WARNINGS: LGBT crossover couple and a little minor spoiler from the movie MHA Heroes Rising, every hating or insulting comment without resonable criticism will be deleted ^^

Okayokay, down to the topic, I’M FREAKING HAPPY ABOUT THIS AND ALSO REALLY PROUD!! It took me a while at the beginning because is not really easy to fit rightly characters with the music when they’re thinking, I mean, with MHA it was easier since Anime’s characters do have internal thoughts and the use of good expressions and I was afraid to not match the Phineas’ parts, but I did! I also find other interesting clips and silent moments that matched really well the song!
Okay maybe you don’t know it, or yes Idk but Tangled is one of my favourite Disney’s movies and Rapunzel is absolutely my favourite Disney princess, the movie is not perfect but I sincerely love it and get me emotional every time I watch it, when I was out the last weekend, since I CONSTANTLY listen to my music during travels, I’ve put this one, got freaking excited, watched the movie when I got back home and inso hit me so hard and I had to start it! As I said, I had some problems at the beginning and also afraid for some reason, but then I continued and my love for the movie, the song and the ship made me so dang happy, when I finally finished my eyes FOR NO REAL REASON started to be wet and I smiled like an idiot for a good half hour TwT
You have no idea how much satisfaction I have to had make Phineas Rapunzel, I already did it, but for this song is different, Deku as Flynn Rider is PURE GOLD, when I told my brother my cast for the movie and then watched it that night he kept pointing out Deku as Rider like the nose’s gag x,3
Basically the situation here is like the actual movie, expect few things: Perry of course is not a secret agent, in the end I used a clip of him with the hat because, ya know, he has many emotions when he has that hat on eheh AAAAAND this is more interesting, I decided to use a bit the Villain Deku concept here, like Izuku is not only a thief, but he also killed few “rivals”, not innocents, still he had put also some people in danger to achieve his own goals, that’s why I focused a part on him: “All that time, never truly seeing things the way they were” he resonate and feel guilty for his past actions, he was blind but now Phineas opened his eyes and gave him a real worthy reason to be the new self, that’s also why he smiles and cry when he’s about to get Phineas’ hand, because he’s grateful to the boy for had gave him a chance and so Phineas for Deku because he had show him the world, reached his dream and find a new one, like in the movie but with a little addiction because I liked the idea x3
One more thing, Phineas does know about Deku’s crimes, yet he gave him a chance anyway, thinking already that there’s more inside him. Oh well I basically fangirled enough eheh, about the edit, I think I never been so careful on fitting the expressions, lips-sync and also clips’ choice, I’ve made so many that in the end I didn’t put because they weren’t really matching the whole work, I’m particularly proud of the first edit of Phineas and Deku sitting together (it took me a whole day off) and also the duets they have in the end, I’m really emotional for this work aaaa TwT
If you have complains for had use actual footage from the movie, GUYS THE LANTERNS WERE IMPERATIVE, they’re the heart, the meaning and the dreams of the couple, a wish that come true and a new one arrive, adding magical feelings to the whole scenario. Okay that’s enough eheh, I really do hope you’ll appreciate this work as much as I love it, thanks for the support and wish you all a wonderful day/night ^^

