The Impartial Truth

With the world preoccupied by the war in Europe:

Stalin violated the Soviet-Polish Non-Aggression Pact by invading Poland in 1939
Stalin violated the Soviet-Finnish Non-Aggression Pact by invading Finland in 1939
Stalin violated a provision of the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact (Ribbentrop-Molotov) by invading Lithuania in 1940
Stalin grabbed a piece of eastern Romania in 1940

Hitler believed that Stalin, in secret collaboration with the British, was planning to totally break the Soviet-German Non Aggression Pact by launching a massive surprise attack upon anti-Communist Germany.

Millions of Soviet troops were quickly taken prisoner because they were packed along the front line, in OFFENSIVE positions. The Germans then advanced easily across undefended territory. There was so little defense behind the front lines because Stalin was planning an invasion of eastern Europe, NOT a defense of Russia. After the war, the prisoners shown above would be condemned to death in Stalin's gulags. Stalin declared: "There are no prisoners of war, just traitors."

(Tomato Bubble - Mike King)

Lyrics by Rie
Composed by Hiroyuki Sawano
Vocals by Cyua


Vogel im Käfig
Der innere Reichtum der Leute ist
wie Licht bunt, durch Farbglas hereinzuscheinen
Das angenehme tägliche Leben ist
wie ein warmes Kerzenlicht

Die sehr weite grüne Erde
Das reiche schöne Wasser
Die grandiose Natur sorgt immer noch für ihre Kinder

Hoffentlich können wir es irgendwann verstehen
Wir gehen zur anderen Seite des Horizontes
Hoffentlich können wir es irgendwann verstehen
Wir gehen festen Schrittes

Alles Lebendige stirbt eines Tages
Ob wir zum Sterben bereit sind oder nicht,
der Tag kommt sicher

Ist das der Engel, der vom dämmernden Himmel hinunter flog?
Ist das der Teufel, der aus der Felsenspalte heraus kroch?

Tränen, Ärger, Mitleid, Grausamkeit,
Frieden, Chaos, Glaube, Verrat
Wir werden gegen unser Schicksal ankämpfen
Wir dürfen uns nicht in unser Schicksal ergeben

Mit Trauer und Entscheidung im Herzen
zeigen wir den Willen weiterzugehen
Niemand darf eigensinnig seines Lebens beraubt werden


The inner wealth of the people is
colourful as light, to shine inside through coloured glass
The comfortable daily life
is like warm candle light

The very broad green earth
The rich pretty water
The magnificent nature still cares for its children

Hopefully one day we'll be able to understand it
We go to the other side of the horizon
Hopefully one day we'll be able to understand it
We go with a firm step

Everything living will die one day,
whether we're ready to die or not,
the day'll come certainly

Is that the angel which flew down from the dawning sky?
Is that the devil which crept out of the rock cleft?

Tears, anger, pity, cruelty,
peace, chaos, belief, treason
We'll fight against our fate
We mustn't submit to our fate

With sorrow and decision in our hearts
we show the will to move on
No one mustn't be deprived of his life waywardly

Yes, it says 2019, this is a project I post-poned until I complete the new documentary (A Last Appeal To Reason).

A video a made a year ago but decided not to upload. Has no real significance, just a mish-mash of footage and speeches trying to mimic Dunkirk. While the English homeland was boasting about it's return of its soldiers, Germany was pleading to end the war to prevent such destruction in the first place. Was just trying new things and didn't feel like this was good enough. Literally made this in 30 minutes.

One of the classics I made 5 years ago.

A Last Appeal To Reason Documentary - All German proposals for peace have been ignored. As the Allies continue to mobilize for war and amass their armies, Germany launches their preemptive strike.

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Speech of March 13th - 1942






We really won World War 2? Not humanity.

Black Pastor 'Ray Higgins' Reveals The Truth About Adolf Hitler

Irish activist for humanity drops some truth bombs.



I think the subtitles are wrong.
He says ' if that's pagan! Then we certainly give thanks to a Christianity that did the opposite!'
The opposite of what? All the good things he just talked about in his speech ? ???

Yes, correct. As Good_ole_Rebel said,of all that happened under christian oversight. Before Der Fuhrer took office, some churches and religious offices were contaminated with a liberal thinking. Opposite political party's have branded them as Pagans, in this video he's asking "is it really pagan, to look after your own people and support them?" "Why didn't Christianity do the same in Germany/Europe and looked after their own people?" Because the population has been literally brainwashed and put on the wrong track through Jewish-Liberal-Marxism. Contamination and poising in culture, cinemas, entertainment, schools etc. becoming atheists etc.

So essentially, the Christians/churches didn't or couldn't -embrace it strongly enough, like they did back in the early days.The National Socialists loved their faith and Christianity, hence they wanted to make the churches aware of it and show, that the National Socialists are the ones who are on their side, helping communities and give hope to people. Hitler and Goebbels wanted to create a new vision and preserve culture/tradition/roots and look after you own folk. During the Second World War Wehrmacht soldiers wore the slogan Gott mit uns (God with us) on their belt buckles.Gott mit uns is also inscribed on some Iron Crosses etc. it goes way back 17th century and it was used for the first time in Germany by the Teutonic Order.

I hope this helps to answer your question.




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