James Haarp will join us in the second hour to discuss the true meaning behind Build Back Better. The Canadian government actually posts the policy papers concerning the creation of hybrid human machine beings. There can be no doubt as to the reason for the false pandemic. It is undeclared war on our species. It will not be revealed until it is over and you are completely enslaved. Predators don't ask permission or show quarter. They devour without mercy. You must come to understand that and end your compliance to your own extinction.


It is full scale mind war just as Marshall McLuhan described. We are engaged in full scale head to head combat the likes of which haven't been seen since other attempts in The Cultural Revolution, Stalinist Russia, The 1917 Revolution and the Nazi rise to power. Most everyone has been deeply lulled to sleep in the generations prior to this event and are woefully unprepared. They willfully walk into the trap set sacrificing their minds, bodies and souls to the rising totalitarian state. The application of fear has been so successful, they actually beg for it.

The enemy is using the traditional brainwashing techniques perfected over eons of time in warfare. The victims are isolated as in the lock down procedures. Then they are bombarded with repetitive messages like the establishment of the disease, cases, testing and finally vaccine the murder weapon. The victim is so terrified they beg for the final solution to return to the so called normal. However, that is a ruse. These concepts are well laid out in the classic work of Dr. Joost Meerloo the Dutch psychiatrist reviewing communist brain washing in The Korean War. When we determine this, it should be blatantly obvious to even the most ardent fool that we are being subverted to a form of serfdom. The state's rush to disarm the populace shows they anticipate armed resistance at some point. What could they possibly have in mind save and except mass slaughter.

The next disturbing sequence is the war on words including thoughts, opinions and ideas at odds with the mind control pogrom. Dr. Meerloo termed that menticide. Once the mind has been rendered sublime, it can be programmed to accept the conditions of the tyrant up to and including mass subjugation to the point of death. The fear will paralyze them in toto. The state will then have mastery and the butchery can commence as it has in times past. The elimination of Christians and other dissidents will commence en masse. Rights were inalienable for a reason. You will learn that hard lesson again regardless. The sooner the better.

We are victorious on many fronts. MSM is a total propaganda of mind warfare. Maintain courage and heart we are winning.

Dr. Meerloo describes the whole lock down stratagem in his book The Rape of the Mind a study of Korean War mind control. Fear and isolation are the key points with repetition being the icing on the cake. Doesn't that sound familiar? He called it menticide.

From the start I used the solitary confinement clip from the film Papillion.

Published on Jan 11, 2019

Joan Montgomery brings more truthiness on the scale and scope of corruption in Ontario and beyond. DO NOT MISS THIS EXPOSé!

With host George Freund on Conspiracy Café.

Be forewarned the 'F' word appears once in the warning to WAKE UP!

Mark Crispin Miller Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication of NYU joins us to discuss his persecution for teaching students critical thinking skills.

Research interests include: modern propaganda, history and tactics of advertising, American film, and media ownership. Books include Boxed In: The Culture of TV; Seeing Through Movies, ed.; Mad Scientists: The Secret History of Modern Propaganda; Spectacle: Operation Desert Storm and the Triumph of Illusion; and The Bush Dyslexicon. His newest book is Cruel and Unusual: Bush/Cheney's New World Order.

Modern day heresy?

We mount up and form posse again. We ride to the Sheriff because the state is fractured.

Basis for legal briefs for prosecution. CDC owns patent for SARS Cov-2. The author suggests presenting this case to Attorneys General and U.S. Attorneys. Hold their feet to the fire. Use it like your life depends on it because it does. The constitutional sheriff may shine brighter than the rest.

The paradox of tolerance

On March 2, 3, and 4 of this year, the Texas Academy of Sciences held its annual conclave, at which it awarded a certain Eric Pianka, a biologist at the University of Texas, with its Distinguished Texas Scientist Award. Whatever Dr. Pianka’s achievements as a researcher or educator might be, they were overshadowed, for the moment at least, by his proposition that 90% of the human race must die:

“Every one of you who gets to survive has to bury nine,” Eric Pianka cautioned students and guests at St. Edward’s University on Friday. Pianka’s words are part of what he calls his “doomsday talk” — a 45-minute presentation outlining humanity’s ecological misdeeds and Pianka’s predictions about how nature, or perhaps humans themselves, will exterminate all but a fraction of civilization.