Phineas’ Masks: Idbluver, mine
Deku’s Masks: Mine


Oh well, didn’t told you anything about this one, so surprise y’all!! So today’s my bro’s birthday and this year I decided to dedicate to him one of our favourite scenes from my all-time favourite game!
Before starting yes, we got Part 2 too (SPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERS), I played it relatively little since I had to finish my exams, still, I pretty much know what happen and the controversies around this game so I’m just gonna go up and say it: JOEL DEATH WAS BULLSHIT. Not that I wasn’t expecting that, I had a feeling but NOT THIS EARLY and in such disrespectful way to a character that I personally loved and deserved so much better then this end.
I wouldn’t have like him dying since I really love Joel, but at least give a damn for giving this character some respect! The gameplay is really good and the graphic in general is stunning, the flashbacks’ scenes are actually the best part of the game so far, but jee I hate Abby and hate the fact that we shall play with her for the rest of the game, TLOU was Joel and Ellie, their bond, the love they learn to have for each other against a cruel world, and now is just a revenge game, didn’t finished it but I know how it’ll goes. It’s a shame because I was really into the beginning, Joel’s song to Ellie really made me cry so hard and I was hoping for more of them, but nope, not even a last scenes between them, nothing, and it upsets me. I think that for this I’ll use the Tomb Rider’s mentality and play it just for the gameplay and not giving a heck about the damn story, aside the beginning and flashback’s parts.
Okay enough with shaming, let’s talk about this! So me and my brother made a cast for this game as well and jee Phineas as Ellie is pure perfection, like, she’s an innocent scary baby but with a sassy attitude and easy swearing, Phineas’ swearing it’s so satisfying to make tbh ehehe
Anyway, in the game Mike’s suppose to be Joel, THE REAL PERFECTION IS HERE FOLKS and at first I wanted in fact to make an animatic with this, but at this point I know me and I could have ever made it in time opssss, so there we go me using Ford as Mike again! x3
Okay jokes aside, Ford fits the role so dang good and I love see him interacting with my boy Phin, also a bit of Stan after a long time! I now use GF just for Ford and it pisses me that I can’t find episodes in good quality AAAAAA ToT
Oh well, I’m pretty proud of this, at the beginning I had some struggles after a long time without editing, but in the end I let inso get me and hell if I concentrated a lot in the lips-sync! The colors are pretty much simple and trying to get the vibes of the original scene, overall I think I did a pretty good job, I got emotional at this too so yeah, it counts as good!
Happy great birthday Elio, really hope you’ll like this little thing of mine, JUSTICE FOR JOEL AND ELLIE! QwQ

Hello everybody FINALLY FREE! With something ... completely unexpected I suppose xD
Told ya that I was gonna make a collab with my brother, right? Then there it is! X3
Nownow before starting saying that WE BOTH HATED ARTEMIS IT’S ONE OF THE WORST MOVIES I’VE SEEN IN AGES! Yet, my bro decided to use him because since he wanted to use a demential song he thought it was a good idea to shit on him, strange thoughts but okay xD Also he really hates Isabella so he decided to pair her with him since he hates both of them eheh. The fact is that we’re also making a PnF marathon and he can’t really stands her, he’s annoying yet hilarious at the same time, in fact he had this brilliant idea in his mind and there we go!
Okay, this song as a song is really good and I like listening to it any time I want, it’s catchy, but in the context of the story is freaking mind-fuck I can’t believe how much I cringed the first time I saw it on cinemas, also never really liked Kristof and in that mediocre sequel he was a pain like the second act and Elsa x,3
I’m also freaking happy that he decided to use PhinDeku YAS MORE MATERIAL TO HYPE AND FANGIRL ABOUT!! Anyway, the story here is basic as we can get eheh


Since Deku arrived at Danville, Phineas gets close to him and so Deku, the two boys starts off as a friendship, then they’re starting to feel something for one another. Isabella of course is REALLY jealous, she didn’t like Deku from the beginning but when she sees that Phineas is completely invested on the green boy she feels even more upset about the situation and goes to vent with Artemis, her childhood friend who secretly always loved her and he pushes her to let out her feelings. Isabella sings out her emotions and in the end she hopes that Phineas will go back to her, while Artemis hopes she’ll finally notice him.

The Fireside Girls are the extra supporters XD
Anyway, despite being something intended to not be taken seriously, we’ve made a good job! I especially liked the PhinDeku’s parts ofc and how we fit well Isabella’s emotions, counting this has been made on a phone is impressing! I’ve shown my brother that he can also make masks with his iMovie and I’ve blown him away he was so happy also for the PhinDeku parts! Now excuse me while I’ll keep fangirling on the sweet boys, gosh really need to finish the edit fast, I really hope you’ll like this work of ours and have a good day/night! Also never watch Artemis Fowl, EVER, we used him just to joke him xP

