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Since the #election RTE's PrimeTime has made more than one slanderous allegation against us at The Irish Inquiry.

Is it because we both took over 6% of first preference votes despite short campaigns? And they anticipate we will run in the general election?

Or is it because of the nature of the issues we've raised in recent times?

RTE's PrimeTime will quite rightly report on the shocking cruelty unwanted Irish horses experience in abattoirs. Yet they won't report on migrant children going missing and being sex trafficked? Why not?

What do you think?

Please Retweet this video to @RTE_PrimeTime and their journalists @JackMcCarronKK & @Mark_Coughlan and ask them why they're making false allegations.

Here’s what really happened when we bumped into former Taoiseach Enda Kenny and reporters from RTE and Virgin Media, during Fine Gael’s propaganda tour of Mayo yesterday...

Huge thank you to everyone who has supported our election campaign fundraiser...

Local Election Candidate for Blanchardstown, #SusanneDelaney, Questions Virgin Media Reporter, Paul Quinn, Over #ThorntonHall.

Have a guess whose posters are strategically placed outside IPAS and Refugee centres?

And do you know a very coordinated agenda-driven tax payer funded effort is on to get as many migrant voters out as possible on June 7th?

Did you also know that 1 in 20 migrant candidates is not enough... (according to the Immigrant Council, who want only migrant interests to be represented; and as many candidates as possible).

All this is discussed in this video (produced by Stephen Kerr and Susanne Delaney - Suzie D).

Thank you for all your support in our local election campaign. Here is the link to our GoFundMe if you'd like to donate…

Or if you can help us with leafleting, please send us an email to…
*Susanne Delaney - [email protected]
*Stephen Kerr - [email protected]

Garda landlord serves tenants with a notice of termination after they highlighted serious health risks in their rental accommodation.

MORE refugees on their way to Castlebar.

Allegedly they're from Syria, but can we really trust what we're being told? And anyway, how many more people can we be expected to accommodate and provide for in our county?

Did you know that International Protection applicants and refugees that are working here, do NOT have to pay anything towards their accommodation costs? It's a great little country isn't it?

Thank you for all your support in our local election campaign. Here is the link to our GoFundMe if you'd like to donate…

What culturally Irish message for the Mayor of Derry did Susanne Delaney deliver loud and clear on the steps of the Custom House on May 6th?

The SDLP's Lilian Seenoi-Barr has goaded the Irish people on more than one occasion by calling concerned Irish people "Terrorists" who want to hurt migrants. She has also absurdly claimed Irish people have wiped Africa's historical influence from Ireland's history. She claims African culture has built up Irish society. She fails to provide examples of how of course.

Susanne (Suzie D) delivered a powerful and passionate speech to over 10,000 people and pays respect to both Aisling Murphy as well as our ancestors in her oration. She challenges the establishment and talks of her fears for her daughter and country.

She is running as a local election candiate in Tallaght.

The voting date in June 7th. Closing date for voting registration is May 20th.

Vote the right way. Save your country.

Thank you, Robert. Please support his work...

Sending a submission to TDs to DEMAND that any process to opt-in by the government is HALTED until the Attorney General's Advice is published on the ramifications of opting in and the impact on our natural rights and Constitutional Sovereignty, and an open, transparent national debate takes place on the requirement for a Referendum.

This poem ‘Open Borders’, written and performed by Tallaght election candidate Susanne Delaney (SuzieD), was initially released in April 2023,

One year on and this powerful statement and its sentiment are more relevant than ever. Where will we be another year on from now on this plantation nightmare, in April 2025?

Time is running out fast. The Irish people are standing on a precipice facing into an uncertain future, but even as the state uses dirty heavy handed tactics and foreign aggressive security against small peaceful communities, we must remember, we, the people, still hold the power. We must use it wisely.

Make sure you vote for candidates like Susanne on June the 7th.

And thank you for all your support in our election campaign. Here is the link to our GoFundMe…

Claire Byrne Pushing Covid Boosters on RTE Radio One

THE SPIN BIN - The series that analyses and deconstructs the audacious spin churned out by a captured Irish mainstream media.

Watch the full episode here…

In this video we'll discuss a seriously messy problem that has arisen for locals regarding a human trafficking centre in Leixlip, Co Kildare.

