30 by 30 is the third of 23 global biodiversity targets for 2030 in the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, adopted in December 2022:

Ensure and enable that by 2030 at least 30 per cent of terrestrial, inland water, and of coastal and marine areas, especially areas of particular importance for biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services, are effectively conserved and managed through ecologically representative, well-connected and equitably governed systems of protected areas and other effective area-based conservation measures, recognizing indigenous and traditional territories, where applicable, and integrated into wider landscapes, seascapes and the ocean, while ensuring that any sustainable use, where appropriate in such areas, is fully consistent with conservation outcomes, recognizing and respecting the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities, including over their traditional territories

On January 27, 2021, President Joe Biden issued an executive order on "Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad". Among several initiatives to address the climate crisis, the order directed federal departments to issue a report within 90 days "recommending steps that the United States should take, working with State, local, Tribal, and territorial governments, agricultural and forest landowners, fishermen, and other key stakeholders, to achieve the goal of conserving at least 30 percent of our lands and waters by 2030."

ID 2030 tags the human herd that survives the genocide.

This short film on the ways of American war were too much for Macron. He had it banned. About the only way to stop evil wars is with the press or innovative film and art. Our leaders are diabolical war mongers. They will never be near the line of conflict unless Russia moves it up to their bunkers. Send their children to the front. I cannot imagine the level of propaganda and the age old use of our youth as cannon fodder. The level of deception matches that with the scamdemic. It is organized genocide.

"If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing."

Malcolm X

New Jan. 6 tapes reveal how Capitol cop used his initiative to evacuate senators after boss went SILENT: He was ousted after wearing MAGA hat to save colleagues, she was praised by Pelosi and scored plum new role

The reward for truth, honor and devotion is persecution. Tarik is a hero to stand before the storm and do his sacred duty while his superiors stayed silent. I know the story well. God bless him.

Jan. 6 footage shows Capitol cops escorting QAnon Shaman to Senate floor

It was classically known as Cointelpro. To the uninitiated it was known as Operation Mockingbird. We are ruled by demons and subjected to a cultish form of rule.

You are the company you creep.

Polish soldiers burn Orthodox bible, Ukrainian war dead, enlarged cemetery, prisoners, Wagner breakfast, Russian R & R, war is hell, NATO is using Ukraine to fight WW3.

‘Extremely dangerous’

The Russian Embassy in Berlin called the German government’s decision “extremely dangerous” and said it “takes the conflict to a new level of confrontation.”

In a statement online, translated by Google, the embassy said the move “contradicts the statements of German politicians about the unwillingness of the FRG [Federal Republic of Germany] to be drawn into it [the war]. Unfortunately, this happens over and over again.”

The embassy said it was now convinced that Germany and its closest allies were “not interested in a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian crisis” but were “set up for its permanent escalation and unlimited pumping of the Kyiv regime with more and more deadly weapons.”

Lastly, it warned that “red lines,” or limits, for both sides were now “a thing of the past,” echoing similar comments from Russia’s foreign ministry earlier Wednesday as it reacted to the prospect of U.S. Abrams tanks being sent to Ukraine, claiming the U.S. “has unequivocally stated its desire to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia.”

“There is a hybrid war going on against our country, which Foreign Minister [Sergei] Lavrov spoke about in detail just recently. Arguments about the red lines are a thing of the past,” the foreign ministry told state news agency Tass, in comments translated by Google.

“The United States has unequivocally stated its desire to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia. It is impossible not to notice the reality,” the ministry added, Tass reported.

Following Germany’s decision on tanks, all eyes are on the U.S. to see whether it will announce it’s ready to send a number of its own Abrams tanks to Ukraine. Three senior U.S. officials told NBC News Tuesday that the Biden administration is preparing to send a couple dozen Abrams tanks to Ukraine although they stressed the decision was not final.

No wonder Fidelito can't go anywhere without a phalanx of police, now that Canada feels less like China, or New Zealand, than Romania, on Christmas, 1989 (or Northern Italy at the end of April, 1945)

"Y'see, the last 8 years, Trudeau has been trying to divide Canadians. If anything, it's made us closer together. Now 38.25 million of us have to share one asshole."