Phineas’ Mask: Idbluver


Hello everybody!
Gosh long time no see with an actual edit, even though my last one surprisingly came out way better then I though. Gonna be honest, I didn’t know if I should have post it or not for something that happened out then I said that maybe this edit could have made things better, also for you since I seize my little free time to finally finish my Pride Edit!
Sorry but in this case is necessary since also a lot of people seem to take issue with Crossovers and in this case, I took A GREAT risk tbh x,)
I know what you’re gonna say, WHAT??? YOU DO REALLY SHIP THEM??
Yes, yes I am, hate me I won’t care XP
Sassy me aside, the idea came thanks to the plays me and my bro make at night and we managed to make them so freaking dang adorable and with a lot of chemistry and I LOVE making “scenes” with Deku loving Phinny x3
As I briefly mentioned a while ago, I do want to make a longer edit with them and show you the chemistry that they both have, or at least, try to show it, it’s angst and dramatic so if you’re my loyal fans YOU’RE GONNA ENJOY QwQ
Oh well, this time, I show you something unusual for me to make: ROMANTIC EDIT *DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUN*
Not that I hate romance but I feel more comfortable and used to make angst works, suffer, you know the drill x,3
in fact when I started this I felt like something wrong, also considering I was a bit nervous making this risk of a crossover, but then I said “Who the heck cares about others, just let me enjoy their cuteness” and so there’re are TwT
There’s not really a plot, Deku is in love with Phineas and him, being the blind dork that he is, enjoy being with him and when Deku confesses, Phineas has the same feelings and they end up together eheh x”3
To be clear, Phineas is like 13 when he meets Deku in our stories and Deku is 15, two years of difference still wanted to clarify it and make Phineas more believable since he’s in a age when he could start feeling these love stuffs.
For the edit, I really really like how it turned out, is not my best by any means, I decided to use a more pinkish color even if I’m not really used to such effects ad you know it and I used an effect that make seems like the world around the two boys blurring. I can’t really make a proper opinion about it, I told ya I’m not used to these stuffs eeee
Anyway, I really like the mask and see my two fave boys together makes me so happy, I promise I’ll make the long video and show the real potential that these two have! Until then, I’ll first care about the exams I’ve gonna do, sooooo expect it on the end of July? I also found a beautiful vents song that represents me so idk which one I’ll make first eheh, Happy Pride Month everybody! Stay safe, keep being positive and don’t stop fighting! You’ll see that this shit f a year will get better, don’t give up! ^^


So, this can be considered a vent, even though after a talk with my mom I felt better yesterday, still I kept working on this really fast work. Please forgive the lack of smooth transitions and slows, the iPad options are lame meh xP
About the edit itself, at first I wanted to use a new Crossover couple that now me and my bro ship so dang much, we created it through the games we do at night and we achieved the greatest chemistry of all, but I didn’t have much clips, including the PnF one, and also because I’m a bit afraid to get hate for this couple, it’s between Phineas and and anime character and I can guess that people would probably put hate on it X/ Not that I care much about haters, otherwise I could just delete the comments, still this isn’t the best period for me to stand people who comment nonsense and with hate, so I’ll keep this project for the near future, in the mean time I’ll keep shipping them hard with my bro x3
With that being said, I decided to keep a concept that is also similar to my bro’s stories; Phineas that doesn’t like Isabella. Gosh I even reconsider her a bit, but my brother hates her so freaking much and can’t stand any edit or fanart that involves Phinbella x”D
I don’t really ship them honestly, I’ve talked about it too many times at this point, but I don’t know if I shared my thoughts on Phin’s sexual orientation, THIS IS MY OPINION PLZ DON’T KILL ME! For me, Phineas would be either gay since many times in the show never really show much interest in girls, okay he’s a blind dork, but also in other occasions he doesn’t really care about the ladies, Ferb on the other hand ...
“And for the ladies, GRRRRRR”
You got the idea xD
Or also, if not even gay, asexual, I like the idea that he could be also has no sexual impulse at all, still can love, but not on a sexual level, but ofc I’ve got into this new ship with this guy and ghhhhhh x333. I’m not sure how to make him also in my story, SPOILERS EHEH, still I’m unsure on these two options.
My gosh I’m starting to vague myself again, let’s just talk about the video xD


Phineas is depressed and feels unsure on many levels, but the first of them is his own orientation. Isabella is his friend since they were really little but never really shown interest on her. However, Isabella try to get close to Phin to start a relationship, Phineas accepts to try, but the more he goes on, the more he realize that that whole situation makes him even more depressed and scared for his real feelings, and Isabella is frustrated by that. In the end Phineas leaves her and take some time to think about his friendship with Isabella, realizing that he doesn’t love her in that sense and doesn’t know what to do.

