The Invisible Paradigm

The Invisible Paradigm



Another drill operation carried out by the government!

From his own mouth! They are the ones who are censoring everyone! Psyoping you!!!

Luke Rudkowski Is A Freemason. WeAreChange is a controlled opposition NEW WORLD ORDER propaganda!

Original video - TruthfulRadio:


All people you see in this video are government agents working against you! The left movement is no different. The whole spectrum has been infiltrated with people working for the New World Order! It's time to wake up!

John Kennedy exposing the secret societies working against all people


Conservative right wing Republican establishment working directly with the left wing Socialists. Both controlled by the SAME PEOPLE!

The NWO connection.

The Haavara Agreement

They used Alex Jones because they want you to accept this censorship!

If you are a dumb fucking sheep who believe the government, the media, the false left-right paradigm, etc.. Please UNSUBSCRIBE from this channel immediately! Fuck all of you!

This video is from 2011. This video predicted everything around Alex Jones! Please, stop supporting the establishment and start thinking for yourself!
Alex Jones, the Knights of Malta, and the Jesuits:

Wake up! Trump will never expose 9/11, he will never put Hillary Clinton in jail, he will never drain the swamp or stop the globalists! Nobody is going to save you!

Larry Silverstein admits WTC7 was deliberately demolished on 9/11 - 2001.



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