The Invisible Paradigm

We are runned by hypocritical terrorists! They are nothing more than violent EXTREMISTS!

They are ARMING the military while DISARMING the average citizen. More proof the Republicans work with the Democrats. New World Order puppets!

The government has been behind the most atrocious crimes ever conducted in history. Democide, Wars, False Flag Operations, MK Ultra Mind Control Experiments, Torture, the list goes on and on. Putting your blind trust in the most dangerous gang of criminals means you either know very little about history or you are under Stockholm Syndrome.

Biden, Trump, Epstein, Musk, Maxwell, Abramović

The government has a DANGEROUS monopoly over force and violence. If you think they are credible to protect your life you are a fool.

New Zealand Shooting 2019 was completely staged

Elon Musk will not return free speech on Twitter. It's all a Mossad shit show. They control these Big Tech platforms.

There is always an active shooting drill before these false flag operations.

Kissinger is one of the people behind the New World Order. Americaneveryman is a lying deceiver.

The Cremation Of Care ritual was all about conditioning people to stop caring. That's why person like Alex Jones was allowed to step there.

Adam Green and Harry Vox are New World Order shills. Topics like white people, jews, left-right paradigm are all distractions. They want to further their agenda by constantly pushing news propaganda (which we all know it's owned by 5 corporations).

Orion-XTZ is clearly a shill who is most likely working for the counter intelligence units - CIA/MOSSAD/FSB.

The cartoon at the end of this video is from the song: Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage ... The elite likes to put the truth in songs and movies (predictive programming) while giving you lies, division, propaganda in the news.


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BitChute CENSORED the channel! The Left vs Right paradigm is FAKE! Wake up it's 1984 and they WANT YOU asleep! You MUST STAND UP for YOUR RIGHTS!