FINALLY A SHORT STORY YAS!!! Anyway, here I wanted to highlight not only the relationship, but also, and most important, Phineas’ depression and struggle on his own self, I imagined him that later on he’ll find out he’s gay and starts to feel bad also for that while finding a way to accept himself. Gosh I’m straight but I really like more these kind of stories, OF COURSE, if they’re done right still, after all Disney made the best love stories eheh x3
The edit as I said is not my best, and maybe I could have work a bit more with the colors, but I still need time to study the new effects more, my main goal was to focus more on the story and, even if I have really few footage of PnF, I did a pretty well work. Also this song is freaking I can’t stop listening to it, I get that I changed the main theme of it but at least I tried to follow the lyrics still and reinterpretate it. Well I think I’ve said all, please don’t be offended by the not Phinbella shipping, like I said many times I don’t hate the ship, it’s just that doesn’t give me anything, like more my Phin’s options sorry x,3
Hope you’ll like this pretty meh work of mine, I don’t guarantee to make more edits but still, have a good day!!


[ Description from YT published on 10/04 ]
Mike-Friday? Actually today I would say Mike-Animatic!! SURPRISEEEEE!!
It’s almost two month I don’t post a video wowow x3
Hello everybody, here we go with another Friday but, this time, I decided to make something different as you may see x3
Okay, I already have two unfinished works good me, but then this morning an idea came to my mind and I decided make a really fast work with the Mike-Friday indeed, it was a little challenge for myself to see if I can actually make an animatic in one day and, as long as it’s short, yes, yes I can!
Alright so, I ADORE this song, it’s one of my favorite from the SU’s serie and this cover is just majestic, the voice is so beautiful, the piano fits perfectly and the singer is really involved in the lyrics, LOVE IT! I don’t really know how the heck the idea arrived, it just arrived and boom, there we go!I don’t pretend this to be one of my greatest work, BY ANY CHANCE, but drawing my favorite part of the song with Mike gave me a lot of chills and made me cry a bit, dang meeee x3
There’s no real story here, Mike is telling his past to Phineas and in the end he comforts him. The situation here with Mike is pretty complicated, I’m talking about the images that appear in front of him, each of them left him in a specific way, they represent the chronological order of his life aaaaaand nope, I won’t tell you who they are, I can say that the last one he sees is also related to Phineas ... eheheh
This is finally the first time I show Mike colored, I’ve made him a bit blueish then he is in reality to make him fits with the background and I really like it! Want to thank you also Trashy and Farida in particular because in these days we’ve talked a lot and my conversations with them always make me so happy, this morning the idea came when I was chatting with them sooo thank you for the inspo!!
I know that none will care about this, but I do and I’m pretty proud of it, see ya soon! ^^

Cover of the song:


Why hello!
Gosh I’m so predictable with the opening of the descriptions xP
Anyway, I’m so happy to post again! So I have a break of two weeks from the Academy And I thought to spent properly the time I have by my side, so there can be I’ll make something else, but on the other hand I want to concentrate and work on Art Academy’s stuffs and also the animatic.
So, I start of saying that this song finally convinced me to finally check out Tangled the series and I LOVED IT! It’s been three years that I wanted to watch it and I check it out just when it’s about to end, brava me x,)
For now I watched the whole first season and the first episodes of season two and while there are few filler episodes I think it’s a really good show that is aware that is based on a movie and always recall it especially through the characters and their emotions. The songs of course are majestic and also the animation is nice and have really good colours at times. Rapunzel is one of my favourite Disney princess and I like her so much in the series as well, also Varian is a lovely dork even though, I think, one of the flaws I’ve found in the first season is that there wasn’t much focus on the stones and Varian’s arc, like, he appeared in the really first episodes, he disappeared in the middle, clarify that he’ll be the “bad guy” and then return in the last two-three episodes, I think they should have followed this arc better but after all is still really good. Now let’s finally talk about the edit x3
Gonna be honest, for once I wanted to do something different and opted to make Ferb as Varian, I already few things in mind to do with him, but that’s the point; few things. Like, there are some really good expressions out of Ferb, but most of the time, well, he’s the best green-haired boy and working with him with such powerful song that NEEDED as much strong emotions stopped me from using Ferb for good and, of course, choose my baby boy instead x,3
I’m kinda sorry but after all I’m REALLY familiar with Phineas’ expressions and way to use him in my videos, but in the same time I wanted to make something different, heck, for a sec I wanted to use Steven, who on the contrary has a huge package of amazing emotions, but I was inspired more on using Phineas since, while I was watching the series, Varian reminded me A LOT my boy, so I needed to make this x3
Also, FIRST TIME I OFFICIALLY EDIT WITH SPINEL ASDFGHJ YAS! Using my two favourite characters ever was so much fun and such a huge satisfaction! Plus it’s been a while since I’ve made a serious crossover like this, so yay!
Okay let’s get down to business (to defeat, the Huns), you’re allowed to hate me x,)
Here the song is pretty explanatory, the dynamics are the same as in the episode, but the story is a little different.


I REALLY don’t like short descriptions do I? x3
I’m jealous of the people that eventually write a sentence to even nothing xD
Alright so, I basically created a show/crossover that I didn’t know I needed, really, I started the video with no idea at all and then created this all shet, like yeah I’ve been inspired by Tangled, but JEEEEEE THESE STUFFS ARE NEW AND INTERESTING!!
So, the edit: I’m proud of the management of the masks and green screens, they all came out pretty good and once again I concentrated myself a lot in the character’s emotions and lips-sync. I debated myself a lot for the colours, I tried to give a pinkinsh colouration and worked a lot to balance well this colour with Phineas’ clips, the result is nice but not the best, still pretty on its own. I want to also thank, over the song, Lavender Rose’s edit which really inspired me a lot! Well, I think I’ve said enough, I spent three days making this and you have no idea how much fun I had with it, really hope you’ll see and enjoy all of this hard work (especially the story since it took me one hour to write xD). Have a wonderful day/night and see ya soon!

Lavender Rose’s edit that inspired me:


Hello everybody!
So as I said, I imposed myself to make the video for the weekend and after a long day of work it’s here! (Well not a whole day, I started at 9 a.m. and finished at 5.00 p.m so yey)
Okay okay, let’s get down to business. The Steven Universe Future’s last two episodes, as I said, had hit me a lot, in particular this song, which not only has become my new obsession, but it concludes one of the most sad episode’s ending ever. Of course, I had to make something with my baby, and with that, I had to revisit AYA more deeply since I wanted to use teen Phin.
Gosh it’s worst the I remember. Tons of things don’t make sense, like why Irving works at OWCA now, why at the end everyone disappear, they basically all become wedding planner, and how over romantic thy’ve made it, it looks like a really cheesy teen drama and it pissed me a lot, IT COULD HAVE BEEN A GEM OF AN EPISODE!
With that being said, I respect the people that likes that episode, otherwise I’m glad that you do, it’s just that for me it was a wasted opportunity. So here we comes with my own version of AYA!
Talking about the episode, the idea that Phineas doesn’t know which college he should choose it’s a great idea, it adds insecurity to his character and create a relatable obstacle for him to pass, in fact he original idea was to make something similar to this concept, but then an idea came to my mind.
Phineas has always be the “leader” of the group, not officially or said, but everyone used to look at him as a stable guide who always make the right decision without doubts, so why wouldn’t invert this idea?
The more they grow, the more Phineas realise how much things change, including his friends, so why don’t shake off this waring security that his adventures with his friends will always remain the same? Why don’t concentrate the episode on the insecurities of the most optimistic boy in the group, heck, in Danville?


