The Gray Alien

Reviewing the third and fourth episodes. Examining the new crew and even more the timeline problems and determining if this should be considered part of the Star Trek franchise.

My Ep. 1 & 2 review is here: or

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Learn more about my world's history as it compares to Earth. Pyramids, Money, Politics, and Deep Space!

Reviewing the first two episodes and explaining the timeline problems mostly regarding technology.


Star Trek Discovery Timeline

Holograms in Star Trek

Captain's Ready Rooms's_ready_room

Follow me down the rabbit hole as I take a tweet by Tariq Nasheed and run with it! Please share!

Why there is no such thing as "wrong think" and what you can do to fix problem words in your society.

Find out who the ass*** is at CNN!

If you enjoy freedom of speech then you need to see this video. Don't let your future generations grow up brainwashed. It seem there is a nefarious plan in the works and it will take all of you working together to stop it! #ProtectFreeSpeech


MSM is Clickbait - 1:55

FaceBook deciding what "Fake News" is - 3:19

FaceBook "Trending" manipulation - 3:40

Twitter "Trending" manipulation - 3:40

Google may be working to make history appear more diverse - 3:46

Some public school teach only a limited amount of history - 4:08

Google backed Hillary - 4:50

FaceBook backed Hillary - 4:50

Wall Street Journal hits YouTube - 5:40

Patreon kicks Lauren Southern out - 7:29

PayPal kicks Jihad Watch out - 7:29

PayPal chairman supported Hillary - 7:29


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Greetings Earthlings! I'm a "gray alien" from the Aldebaran solar system. One of very few trans-solar social media users. I deliver the truth...