Scott Adams says the anti-vaxxers won in the end, and that their heuristics—to distrust the establishment—served them more than his analytics. Do you agree?

The disinformation wall is breached with a major proponent coming to accept we were misled by the government and the pharmaceutical industry. I took it as a given by understanding Plato's Laws of Logic. There can be no inconsistencies. The pandemic has been nothing but. Scott describes it as a game with a winner. There are no winners. Untold millions are holding an unknown toxin inside their bodies. Untold numbers will perish. Losing loved ones will never be a winning situation. Families and relationships were destroyed. That was the broader experiment. They put people to the stress test and the fabric of society and humanity dissolved. It will take many long years to get people to universally accept the level of the mass psychosis induced upon us, but at least Scott was honorable enough to admit he was wrong. The sooner state actors do so, the more lives might be saved.

The western hierarchy beat the war drums. They ape the rants of Big Brother. War is Peace. The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox church says they won't be defeated. It is the end of the world. The woke cannot comprehend the Alpha male. FedEx has a warehouse of cadaver bags to deliver. The anthem on INGSOC is wondrous. Salute the slavery. It is freedom. NOT!

“We are in a state of the Third World War. We started to fight thinking that we were at war with Ukraine, and now we are at war with the entire NATO bloc. This must be understood,” says Apti Alaudinov, Hero of Russia.

Vladimir Solovyov and his panelists promote the idea of resuming nuclear testing and conducting preventative nuclear strikes.

This is a genocidal war of ideologues. We are sequestered from the Russian news to our detriment. We will destroy civilization because there can be no civilization without dialogue and compromise.

There is great mineral wealth in the Donbass region.

Condi Rice calls for war with Russia in Wash Post

Not only is there a war on for your mind. there is a war on for the complete and total dominance of humanity. It is being waged by NATO and Russia. The anti Christ system will need a task master. Ukraine is the focal point. NATO will put everything they have into it. Russia headed them off at the pass so to speak. It must end in Armageddon. The Financial Post even calls Russian General Surovikin General Armageddon. The only clear thing is that for every dollar pumped into this war young men will perish, lands will be destroyed. Satan wins every time. This time for keeps.

This soldiers reports an order that essentially makes all military personnel slaves to the system. Any reward movement will be met by a retreat unit with orders to shoot. There was a massive bombardment today targeting NATO advisers.

Ukraine Collapsed: Russia Launched Massive Attack - Reserves, Mercenaries & NATO Armament Hit - Hundreds of Dead

In the Vietnam War the media was the mainstay in bringing the peace by showing the cost in lives. Today they are the catalyst to drive men to their deaths when they have no hope of victory. Thirty Ukrainian soldiers are dying for every Russian killed. Bakhmut was captured. The western puppet media is silent. More lives to satisfy the lusts of the warmongers. The senior American officer in theater called the Ukrainian command f'n psychopaths.

-Zelensky: "We have thousands of dead" - 30 times greater losses than the Russians! – Ukrainians are ambushed

The Russians have 50,000 Ukrainian troops caught in a pincer movement. All the money in the world cannot buy a victory for NATO. Will Russia enter Europe next? They say they will. Momentum is building.

To sum this up, within the last 48 hours, Russia has sent AT LEAST 73 additional tanks by trains into Belarus, plus at least 20 Infantry Fighting Vehicles moving southward in Belarus toward Ukraine, and added S-400 air defense missiles and Iskander hypersonic missiles in Belarus near Ukraine.


Retired American colonel: Russia is stronger than all NATO countries combined

US Retired Colonel James W. McConnell is confident that Russia's military tactics in Ukraine is "just what the doctor ordered."

"The Russians have begun to destroy the Ukrainian lines of communications — the power grid, bridges, roads and railroads — without which Ukraine's forces can't be resupplied. Once the destruction of the lines of communication is completed, Russia's army, particularly its extensive artillery, will present Ukrainian forces with the unpleasant reality that they are vastly outgunned and outnumbered," James W. McConnell, former member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives wrote in an article published on the website of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

The degree of "unpleasant reality" will depend on how far Russia wants to move west, he believes. The most likely option is that the Russians will want to take at least Nikolaev and Odessa regions in addition to the four regions that Russia) has already taken (Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions).

