The Invisible Paradigm

The Invisible Paradigm

Chris Dorsey exposed himself in a debate with Zachary K Hubbard on December 16, 2018. Chris Dorsey used COINTELPRO tactics and false accusations while admitting he works for media agencies like Press TV, ABC and others. He also admits he worked for the Democratic party while without any proof accusing Zachary K Hubbard for getting Patreon money from government officials. Chris Dorsey has most likely been put in the truth community to discredit people who support the United States Constitution as well as people who question popular Youtubers like Adam Green.

The people who are following Qanon don't realize Q is a Deep State deception created to put your trust back into their system of control. You can't be a Qanon follower and being awake. People who question plans are awake, not those who blindly follow them!

It's fascinating how obvious they really are... it's a sick mockery what they are doing. The 9/11 movement was started by the same people who were behind 9/11 and leaders like Mark Dice and Alex Jones were set up by them to bring about the New World Order from the opposition. Completely neutralizing the people who are against the New World Order.

It's all a big lie. There are no real organizations like Al-Qaeda and the organization coming from it called ISIS. There is propaganda funded by the US to make you believe there are terrorists. Wherever you see ISIS or Al-Qaeda you know that's a lie right there.

Billions of $$$ To ISRAEL, Agenda 2030, Globalism, NFL...

Don't read the limited hangout propaganda called the media tell you how authorities just knew about the shooter. This was another BS event for those who have eyes to see.

Stay away from this $$$cam artist.

Learn how to recognize their manipulation.

Jake Morphonios from Blackstone Intelligence worked for Bush, he was raised in a political cult and he is linked to criminals like Ronald Reagan and Oliver North. Don't forget he worked as a covert psychological warfare agent as you can read from his own website. He admits still using covert intelligence information on his website so obviously this means he is still part of some psyop unit.





GDL is a massive psyop.

Jake Morphonios worked for covert operations and we know his intel. He also worked for two Freemasons - Steve Forbes and Ron Paul. GDL is a Mossad runned operation and they want people to believe in this completely controlled movement? Spread the word. GDL is a PSYOP!

Christopher Bollyn another Military Intelligence agent. He (from his own words) entered Israel because his girlfriend was a Mossad agent. The guy who supposedly exposes Mossad... The whole GDL thing is a secret Israeli Intelligence/Mossad operation working whithin the counterintelligence psychological units in the US alphabet agencies.

You can't make this up! Just like Alex Jones and Pete Santilli the next covert government agent is completely exposed! I uploaded several videos exposing Adam Green as a shill but this is case closed. Other potential covert government agents: Nathan Stolpman, Brian from High Impact Flix, Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence... Please spread the word and trust NO ONE!

The the yellow vest wearing Allianz. George Soros is working with Allianz since his first days in Nazi Germany and he is funding violent protests throug his open society foundations. The French protests are a PSYOP created by Soros who is working with Macron. The goal is to bring more security measures and change the old laws. The whole thing is part of the New World Order!

QAnon also known as Q is a Psychological Operation created by the Pentagon to mislead the people who know about the New World Order. Donald Trump was presented as an anti-establishment candidate to leade the awake people back into the system. Deep State is a term describing the military industrial complex. The people who promoted QAnon and Trump shouldn't be trusted by anyone who is looking for truth ever again.

'Their performance was terrible' - Vin Diesel


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