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There are core principles and truths that govern all forms of life in this reality. Most of us from birth have been presented a world that does not resonate in harmony with our TRUE self, the higher self that is of witness to all happenings we experience. It's why the world is backwards, and the reason we see and experience so much suffering in the world today and throughout history.

What is the answer to what seems like an impossible task? What is the answer to what seems like an impossible question: How do we change this world?

We change ourselves!

Now is the time we took back our innate abilities and power to be the change. To transmute the suffering into strength and radiate at a higher frequency. The gifts and true knowledge of our species and its history has been hidden and oppressed from us and replaced with disempowering information that has often been fabricated. No longer do we need to speculate. No longer do we have to wonder. No longer will we point fingers or blame others for what we are ultimately being shown about ourself.

If you're here and open to learning, then YOU are the change we need in the world. We create the external we desire, by crafting the workings of the internal world. I invite all to share, like and support this content so we can get building the community needed for us to connect and thrive together.

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