When Moscow achieves these goals, NATO will find itself in a difficult situation, in which the alliance will have to either recognize the victory of Russia, or engage in battle with the Russians, the retired colonel wrote in the article.

The North Atlantic Alliance, despite its undoubted military power, has very little chance of winning the war with Russia.

One of the greatest sermons I ever heard - history of the struggle for freedom. This church was cleansed by YouTube. This video was banned. Listen to the heretics and rejoice.

#Duet #stitch #knowledge #foryoupage #meninblack #fypシ゚viral #woketiktok #staywoke #fyp #robotsontiktok #govermentconspiracy #govermentsecrets

We are not alone. Our children are being captured for use in experiments. It is a treaty with the grays. The human population must be reduced by 2030

For the first time since the start of the war in Ukraine, there is an official admission of British special forces involvement. Britain's Royal Marines have taken part in "high risk" covert operations in Ukraine, the country's General has revealed for the first time.

According to the Russians, British forces are present in every armed formation in Ukraine. The British plan and direct deep strikes deep into Russian supply lines. They are the ones who select targets and direct the MLRS HIMARS missiles.

Britain's national newspaper The Times reports that Royal Marines took part in "discreet operations" on Ukrainian soil lasting several months, it said

The article quotes statements by Major General Robert Magowan in the British Armed Forces Gazette. Magowan is a former Commandant of the Royal Marines, having joined the elite Royal Navy unit in 1989.

The lieutenant general in his introduction states that:

“(…) the commandos had supported discreet operations in a highly sensitive environment. Our operations involved high political and military risk.”

British special forces in Ukraine
Regarding the details of Magowan's statement, the Times article states:

"In the Globe and Laurel, the official publication of the Royal Marines, it described how 350 marines from 45 Command escorted diplomats from the British embassy in Kyiv (in Poland) earlier this year when it became clear that Russian troops were preparing to invasion. Commandos returned to Kyiv in April to protect the embassy as Britain sought to restore its diplomatic presence there.

Prior to this statement, information about the presence of American and British troops (not just mercenaries) was strongly dismissed as untrue by the majority of the media. Russian President Vladimir Putin has described events in Ukraine as a conflict between Russia and "the entire Western military apparatus" and claimed in September that entire military units in Ukraine were "de facto under the command of Western advisers."

Fierce clashes are taking place on the Svatovo-Kremennaya line with the Russian Army launching a large-scale incendiary missile attack against Ukrainian positions using TOS-1s. It is the only part of the front where the Russians use extended thermobaric missiles.

Russian forces that have established fortified defensive works behind Svatovo have managed to intercept numerous Ukrainian attacks and lay the groundwork for a future counter-attack towards Kupyansk which was captured by the Ukrainians in the autumn.

In recent days, the Ukrainians have lost important heights and settlements on this front. On Sunday they regrouped and launched counter-attacks to regain lost ground.

In the north of the section Ploschanka-Makeevka-Nevsky fierce battles are taking place. An attempted attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine with infantry and tanks ended in a crash. Russian artillery worked effectively along the defensive line crushing the Ukrainian attempt.

The Svatovo-Kremennaya axis sees the heaviest fighting since Bakhmut, with the Ukrainians massing strong forces.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation use tanks and artillery to attack the positions of the 80th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This unit consists of Western Ukrainians, its place of permanent deployment is in Lviv. The 80th Airborne Infantry Battalion participated in the battles in the direction of Kharkiv and in the area of ​​the village of Belogorovka, Lugansk. According to some reports, it was the soldiers of this brigade who participated in the execution of eleven Russian prisoners in the village of Makeevka.

The Russians are expected to resume offensive operations after the ground freezes. Both sides muster all available reserves in the area.

Bakhmut: Over 10,000 dead Ukrainian soldiers in biggest battle of war

Shocking are the figures for Ukrainian losses in Bakhmut, where the biggest battle of the war is taking place so far, which is expected given the build-up of forces to exceed even the siege of Mariupol.

