Less than two weeks after Project Newsom concluded, the entire West Coast of the US was slammed with historic precipitation nearly one month sooner than usual. We have never seen gifting results quite this intense.

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From Oct. 10-13, we gifted orgonite in and around Sacramento, the last city in California without a complete orgonite grid. By now, most cell towers in California have been neutralized, and the changes in weather have reflected this. Project Newsom took aim at this parasitic nexus, the gifting of which is already bringing positive results to weather patterns less than a week after its conclusion.

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What do National Forest closures, “a wildfire deficit” in California, and smoke in the air but no news reports about it have in common? Prescribed burns are back in SoCal.

UPDATE: While recording this episode, the Caldor Fire status was reduced to “Not a Cal Fire incident.”

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Thoughts on the inter-dimensional war and the directed energy weapon used on 9/11, with evidence courtesy of Doctor Judy Wood. To this day, the only things we know for sure about the attack are the unknown nature of the free energy technology used, and the equally unknown nature of the likely extra-dimensional perpetrators.

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Update: After hypothesizing that local smoke was coming from US Forest Service prescribed burns and was being used as a psy-op to create wildfire fears throughout the country, the Forest Service immediately stated publicly that they were ceasing prescribed burns! With a “wildfire deficit” in California, how could this be the worst fire season on record, and why the need to burn one million acres a year on purpose? Since putting the pieces of the puzzle together, the smoke has cleared.

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An unprecedented summer of wildfires worldwide has to have a cause. The media says it’s climate change, but that doesn’t explain anything. Why are thousands of fires igniting in places that never have wildfires? Where is the smoke coming from if there are no wildfires near you? This is a concentrated effort to create a parasitic reality on Earth and orgonite gifting is still the answer.

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A reaction to the censorship of Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website and a very different perspective on the legal problems facing alternative health practitioners.


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