The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge

“The Doctor Who Went Viral,” is a board-certified emergency physician, Stanford University educated attorney, a mom, the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, and author of the best-selling book “I Do Not Consent: My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture.” Dr. Gold is America’s leading voice of common sense and scientific clarity in the fight against COVID-19 and the disinformation propaganda of the corporate medical establishment and mainstream media.

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Human rights attorney Leigh Dundas. KICK ASS. The plandemic is a crime against humanity.

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The posse forms and rides into the lair of evil once more. The plague is upon us. The judgement of God will be affirmed. He has given humanity the rope to hang themselves. It is the spin factory of lies and deceit. It is relished like an elixir. However, it is a poison pill. This is the great test at the end of the age. Those pure of heart will keep their flesh sacred. The tree of life our sacred DNA will resonate to God. Those will be spared. Those of the tree of knowledge the wiley serpeant the silicon based strand will perish by their own hand. It will be the new Passover. The remnant will need to restore Eden to its glory after the burying of the purged.

We must not burden ourselves with the slain. They chose to be the chaff of their own free will. We must not mix with them either. Their bodies are contaminated and will bring you ruin. In many ways The Handmaids Tale will become a reality. Christians will usurp power. The injection will ape the flesh including the Syncytin-1 protein required for the placenta. Women will be barren. The few that remain will be required to replenish the flock. Those males unaffected will too. It is the new destiny a normalcy of this apocalypse.

For those who remain blissfully unaware there is a new age dawning. Some call it the age of Aquarius. I call it the end of the biblical age. There is a race on for a newer, more advanced form of life. It is called artificial intelligence (AI). it can be housed in any form, but the humanoid form might be the most seductive to us because it allows for the age old biblical tenets of the resurrected body that offers eternal life.

I have researched and determined in The War of the Multiverse that there are other life forms about us. They go back to Eden as the two trees of life and knowledge. The tree of life is the carbon based God created form. Its bots are the DNA and RNA of creation. They self replicate in ways we still do not adequately understand. The soul enters in and most likely exits upon death. The body is consumed by our Eden and at the time of conception we are reintroduced perhaps in a perpetual, eternal life cycle. Many including myself have memories of past lives. They fade with the years as the most recent becomes manifest. The church developed an industry based on the fear of death to market those words from long ago into a thriving business model. What could be a better draw than offering us eternal life?

In the 2nd Hour independent researcher Jeffrey Matte will join us to discuss the bankruptcy of the various nation states and the terms of the collapse under cover of COVID.

The rulers of the state are the only persons who ought to have the privilege of lying, either at home or abroad; they may be allowed to lie for the good of the state.


Christiane Northrup is a board certified obstetrics and gynaecology physician and author who has embraced pseudoscientific alternative medicine. She has a history of opposing vaccination and has embraced QAnon ideology during the COVID-19 pandemic. Northrup reaches a significant audience through popular books and multiple social media platforms.

Northrup believes that the term conspiracy theorist was coined by the CIA which she also claims is run out of China. The term anti-vaxxer, she expounds, was created by Big Pharma. She believes that in a previous incarnation she lived in Atlantis and predicted that December 21, 2020 would be the beginning of the "...Age of Aquarius, delivering the world from evil and allowing us to evolve into a new species, Homo illuminus".

She explains what the basis of informed consent should be. The vaccines are very dangerous. We will be a new species when they are down.

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Jeffrey Prather is a retired army officer, ex-DEA special agent, former DIA intelligence officer turned whistleblower and then targeted by the government.

Any copyright material is used under fair use doctrine for educational non profit discussion of news, trends and film history.

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James Haarp joins the discussion to continue the discussion on the globalists' war on humanity. COVID was the first wave attack. The second wave was to geoengineer the climate while the media stocked the fear to the max. You are conquered they feel. I say we have not yet begun to fight.

Galatians 5:19 has the word pharmakeia which means the use and administration of drugs. Why does the NIV translate it as witchcraft?

