.

JuJu Smith-Schuster decided that if he wasn't playing in the Super Bowl, then his time could be better spent elsewhere. Like on social media, trying to hook up with a Kardashian. DM's be damned, Smith-Schuster went for the gold publicly in hopes of scoring a touchdown with Kendall Jenner.

Of all the current high-profile NFL superstars, you'd be hard-pressed to find one who's more consistently injured than Rob Gronkowski. Gronk has seen major injuries to his forearm, ACL and MCL, not to mention a series of concussions. Now it looks as though it's all adding up to bad news for Pats fans. Is this the end of the football road for Gronk?

We're not sure this Eagles fan realizes his team won, because this is the kind of stuff you do when you LOSE a bet. But alas, this is the city of Philadelphia we're talking about, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised. If this is what it takes to keep New England from winning, then chow down, young man.

Red Panda has been an NBA halftime show fixture for decades. But Red Panda without her unicycle is like Supergirl without her cape. We don't who TF stole her uni, but we hope the bastard gets what's coming to him. Oh, and fake tough guy Enes Kanter busted his lip, probably from working overtime on Russell Westbrook's d**k. It's Honorable Mentions time, people.

First Boogie, then Kevin Love, and now John Wall. LeBron's picks for his all-star team are dropping like flies. Who's next? And is this mere coincidence, or is there bad juju on Team LeBron? Let us know your thoughts in the WeekEnd Zone!


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