Thanks to social media, the world is getting more and more polarized over such issues as the covid-19 vaccine and US politics, and there doesn't seem to be anyone left who is thinking rationally and fairly about these and other important, global issues. The world is falling apart, and almost nobody can see how we are being manipulated through social media to become this way. Who is to blame? The social media supercomputers? or the people who allowed themselves to be manipulated by them?

Amazon One palm scanning technology allows you to go into a shop and pay with your hand, and it is the latest in a series of cashless developments around the world which is ultimately leading to the implementation of the Mark of the Beast. Most Christians can see it, but when it comes to how to prepare for the Mark of the Beast, nobody really wants the solution, because the solution is too uncomfortable for most people. But if you are one in a million... or more accurately... one in roughly 50,000, listen to the solution right now, and then contact us today.

A 2020 documentary called 'We Need To Talk About AI' offers a sobering glimpse at where the world is headed in terms of frightening new technologies and artificial intelligence. The experts themselves are quite clear about the fact that these advancements in technology could mark the end of the human race... but they see nothing wrong with that. In fact, some of them are hoping for this eventuality. Christians want to know if this is something to be concerned about. What role does AI play in Bible prophecy?

The entire world is eagerly awaiting the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. The Bible predicts that it will happen... and it may not be far away. For some, this event will be a wonderful confirmation that God's chosen people are the Jews, and that his holy city is Jerusalem, over there in Israel. But for others, the third temple will be seen as a testimony to how far the human race has strayed from God, and it will also be the start of great suffering for many who claim to follow Jesus Christ. What do you think this Jewish temple represents? Watch this video, before you make up your mind.

In the Revelation, we read about 144,000 people who represent God's end time Church. Well, we do seem to be getting closer to the events described in the book of Revelation... so who are the 144,000? And WHERE are they? Our community has spent three decades looking, and it's been a bit disappointing, to be honest. We can hardly find ONE person who wants to "follow the Lamb wherever he goes". But more recently, we have started to consider that this supernatural coming together of God's people.. the Bride of Christ in Revelation... may happen in a radically different way. Watch this video to learn more!

Have you ever been told that we need to "rightly divide the word of truth"? People often quote this instruction from Paul when they want to use one part of the Bible to contradict another part they don't like. This error has crept in because people assume that "the word of truth" is the Bible, and that Paul's instruction to "study to show yourself approved unto God" is also teaching us to study the Bible. In this video, we'll show you how Paul wasn't talking about the Bible at all. Once you understand that, you will discover a radical new way to study the Word of God.

It may be a reasonable enough question. After all, most of us don't WANT to sin. So why shouldn't we make a list of all the things we shouldn't do if we want to be right with God? In this video, we look at how this approach to sin is not only unhelpful, but actually harmful for us spiritually. If we let go of the long list of religious do's and don'ts, and focus instead on the guiding principles of Jesus' teachings, we'll discover a kind of wisdom which transcends any list of rules we can come up with... including the ten commandments!

The lies and self-righteousness of American evangelicalism go far deeper than Donald Trump. I will show you in this video that the teachings of Jesus have been left out of American evangelicalism for many decades. In fact, they have been left out of every other version of American Christianity as well. The battle between Left and Right is more like a battle between Baal and Moloch than a battle between Good and Evil. Please, give Jesus a chance to be heard in the midst of all the religious jargon.

Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election. That is a fact which is accepted by the entire world... except for the most popular preachers in America, and the millions of people who subscribe to American evangelicalism. They refuse to accept that their false god is unable to do so much as push a pencil over, much less win a presidential election... just like the prophets of Baal, who bluffed as hard as they could to invoke their god, until the REAL God had had enough. How long will they continue to bluff? And how long will it be until God has had enough?

What is happening in the US? So much of the population appears to be going insane! They promote conspiracy theories and bluff their way through false prophecies, and it's all done in the name of God... or more accurately, right-wing American evangelicalism. In late 2020, these false prophets promised that Donald Trump would be re-elected as president. You don't need to be a theologian to see how wrong the most popular preachers in America were, but can you believe they're STILL bluffing... even after Donald Trump lost?! We've packed just a few of the lies and self-righteousness into a 20 minute video, so you can see for yourself just what a sham American Christianity has become. Come out of her, my people!

People are becoming more aware of a looming threat to our world. Catastrophes such as climate change, pandemics, and abuses of power are already causing great suffering to millions of people. How do we get God's protection in these troubling times? And what can we do to prepare for even worse times, and the Great Tribulation spoken of in Bible prophecy. This video provides the answer... if you're willing to hear it.

One of the biggest distractions in Christianity today is the teaching that you need to know how to say Jesus' name perfectly. You've probably heard names like Yeshua, Yehoshua, and Yahshua as some examples of the supposedly "correct" way to say Jesus' name, but how do you know which name is the one Jesus would have actually used 2000 years ago? And does it even matter? All of the arguments used to support the "correct name" teaching are silly at best, and downright distractions at worst. This video exposes this whole ridiculous distraction for what it is, and helps you to see what the REAL meaning behind Jesus' name is.