Instead of stumbling upon a Teddy bears picnic, locals have encountered something much more foul, and have since contacted authorities, politicians and management for help.

How do you think that turned out? Do you think they abandoned the community? To answer that question ask yourself "does a bear s**t in the woods?"

This is a story we all take seriously. Our communities are at risk of turning into ghettos.

Thank you for listening, and please remember we, Stephen Kerr and Susanne Delaney (Suzie D) are running for local elections, but advertising is costly.
Please support our go fund me if you can:

In this video we ask...

- Are Mayo County Councillors financially benefiting from the housing of refugees & asylum seekers in our county?
- Has Mayo County Council adhering to the motion to cease cooperation with the Department in relation to the housing of refugees & asylum seekers?
- Why are Mayo County Council hiding details of their correspondence between themselves and the Department?
- Has there been any report produced regarding crime levels at IPAS and Refugee Centres?

If you would like to support our GoFundMe election campaign, please donate here. Thank you.

Are Mayo politicians playing the people? Saying one thing and doing another? In January, councillors from @MayoCoCo hit the headlines for defying Minister
@rodericogorman and the government by passing a motion to cease co-operation on housing refugees and IPAS applicants.

We at the Irish Inquiry pointed out at the time that it may have been a move that was more about retaining seats than it was about doing right by their constituents. Seems we were right.

What are #MayoCountyCouncil doing using tax payers money to host a 400+ dinner and awards event at Mayo's biggest people trafficking hotel? And why are the councillors supporting it?

Are you going to vote them back into office in June? What other options are out there for the people of Mayo?

Plus, take a look at a bizarre self praising and patronising video made by the #Breaffy Community Council about migrants.

Three More Reasons To #VoteNoNo...
Euthanasia, Female Military Conscription & Child Marriage
By SuzieD.

Make sure you #VoteYes on March 8th... but only if you would love to see more mass immigration.

has said polygamous relationships and marriages won't be recognised if Irish people vote YES.

However he neglected to mention that if a YES vote is passed, these unions won't need to be seen as legally valid anymore in order to qualify for family reunification.

This is because durable relationships are not legally defined.

Furthermore, legal challenges will be mounted to have polygamous unions recognised, and if precedents are set, polygamous Islamic marriages may even be allowed under Irish Law.


Produced with Suzie D.

Presentation by Tracey O’Mahony on the Care Referendum (more appropriately known as the TRANSGENDER & ERASURE OF WOMAN referendum)

The Government have tried to make this as complicated as possible so that the average person cannot fully understand the change they wish to make.

If they wanted people to understand the upcoming changes that they are proposing to the Constitution, they would set the changes out as simply and clearly as @TraceyOMahony81 has done in this presentation.

A big thank you to Tracey for taking the time to research and present the facts around the upcoming Care Referendum.

If you are in ANY doubt about the real motives behind this referendum, VOTE NO

Presentation by Tracey O’Mahony on the Family Referendum (more appropriately known as the "DURABLE RELATIONSHIPS" / OPEN BORDERS referendum).

The Government have tried to make this as complicated as possible so that the average person cannot fully understand the change they wish to make. If they wanted people to understand the upcoming changes that they are proposing to the Constitution, they would set the changes out as simply and clearly as
has done in this presentation.

A big thank you to Tracey for taking the time to research and present the facts around the upcoming Family Referendum.

If you are in ANY doubt about the real motives behind this referendum, VOTE NO


They've started a war, and now WE will finish it.

This is a video message to the establishment from We, the Irish People... The establishment mask slipped right off on February the 5th 2024 to reveal the beast beneath. Gardaí entrapped innocent civilians in order to smear the Irish people, both nationally and internationally, by creating negative headlines. They didn't care who saw or filmed them; a sign that what they did that day is only the beginning of what they will bring down upon us.

A shot across the bow of the Irish people deserves one back, and in this crucial 3min video (addressed to the government, media, NGO's and opposition parties), we highlight the TRUTH of those illegal arrests. We also present the clear and unwavering intent of the Irish people, who WILL bring down a revolution upon the heads of our enemy establishment.

They want us to fear them. But in reality they fear us, and... SO THEY SHOULD.