Cops Force-Vaccinate Special Needs Girls Calfornia/

EAZY SLEAZY — Mick Jagger with Dave Grohl

He must listen to me on Power Hour. There's aliens in the deep state. Bill Gates is in my blood. It's mind control.

CNN executive admits "Our goal was to get Trump out, we lied, made everything up and we did it. Next is Climate Change

Turkish TV reports Evergreen ship in the Suez was a covert attack on the globalists. It carried climate weapons to engineer a climate crisis and neutralize the soil so that we cannot grow our food anymore. It was carried out by Israel, Egypt, Qatar and Turkey. It was the second phase of the war on humanity. The first being COVID.

Independent researcher Jeffrey Matte joins us to discuss the bankruptcy of nations. We are being taken willingly to COVID slaughter for the creditors.

The war is clear. There are micro filaments in the swabs and the masks. They become active with heat and moisture as from the human body. The tests perforate the cribriform plate at the back of the nasal cavities. It allows the critter an access point to the brain. It is RED DAWN with technology not parachutes. A war is waged without a shot fired either way. It is one we are losing badly because those worms cause Creutzfeldt Jakob (mad cow) disease. The VP of Astrazenca died of it. Many in eastern Canada are sick.

There is a computer race to get machines to operate at close to absolute zero. That's minus 273 degrees Celsius by the way. It is chilling to say the least. It is a new arms race.

In the 2nd Hour Eileen Dannemann of Vaccine Liberation Army will join us to explain the dangers of the nano technology tapped for your body entreating you to the hive mind of the Borg.

There are forces loose upon this earth we are not well aware of. When he was a senator President Lyndon Johnson called the true rulers of our existence the masters of infinity in 1958. President Truman stated the aliens were real in 1950. In 1952 numerous spacecraft buzzed D.C. and made a point of hovering over The White House. Haim Eshen the former head of the Israeli space force says Israel and the U.S. entered into a treaty with them. I say the treaty was the instrument of surrender. We the people of earth are to be tagged like cattle and kept under virtual custody. The herd will be culled significantly as well. I'm a host on Missouri's Power Hour radio program. Here I term this show for a new network The Last Witness. I will record the demise of our civilization for any survivors in the future that might find it. Good luck.

Doctor grabs patient by the throat to squeeze the life out of him. There are a glut of COVID deaths in India we're told. Perhaps it's doctor assisted suicide.

Russia Warns NATO Against Sending Any Troops To Ukraine As "Frightening" Escalation Looms

The Kremlin's latest statements out Friday amid the potential new Ukraine crisis which has seen a serious flare-up in fighting in the Donbass region, along with what appears to be far bigger-than-usual troop movements on Russia's side of the border, has raised the stakes further.

Russia has vowed it will take "extra measures to ensure its own security" should it observe any deployment of NATO troops inside Ukraine, the Kremlin statement said Friday according to Reuters.

It firmly warned against any potential looming NATO troop movements following Brussels voicing concern the day prior over the widespread reports and videos purporting to show a significant Russian build-up of forces along Ukraine's eastern border.

EMERGENCY SATURDAY BROADCAST: World Shocked By SPARS 2025-2028 Document



John Magufuli: Death of an African Freedom Fighter, Confronted Big Pharma and the Corrupt Covid Cabal

Former Pfizer VP: 'Entirely possible this will be used for massive-scale depopulation'

Canadian police tried to shut down a POLISH church on Easter

Government of Norway indicted for crimes against humanity

Covid-19 Vaccine Passports Are Coming. What Will That Mean?

Alex Jones breaks down the shocking information contained in the so-called SPARS 2025-2028 document which details another horrifying worldwide pandemic scenario and how governments can better impose control over their citizens and merge cooperative efforts into a global government body.

In the 2nd Hour my stalwart American brother Jack Mullen returns to the scrum, We will be discussing current events like the pandemic enslavement operation and the created anarchy in the United States. Special emphasis will be made about the struggle for free speech.

