The Internet Bites

There is word on the internet that an "extremist group of ultra far right" liberal and democratically minded viewers prefer their Brexit news with the gloves off. If you are one of these utterly deplorable people, please while viewing the video whenever you see the words, "remain" or "remainers" think "sh*tweasels" instead.

A party political broadcast on behalf of the Liberal Democrat party (allegedly)

A tiny scratch on the surface of some of the tactics used to influence belief, behaviour and choices.

Question everything.

“Brexit Morons” by Pat Condell – Published on Sep 13, 2018

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This work is solely that of Pat Condell and is reproduced (mirrored) here according to the conditions stipulated by Pat. Thank you Pat for your direct observations, insight and comedic style. All wrapped into a touché rebuttal to those that appear to be mostly unaware of their excessively demeaning approach, directed at those that chose to vote leave in the UK's in/out referendum for membership of the EU.

A fine example of just how the internet bites!

10th October 2015 - David Cameron's Chatham House speech.
22nd February 2016 - PM Commons statement on EU reform and referendum.
14th January 2019 - Lord Pearson of Rannoch address to the House of Lords.

HM Government EU Referendum booklet and the papers referenced by Lord Pearson are readily available on the internet via the search engine of your choice.


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They didn't expect the internet to become a right pain in the ass.