This video serves to capture a historical and momentous turning point in Ireland's ongoing story, and is also a massive, heartfelt tribute to the triumphant, unbreakable spirit of the Irish people, especially those who stood up on Febrauary 5th and reminded the criminal establishment who this country belongs to.


We thank you, we love you all, we are proud to stand with you, and be your brethren.

We WILL win.

'Like' and 'Share' this message, and tag as many of our enemies as you can think of in the political, policing, media, NGO and far left realm.

Share to Inspire other countries, and show them the people of Ireland WILL NOT lay down quietly.

Éireann go Brách.

#ShoulderToShoulder #ThisIsWar

Video written and produced by Stephen Kerr & Suzie D, but only made possible through the actions and bravery of those in the footage.


The government plans to open Ireland's doors even wider from MARCH 8th, 2024...

- what does this mean for Ireland?
- what can we do to stop it?
- should we run, should we hide?
- and can we win this race against time, as Ireland falls foul to plans to replace her people?

Please watch, like and share this vitally important video and its message, and make sure you are registered to vote for the referendum which will be held next month (they appear to be removing people from the register).

FEBRUARY 20TH is the closing date for registration and re-registration.

Also, please attend the national protest tomorrow FEBRUARY 5TH at the GARDEN OF REMEMBRANCE, PARNELL SQUARE, DUBLIN @ 2PM.



Video co-produced with Suzie D.


Yesterday, while doing a video update on Mayo’s ongoing trafficking scam, I was threatened by a migrant centre worker. Does anyone know him?

Also in this video, we’ll discuss...

- The latest IPAS centre in the Moneen Retail Business Park in Castlebar, and rumours that work had stopped after the recent motion passed by @MayoCoCo.

- Daly’s B&B in Breaffy being bought by owners of Breaffy House to house IPAS applicants.

- Ukrainian refugee accommodation in Westport without a valid fire cert for the past 18 months.

- And a company called VisionBuilt producing and storing modular homes for Ukrainian’s in Kilkelly.

There’s also news on a public assembly taking place in Claremorris, Co. Mayo this weekend, and details of the next Claremorris Municipal District and Mayo County Council meetings...

Don’t be Fooled by Mayo County Council’s Motion on Mass Immigration...

Drone footage of the ENORMOUS Castle McGarrett, which is earmarked for hundreds of migrants in the overwhelmed town of Claremorris, and we a visit newly filled Nursing Home outside Charlestown...

Plus, we have received information about several new human trafficking operations rumoured to be opened in towns across Mayo... Claremorris, Balla, Ballina, Kilkelly, Charlestown, Foxford and Westport.

Greedy speculators and investors are making a killing by destroying your towns. Will you stand by and let it happen?

Here are the men involved in the new people trafficking centre in the Moneen Retail Park in Castlebar.
Remember their faces and #boycott their businesses!

Please support...

Enoch Burke has been incarcerated in Mountjoy prison, Dublin, since the 8th of September 2023, ostensibly for breaching an injunction instructing him to stay away from his former workplace, @WilsonsHospital in Westmeath, a Church of Ireland Diocesan institution.

The matter relates to Burke’s religious and moral objection pertaining to addressing a male student by their preferred pronouns, she/her, thereby affirming their alleged gender dysphoria.

Having also spent over 100 days in prison in 2022, #EnochBurke has been locked up for nearly 200 days in total. Many regard Burke as a prisoner of conscience, who demonstrates integrity and a determinedness rarely seen in these times, and regardless of whether everyone agrees with his stance or not, it is difficult to deny his tenacity.

He is also by all accounts a very proficient and dedicated teacher and very popular amongst his students, with many showing their support for him throughout this debacle.

It looks as though this man of God will spend the christian holiday of Christmas in prison, showing he is not backing down. Meanwhile many convicted pedophiles and other serious criminals have walked free from court this year, escaping repercussions for their actions.

In this David and Goliath saga it appears that the state will eventually lose. They cannot keep Burke locked up for eternity, and it appears Burke will never purge his contempt regardless.

On Friday the 8th of December, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, many gathered outside the prison to stand in solidarity an show their support.
Here's a short video of the event.


County Councillors Reversing Their Support for Mass immigration?

An update from Mayo County Council's monthly meeting which took place yesterday in Castlebar.


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