The hosers are back and shooting with skype from our own homes

Originally only on YouTube, and having taken a hiatus, the Humble Hosers are back, and trying out BitChute.


Created 2 years ago.

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Hey Everybody, The Humble Hosers here, coming to you through the power of those little vacuum-powered tubes we know as the intarwebs. We're just a couple know-nothing fat Canucks, forcing our meaningless opinions upon you, on the subjects that feed us all throughout our lives. We started out over YouTube, and still have content there, but as we all know, making videos like these is a lot of work, and content creators deserve to get paid for their efforts. Unfortunately, YouTube has chosen to make that endeavour more and more difficult as time has progressed, so we, as well as many other creators, have begun to branch out.

Here on BitChute we intend to bring you our best content, and as we progress, hopefully even more.

As our financial goals are met, rewards will change as well, hopefully offering Humble Hosers merch to our loyal fans.

In time, we're hoping to get into some game streaming as well.

The channel is young, but we hope to be able to have a lot in store for you in the future, so please support us, and check back often.