Well now I’m in a feeling attack eheh. Let’s say that I’ve also been inspired by personal life’s stuffs too? In any case I realised it just at the end of the video, don’t take this as a vent I’m kinda fine x,3
In any case, I LOVE the way it came out, it’s really simple but still I worked a lot in the manips and edits so there’s a lot of work behind it x3
The colours are simple just to make it feel like a short concept for the episodes, some green screens are really good, some few others meh but still and the edit was studied to be a little more frenetic at the beginning to represent the immediate change for Phineas when Ferb and Isabella leaves and towards the end is more calm, leave the time for Phineas to sink and face his gloom.
I admit that in the end I wanted to make a nighty sky, but my program is shit and it always turned out bad, so I decided to leave it on a sunset’s mood.
Few things in addiction to the story:

-Phineas hasn’t decide the college yet, otherwise his fears stopped him from even took a consideration about that
-Ferb and Vanessa won’t live together when they’ll be in England but they’ll see each other quite often
-Isabella confessed her feelings to Phineas when they started High School but the thing didn’t work so both of them decided to just remain friends, Phineas starts to care even more about Isabella after her confession and so Isabella, even if she had to overcome the refuse for a long time
-Buford and Baljeet are a couple since High School, while Phinbella didn’t work, Bufjeet is going wonderfully
-From the very beginning of the video Phineas feels depressed about all these changes, but it started to get worse when Ferb and Isabella leaves, from then on he’s in a depression’s state

The major point was to highlight Phineas’ insecurities and fears, especially with all the fast changes that happened in front of his eyes. Now I would have ever thought that they would have focus in such drastic way on Phineas’ fear of changes (I added my usual angst as always eheh), but just imagine how amazing and cool it would have been to explore Phineas’ feeling about changes and growing up, all expressed through the choice of his future college. Again, I respect your opinion and I’m really happy that you liked the episode, it’s just that I would have love more this kind of “Act Your Age” instead of a teen drama.
One more thing, the song has been edited by another YouTuber so I’ll leave the link of it too as well. Let’s see how much time will pass before making a new edit, I’ll try my best to be active still I’ll always keep you informed!
Really hope that you’ll like this work of mine, I’ve put a lot of passion in it, thanks for had read and will see you really soon! ^^

Edited song:


Well … it didn’t pass even too much time x,3
Hello everybody, and welcome in a new work of mine, this time, MEP parts!
Gosh it’s been years since I joined a MEP, primarily because I wanted to dedicate myself on my own personal stuffs, I didn’t even finish my other MEPs and I think they’ll remain incomplete forever xD
Well, there’s a nice story about it.
About its creation, at first I wanted to do an Animatic but, OF COURSE, I had put my work in the last minute and, since it would have take too much time, I opted to use normal footage of PnF. So the story of the video was supposed to be angst, of course, and include just Phineas, but then I said to my self; HECK THERE’S A MOVIE ON THE WAY YOU FOOL, and the final product is a charming Phineas and Candace video where I also added George (the real father). May I say that I’m really proud of this?
Opening an argument about the future movie, I doubt that it’ll ever be as epic as ATSD or the representation of the beauty of the show like SBTY (tbh also ATSD is absolute beauty other then epic, but this special it’s just the perfect representation of the show and with no doubt the best special), but ya know what would give this future movie a place between the best PnF’s product? A conflict between Candace and her brothers.
What I mean is that, yeah, the plot is really similar to the “Queen of Mars” one, but there is a main difference: Candace will find herself in an utopian’s world. When she became the queen of mars, after a while, she got annoyed to stay there and wants to get back home, but if she finds herself into an utopian world, why she should even bother to get home if she has everything she wants? Also it’s interesting that in the synopsis they also add “free of pesky little brothers”.

I’m getting into details here and probably spoilers if I get some theories, so you’re free to jump of this paragraph.