Climate change, Covid-19, and other global disasters call for major changes to how we live our lives. But we are told that solutions such as renewable energy and lock-downs will hurt the economy. Governments say that we need to find a balance between saving lives and saving the economy, and it sounds reasonable to most of the world, until we question what the economy actually is, and what... or more importantly, WHO is being "saved" at the expense of the planet and at the expense of millions of lives lost to covid. It's time to challenge this made up "dilemma" which is being touted by world leaders. Will you join us in doing that?

Christians in the West don't know what it's like to be illegal for believing in Jesus Christ. We take it for granted that our governments are Christian too... or at least that they are tolerant of the Christian religion. But we know from Bible prophecy that this tolerance is going away. The world is becoming progressively anti-Christian, and one day, you will be considered a criminal unless you denounce your faith in God. If you don't prepare for this time now, you will almost certainly turn from God when the going gets tough. This video will help you to prepare, so please watch it, and then write to us if you want to link up with others who are also preparing to be illegal for Christ.

Jesus was once asked what we must do to have eternal life. In response, Jesus told the parable of the Good Samaritan. Have you ever considered the implications of that short story, and how it relates to your salvation? It's not just a story about how God likes it when we're nice to people. It's an example of how we need to live our lives if we hope to be part of the kingdom of heaven. There is a powerful lesson in the parable of the Good Samaritan which is not being talked about in any church today. Will you listen to it?

Of all the most uncomfortable Bible teachings, there is one that stands out as being the most important thing any of us can do if we want to follow the footsteps of Jesus and his early followers. This teaching is so uncomfortable... so hated... so feared, that no church in the world today is willing to even recognize its existence. It is, without a doubt, the elephant in the Bible. Are you willing to hear this teaching today? And more importantly, are you willing to obey it?

When it comes to demonic possession, we tend to see people as either being possessed by demons, or being free of them. Unfortunately, it isn't that simple. In this video, you'll learn about a woman who battles real demons on a daily basis. Her demons show themselves in very abnormal and shocking ways. For most of us, however, we have besetting sins which we never totally "cast out", and they manifest themselves in ways that we consider to be "normal" human behaviour. But that doesn't make our sins any less demonic. Are you willing to confront your demons, and learn what it takes to keep confronting them on a daily basis? If so, please watch this video, and then write to me at the email address shown at the end.

Every day, people write to me to tell me how they are "Bible-believing Christians..." they go to a "Bible-believing church..." and so on. Do you know what I say to all of that? It's all a great big heap of shit. How can I say that? Because the Bible says it! That's right, the same Bible that so many of you seem to worship, says that everything else in it--if it's not pointing you to the teachings of Jesus--is a heap of shit. Don't believe me? Watch this video to hear this shocking message for yourself.

Do you believe that God has any control over the events of our time? Climate change, the coronavirus pandemic, the US presidential election... are these things destined to happen the way you believe they are, regardless of God's will? And what about your salvation? Is God locked in to saving you because your church told you that you are saved? If you think you can tell God how he's supposed to run the show, you better take a step back and consider just how blind you are to the bigger picture, and what the future holds. Take just 12 minutes to do that right now.

Is it necessary for us to pray for things? Jesus taught us to pray--above all else--"Thy will be done". God knows what we need, so do we even need to pray the Lord's Prayer over and over? Recently I have been approaching prayer in a different way, and I think it's making a big difference. Perhaps my thoughts on prayer could help you too?

'Miracles in the Bible & What Jesus Taught About Them' exposes several misconceptions about miracles. By examining miracles done by the apostles in Acts, as well as miracles in the Gospels (and Jesus' teachings on the subject), we answer the question of what is a miracle? and we dare to challenge the false miracles of the institutional church.

Do you follow the Gospel of Jesus or some other false doctrine? Dispensationalism teaches that the true gospel is to be found in the Book of Acts plus Paul's Epistles, and that we can pretty much do away with the teachings of Jesus as found in the four gospels.

This video explores this modern day heresy in the church, which says the timing of when Paul wrote his letters is significant in determining who we should follow. True Christians should be following Jesus; not Paul. Salvation can only be found in the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, all of which are the gospel according to Christ.

Jesus described the last days as being like the days of Noah and Lot, but contrary to popular belief, his belief was NOT so much with the sexual sins that Sodom and Gomorrah were infamous for, but with simple things like buying and selling, planting and building. Why? This Christian cartoon explores one of the parables of Jesus! A parable which contains a very important lesson for living in the end times.

There has been some curiosity about what I believe about Bible prophecy. I think this documentary, put together by some friends, zeroes in on what I think is the most significant prophecy in the world at this point in history. Please watch it! And share it with your friends.

As Christians we are instructed to be subject to governing authorities, but we are also taught to obey God, not man (Romans 13:1, Acts 5:29). How do we reconcile this apparent contradiction?

Church goers are taught to be in submission to government authorities and to obey the law of the land. Christians breaking the law is unthinkable for many church going people today. However, what happens when the governing authorities require one to disobey God? Such seems to be the case in totalitarian regimes such as Russia and China.

True followers of Christ will become increasingly marginalized as the system heads towards a one world government, controlled by a universal monetary and identification system (the Mark of the Beast). This video give practical information on learning how to obey God above man, without falling into needless rebellion against authority.


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