TED 2010: Innovating to zero
listen as Gill Bates explains the greatest threat to the world; everyone not in "The Big Club"

If ya'll thinkin' Mister Bates misspoke, yer as dumb as a box a rocks.
don't get his "vaccine" it is poison.

Part 2-A: TBR

Part 1-C: Yer watchin' This!

Part 1-B:

Part 1-A:

My first attempt a recorded playthrough, my apologies for the audio I hope to fix it in be the next video. Also, the controls seem wonky, either its flyin' around the screen on not movin' at all, if someone has got some advice to fix that it would be much appreciated

Part 1-B:

Part 1-A: Yo Yer already seenin' dis!

Dr. Syke says "40minutes of remove Kebab keeps Kebab away otherwises yer mom GAAAAY!"



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