I believe that, at the beginning of this movie, there will be a moment where Phineas and Ferb, against their will of course, hurt Candace in some hard way, I think this break down will be double emphasized by Linda alone or also Lawrence, but in this conflict there must be Linda since she’s the “leader” of the family and the one Candace always took most of her interest on.
And yeah after this aliens kidnap her, Phineas and the gang will try to rescue her, WITH ALSO DOOF YES THEY’RE TOGETHER. And in the end I imagine a main conflict, that has a really huge weight, where CANDACE snaps at Phineas and Ferb, can you imagine if they invert the formula of “Phineas yelling at Candace in the specials” thing here? that would be EPIC.
Then there will be an argue and Candace says something really mean that will eventually hurt Phineas and Ferb, especially I’m imagining a huge breakdown from Phineas since, from his point of view, Candace has always be a model for him, he helped her in several occasion in the course of the show and has always shown a great respect, admiration and love for her (remembering Phineas’ birthday hug and my heart melt again x3).
So yeah, you know Toy Story 2 where Buzz and Woody have that argue over being a toy? I imagine something like that. But who knows, maybe I’m missing the point and they’ll do something even more epic in any case I can’t wait for it I WANT A FREAKING PROMO OR TRAILER ASDFGHJKL

Oh well, after all this big shit let’s talk about the video, I’m sorry if I let myself took over by fangirling but you know how much I freaking love this show x3


I just realised that this is my first video about Phineas and Candace and fuck all shame on me! I’m really proud of the manips and green screens, especially the little Phinny one (JEEZ I’VE MADE HIM EVEN MORE ADORABLE), the colours and the close interaction between Phineas and Candace.
If you ask, yeah I was half inspired by my story, but decided to not go deep on the angst part and focus more on Phineas and Candace, so it can also be ambivalent what really happened to George, I’m still on my though of the story that he died, but not in front of Phineas this time since in my story, Phineas is deeply traumatised by that, even though he’s always an optimistic bean.
For Linda, believe me I did’t want to make her unlikable in any way, she has all the rights to be mad and George, and he knows and accepts it.
I didn’t really cared to clarify if Ferb and Lawrence exist here, it can be as much as it can not, so you pick your favourite version of it.
Oh well I talked way too much, I really hope you’ll like this work of mine and keep the eyes open for the finally MEP! Have a sweet day and holiday!!

The MEP I’m in:


*Description half copied from IG because I’m a bit tired pardon*
... ya know, I have to explain nothing, I just roll whenever I’m inspired with something xD
Well anyway, you have to know that I’m OBSESSED over Green Eggs and Ham, it’s such a beautiful show and it got me so much that I decided to do an animatic with my second favorite scene of the show!
Gonna say, I didn’t want to make it public since I would feel myself in duty to finish it, but I realized that it’s a pretty wrong approach to my work, so I decided to chill out and show you my work. Don’t count to see this finish in a while, I already have another animatic in program to finish in time and also other stuffs, so guess you’ll wait, but I’ll keep you updated with the news about it!
For the rest, I pretty like how this is coming out, especially the expressions and the use of the colors, let’s see how it’ll turn out x3
As you could tell my lovely Phinny is dorky cute Sam and Guy ... an OC? Sorry you already know who will be, see ya! ^^
Ps. Please admire the beauty of the background characters xD

HELLO THERE! Thank you to had read the description on YouTube and watching the video here right now!
Here I want to be more specific about the edit’s work instead pf repeating myself.
I tried the new option with the green screen on iPad like I said and while A LOT of things are difficult to manage and even annoying, I’m sure that with a little more work I can still make good videos, for example I managed well all the green screen’s work, especially for the colorings, also I think I found a new app that doesn’t need to be paid for being used so I’ll try it in the future and see how it works.

So, I listened to the song the other day and gosh it reminds me a lot the villain of my story Paul and Shigaraki, so there you go a little Shigaraki vid. To be honest I didn’t thought about a story for this, I was imaging that Shigaraki, obsessed by Izuku, decides to kidnap him and torture him for fun, my boy tries to fight back but anytime he loose against Shigaraki.

Oh well, that’s all, again thank you so much to watching the video here and, in the case, following and using this new platform, hope to see more and more with time!



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