Currently Jack is a consulting radio station engineer, CEO of a resource management corporation, website developer and student of the emerging disruptive Block Chain Technology. Jack is a voracious reader and full time writer for

In the first our I will interview Dennis Behreandt who is a research professional and writer, frequently covering subjects in history, theology, and science and technology. He is the publisher of The New American magazine.

Synchronize your watches. We're back again Monday for another hemispheric union broadcast with the wonder from down under Max Igan. Max fills the noble role of coast watcher. In this war it is not the Japanese forces descending upon our land but the global aspirations of Satan himself and his minions. This is the infamous Skull and Bones day 322 to boot. Prepare yourselves for more outright terror at the hands of the invader.

Max may well be at the mercy of the most intense of storms I fear. That's some terror.

Driver floats away while trapped inside his Mercedes as unrelenting rain floods Brisbane and the Gold Coast destroying homes and cutting off towns - with THREE more days to go

Michigan restaurant owner to remain in jail on charge of violating COVID-19 orders

Yuval Noah Harari's 21 Lessons for the 21st Century (2018):

"...instead of globalization resulting in global unity, it might actually result in 'speciation': the divergence of mankind into different species... as the upper caste congregates inside a self-proclaimed 'civilization' and builds walls and moats to separate it from the hordes of 'barbarians' outside ... Not just entire classes, but entire countries and continents might become irrelevant. Fortifications guarded by drones and robots might separate the self-proclaimed civilized zone, where cyborgs fight one another with logic bombs, from the barbarian lands where feral humans fight one another with machetes and Kalashnikovs."

The Messiah "shall terrify the Gentiles, and overcome them by new diseases":

World views can be at variance it appears. I could never have thought a rational person could even dream of the possibility outside of the grip of insanity, but...

That was a Star Trek episode by the way. Star Trek S3 Ep21 The Cloud Minders


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Welcome to the Cafe where the word conspiracy is not shunned but revered. You see the term conspiracy theory was conceived by the CIA in the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination. Any thoughts not officially approved by the cabal that actually killed him and leading others to the same conclusion had to be maligned. The most effective way was to attach those thoughts to an unseasoned mind as much as possible. In the past and still today, those questioning minds would be using what was termed deductive reasoning. The results are labeled by what Orwell called the thought crime because reality is whatever big brother says it is. Knowing this, then everything big brother or the cabal tries to seduce us with must be in effect a lie or at best a half truth. Our minds are massaged with propaganda 24/7. The reason is we are being enslaved. Instead of armies in the street, advanced psychological warfare techniques are applied to the unsuspecting. In independent analysis at the cafe we follow the evidence where it leads.

Your host is a former peace officer and christian. Jesus said, the truth sets us free. That is why it is fiercely fought. You can join the liberation here by challenging the orthodoxies of your masters. I have been a regular on late night radio in Toronto in the post 9/11 world on the late Gary Bell's A View From Space. President Bush listened and glistened with rage back then. He appears regularly on Richard Syrett's The Conspiracy Show airing from Toronto. He fills in as a guest host on Missouri's The Power Hour Nation to tell the world we are under intellectual assault and to offer the means to escape the enslavement. I call the era we're in The War of the Multiverse. Roswell wasn't a crash per se. It was a Trojan Horse. The silicon wafer was the life form. The 'aliens' were GM robots. In The Day After Roswell Col. Philip Corso said, we would spread it round the world like Ebola. We have. A giant artificial brain, the web, would rule us. Elon Musk says our iphones will make us cyborgs, and he will load our consciousness to the cloud. The Bible says those of us who remain will rise with Christ to free those that are dead in the clouds. That sort of truth can set you free.

Byte the apple while you can.



The truth sets us free and they control us as slaves. Emancipation comes with the changing of the channel. My present medium is Power Hour Nation in Missouri. I archive my contributions here:

The last show's second hour outlined the real reason behind the metadata. They are making artificial reality you with the Sentient World Simulation program to imprison us in a D Wave prison. That is the mark of the beast system the byte from the tree of knowledge the destruction of carbon based life on Earth. Everything will be rendered to silicon in the greatest war ever fought, and the greatest war fought in virtual secrecy without the defined battlefield being known or understood by the losers.