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Psychic and Medium Karen shares her experience with you, growing up she often saw things that she couldn't explain
as a adult her life took a turn of events to the point she was able to guide others' spiritually..
With a background on radio doing readings for Sydney WOW.FM & 2KY listeners,
her own voluntary column 'Psychic Corner' in the Torch newspaper, Hills Shire Times, had given away readings through the Blacktown City Guardian and many more! Now she's back!

Born in the late 1950's to a skeptical family it wasn't the done thing to discuss seeing people that were deceased, let alone hearing them. And to a degree not much has changed.
If you want spiritual discussion without the airy fairy attitude then you've come to the right place.
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I don't upload often but when I do it is only when I feel I have solid evidence of the hereafter, one passion I have is to help you who doubt, see how we don't just die and that's it, I have lived with visitations and although you won't see things thrown or pulled by strings on here my evidence is real, so it may pale in comparison to others videos with creative effects.
I hope you appreciate what evidence I am allowed by Spirit to bring you. Apart from that the only weekly videos are Friday night Livestreams with Order of Magnitude.

~ Karen

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