The Invisible Paradigm

Hmmm... Planes crashing into buildings drill during 9/11, Boston Bombing controlled explosion drills, School drills during Sandy Hook... Paris, Brussels, 7/7 London, Manchester... It goes on and on and on. The Synagogue shooting happening during drills. Jacksonville shooting during drills. Hmmm. San Bernardino, Aurora, Orlando? All of them involving drills. Coincidences? 50 Las Vegas shooting victims in the Borderline shootig? People surviving three terrorist attacks in three different places in three years? Bush and Bin Laden meeting on the morning of 9/11/2001? Hmmm. The perpetrators always connected to the government according to their own official stories? Adam Lanza and the CIA, James Holmes and DARPA, 19 hijackers and US military, Maga bomber and the military, it goes on and on... Always known to the authorities before every event like Nikolas Cruz or the Manchester attacker.... Do the math!

The video was about Bitchute censoring videos



Gun control is the enemy of freedom! There is no lawful or constitutional gun legislation! All gun laws are UNLAWFUL & UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Quantum of Conscience EXPOSED again and even CAUGHT initiating his viewers into a Freemasonic belief system. Alice Bailey wanted the public to be initiated into the mystery schools as part of planned New World Order acceptance.

Governments are using paid shills and trolls to target public opinion.

He tells you about his high level connections. He doesn't want you to expose chemtrails. He says Bush was not involved in 9/11 and the elitests are not bad people. This same person was promoted by Infowars and he also appeared on the Alex Jones show while calling Alex Jones a shill. Pushing Mandela Effect psyop. Subscribed to the worst NWO Shills.

This is a New World Order SHILL! These are the worst kind of shills! No one exposes them.


False Flags, HOAXES, Government PSYOPS.

The New World Order is the ultimate agenda.

The Bundy ranch was a government psyop!

The small bitchute channels connected to Mossad agents like Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon should be ashamed of themselves.

Sheckles? Hmmm...

More bullshit background checks based on staged false flag operations HOAXES with fake victims (crisis actors). The NRA is not going to save anything. They are controlled by the New World Order and they go along with the fake shootings. It's time to stop the fake shootings.

Also the top Bernie backers are military, Army Navy, Air Force military industrial complex contributers. Funny how the supposed anti-military guy is the one directly funded by the Pentagon and by the way all of your tax dollars are funding the military industrial complex.

Jordan Maxwell is of course is involved in the whole think himself. The Age Of Truth sounds more like the Age of Aquarius. It's all part of the Kabbalistic Freemasonic deception as well as the revelation of the mysteries. The same side is preparing Christians to accept the New World Order.

Never forget the previous psyops, false flag operations and hoaxes. Staged shootings: Columbine, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Aurora, Orlando, Las Vegas, Florida, Santa Fe, Jacksonville, Borderline, Synagogue and more. The recent Aurora shooting 2019 was FAKE just like the rest of the psyops. It's beyond ridiculous there are still people who believe these events are real.

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A Call For An Uprising is a paid TV actor/fraud.

The video was originally uploaded by youtube researchers. A Call For An Uprising has been completely exposed as a paid Actor/SHILL playing a character. All of the popular channels with lots of subs promoted by the youtube algorithm are all big for a reason. There is absolutely no question about that. Everyone playing inside the false left vs right paradigm is either a very well paid government shill or a really dumbed down individual. Either way stupidity is the worst of the worst.

Problem ☞ Reaction ☞ Solution

FBI agents and Samy were planning a terrorist attack on a Masonic lodge on January 19th. A week later they supposedly sold him guns on the same place and cought him. The freemasons have a sense of humor.

Luke Rudkowski just said Al-Qaeda was behind the terrorist attacks in the U.S. and the timeline shows the last supposed terrorist attack in the US occured on September 11, 2001. He also blames Saudi Arabia for 9/11 for the release of the limited hangout 28 pages. There is ABSOLUTELY no proof Al-Qaeda had anything to do with 9/11 and there is evidence poiting out to the fact Al-Qaeda never even existed. Luke Rudkowski started his career by hijacking a movement called WeAreChange started by Dan Wallace who demanded answers for the death of his father who was in one of the world trade center towers on 9/11/01. Read more here:


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BitChute CENSORED the channel! The Left vs Right paradigm is FAKE! Wake up it's 1984 and they WANT YOU asleep! You MUST STAND UP for YOUR RIGHTS!