The inner world of animals

This video is about a sick pig lying in the barn and another pig bringing food to him. I describe what the pigs are feeling, based on psychic perception.

This video shows a whaleshark swimming around and divers surrounding him. There is a description of the feelings of the whaleshark, based on psychic perception.


The video shows a pig and a cow that are friends. I am clairsentient and as a result I can feel what is going on in the mind of an animal. I describe what the animals are feeling in this video.


A sheep that was covered in 40 kilos of fleece was rescued by an animal sanctuary. In the video I describe the feelings of the sheep during the process of being helped by the sanctuary. I have psychic perception and I can therefore feel the inner world of animals.


A chicken lays as if dead on the ground, but it's a trick to escape a dominant rooster. There is a description of the personality of the rooster and the reason the hen lays silently on the ground, based on psychic perceptions of the inner world of the rooster and hen. The original video can also be found on '' (animal rights site).
A bit of additional information about the rooster: he doesn't know why the chicken lays on the ground, he doesn't know what's the matter. He doesn't think she lays on the ground to escape him, he doesn't think she is sick. He doesn't think about the reason, he just waits.

A magpie has died, and five other magpies are in the surroundings, in this video I describe how the magpies feels inside about the death of one of their own. What I describe is based on psychic perceptions (clairsentience).


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Animals, like humans, have a lively inner world. They think, they feel, they act according to the situation, just like people do. I have psychic abilities that allow me to sense the inner world of an animal. This gift is called clairsentience.
I look for videos on the internet where a certain behavior of animals is shown, and where I start to feel what the animal feels on the inside in the given situation. Then I describe what I feel about the animal.