The Ukrainian staff counts 10,000 dead soldiers out of a total of 30,000 and 100 tanks destroyed.

This battle, which is now developing within the urban fabric, will decide the future of the entire Donbass. With the Russian Army having managed to engage all the experienced Ukrainian forces at this point, Kyiv will not be able to raise its head again in an operation that the Americans and Russians have called "Meat Machine".

In fact, it is of great interest that even the British "shoot" V. Zelensky for his reluctance to withdraw the Ukrainian forces from the city in time.

Obviously they have realized the extent of the destruction that the Ukrainian Army will suffer at the moment when Russians and Belarusians are preparing for the free shot in Western Ukraine.

According to the British Daily Telegraph, the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Bakhmut region amount to 10 thousand soldiers!

The Russian Army entered the city of Bakhmut: Street battles in residential areas - Ukrainian soldiers against Zelensky: We will hang you in Kiev!

Developments on the Bakhmut front are fast-paced as Russian forces break through the defense lines of the now-depleted 93rd Brigade and the Ukrainian 71st Brigade and enter the town. Street fighting has broken out in the urban center of Bakhmut for the first time since the start of the war.

In more detail, in the last 48 hours the Russian troops and mainly the Wagner forces launched a large-scale attack, as a result of which they occupied the Sinyat factory and entered the first building blocks of the urban center of Bakhmut from the east.

In addition, Russian forces have also entered the forest area adjacent to the city, resulting in clashes with Ukrainian forces.

The demarcation line, along which Russian troops now control the city, runs along Dobrolyubov Street (first map).

The situation is hopeless for Ukrainians. The hospitals are full and there are hundreds of dead and wounded.

In the first video, Ukrainian soldiers, through cries of despair, desperately ask for help over the radio as they are wounded and trapped.

In the rest of the videos, Ukrainian soldiers threaten Zelensky with hanging in the center of Kiev!

This is what happens when a comedian becomes head of state. Angela Merkel confirmed the Minsk Agreements were a ruse to build up NATO in Ukraine to invade Russia. The old saying was diplomacy is another form of warfare.

Hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles were moved from the US to Romania and Poland with Russian authorities on the alert. The scene being set up on the Polish-Ukraine and Romania-Ukraine borders is reminiscent of preparations for a major war.

The Russians are openly talking about the creation of a Polish-Ukrainian Confederation that will be based on the special status granted by V. Zelensky to Polish citizens and will serve NATO's plans in the region.

The first goal is the invasion of these forces in Western Ukraine and then an uprising and overthrow of Lukashenko in Belarus.

700 tanks and armored vehicles such as M2 Bradley, M113 and M1A2 Abrams were unloaded at the port of Gdynia in Poland. At the same time, an unspecified number of American units were also deployed in Romania along with several French Leclerc tanks.

They were transported aboard the ship Integrity and will reinforce the US Army's 1st Infantry Division.

According to Polish media, the transfer of the equipment takes place within the framework of the Atlantic Resolve program, which was launched in 2014 and aims to strengthen the American presence in Europe.

At the same time, a larger batch of military equipment from the United States is expected to arrive in January.

Russian Media: Their destination is Ukraine and the border with Belarus!


The government never read the Pfizer documents. They mock the injured.

referencing the billions wasted on CO2:

"We are living in the land of the unicorn farmers and the intellectual pygmies."

If Russian troops take Bahamut, Putin will win!

G. Clark went on to say:

Russian units are putting heavy pressure on the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bakhmut. 

The Russians are suffocating them, making them bleed

And if the Ukrainian side calls for a ceasefire before their forces are reinforced from Kherson, Putin will win.

If they take Bakhmut, then that will open the door to Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, but it will also serve as a kind of springboard to wipe out the Ukrainian forces.

The Ukrainians dug in, held, but suffered heavy losses.

The place has turned into a meat grinder! said the American General.

Earlier, the deputy head of Donetsk, Denis Pushilin, said that Russian units are preparing to encircle Bakhmut (Artemovsk).

In the last few hours, Kiev has sent new formations into the city to reinforce its positions against the background of the high number of casualties.


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