Mayo TD’s and County Councillors have no idea who’s being brought into our communities and where they’re being housed. Do these elected representatives share the concerns of local people? If so, what are they doing about it? I expect to see some of them in attendance at our peaceful public assembly in Castlebar on Saturday 8th April (at 4pm).
@Alan_Dillon @conwaywalsh @daracalleary

What was the Gardaí response when we sent an FOI relating to sexual crime stats? And what happened that required over a dozen members of the force to respond to incidents at Breaffy House migrant centre? The greedy owners are preparing to welcome hundreds more International Protection Applicants, profiting handsomely from human trafficking. 2023 will see Irish people face unprecedented levels of unpoliced migration. Meanwhile, world banks are collapsing, a recession looms, the cost of surviving is ratcheting up, services are stretched & crime is exploding. Social breakdown is upon us. Government, fake opposition, media and Gardaí have turned their back on you and your family,. Where do you stand? When do you draw a line in the sand? What future will you hand to your children? And when do you say #EnoughIsEnough

Castlebar, 8th April, at 4pm.

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Irish people are waking up to the scam. Simon Coveney and his cronies will be held responsible for the damage they’re doing to Ireland.



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Spoke to Gardai today about the ongoing online intimidation & harassment. There is also a defamation case coming for former Green Party MEP candidate @saoirse_mchugh, as well as @DkIT_ie janitor @EamonnVIDF. The #Breaffy meeting is going ahead. We'll see you all tomorrow at 7pm.

Today i spoke with Tommy Marren on Midwest Radio about the public meeting taking place for residents of Breaffy (and those with Breaffy connections in the surrounding areas), regarding the 500+ Ukrainian and international refugees who've landed in the community in recent months. We're not sure why Martin Reddington (Chairman of Breaffy Community Council) has taken the stance of avoiding public consultation and we hope it's down to a misunderstanding or miscommunication rather than any loyalty to other vested interests. Please spread the word about the meeting to those in the locality and send this interview to all the public representatives that we've invited.

Migrant centre meeting to go ahead in #Breaffy after failed intimidation attempts by #Antifa activists. Local residents call for meeting after 500 migrants were moved into their small village in #Mayo. Uncontrolled, mass immigration must stop. It's time to get organised!

The meeting will take place on Friday 11th November at 7pm in the Ivy Tower Hotel, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. Only people connected with Breaffy and the surrounding areas are invited to attend. Thank you.

These ghastly ghouls are gaslighting you…

@simoncoveney, @LeoVaradkar, @MichealMartinTD, @rodericogorman, @DarraghOBrienTD, @DonnellyStephen, @HMcEntee

Ireland is in for a big scare. The horror show is nearly here. Be afraid! #Halloween2022 #IrelandIsFull

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What’s happening in the small village of Breaffy, Castlebar, Co Mayo is happening all over Ireland. Irish people should have serious concerns about the level of uncontrolled immigration into their country. It's time to get organised in your own communities because your politicians and police force have no intention of protecting you.

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One way or another, the day of reckoning is coming. We will #NeverForget the lies told by people like @KingstonMills. #CovidVaccines don’t stop transmission. So what else have they lied to us about? #PfizerLiedPeopleDied @tcddublin @pfizer @AlbertBourla @NewstalkFM @gavreilly

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This is the fifth instalment of the Iconoclast Roundtable Series, directed by @RylandMedia, in association with The Irish Inquiry and hosted by Sara Haboubi.

In this discussion, Irish GP's Gerry Waters, Pat Morrissey and Vincent Carroll talk about the dealings they've had with the Irish Medical Council over the past 2 years. There are some serious allegations made.

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During his recent stop over in Dublin, Ireland, we sat down with Mattias Desmet, the world renowned psychologist, expert on mass formation and author of The Psychology of Totalitarianism. During the interview, he discusses some of the following...
- How to resist & how the system will ultimately fail.
- Controlled & uncontrolled chaos & whether hunger would wake the masses.
- What effect economic hardship will have on the masses.
- Whether riots would signal a fundamental change in the mass formation, & the embracing of new narratives.
- The delusion of our Totalitarian leaders, a hellish "paradise" & murderous finales.
- The need for anxiety in "Utopia".
- How denial of reality takes its revenge on the masses & survival advice for resistors.
- The self destructive nature of Totalitarianism.

Interviewed by SuzieD.

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If you attend the #CostOfLivingCrisis protest, make sure to ask the organisers about their role in causing the crisis.

@RuthCoppingerSP, @SocialistParty, @sinnfeinireland & @pb4p are as much to blame as @FineGael & @fiannafailparty #NeverForget #LOCKDOWNS

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Ireland's REAL Crisis #SwitchThemOff


Journalists like @oconnellhugh & @JackHoJo have gotten away with murder. When you see them, don't walk on by. #COVID19 #vaccines #mRNA #VaccineDeaths #suddendeaths2022 #CHILDREN

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The well known American TV show, #Dallas, returns with its #IrishStyle #ClimateScam Special . Featuring your favourite Irish cowboys...
@LeoVaradkar @MichealMartinT @EamonRyan @McConalogue & their Globalist Puppet Masters... @BillGates @ProfKlausSchwab @vonderleyen @PEspinosaC

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Aisling O'Loughlin's interviews Dr. Billy Ralph about his open letter to Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly, regarding the suppression of Ivermectin as a prevention and treatment for SARS-CoV2.

Recorded on the 11th August 2021

Sinn Fein will do whatever it takes to get into power & that means they will do whatever it takes to stay in power. Like the current crop of politicians at the wheel, they will drive us to further doom. Sinn Fein are willing to betray the sovereignty of the Irish people as they too will do a devil's deal with the EU just as those in the current Dail have. This is utterly shameful for a party with a nationalist ethos.

Image is vital to Sinn Fein, a party used to dealing with scandal after scandal. Mary Lou has gained some trust & dupes the public in return. This is how she shows her gratitude. She flip flops on important issues depending on what way the wind blows. Her party will sell out their own children in their push for power. This is why they are planning to use People Before Profit & the Socialist Party to rise to the top. They need to make up the numbers. As disgusting as both of those Marxist party's are, at least they believe the insane ideologies they push. Sinn Fein are pushing ideologies that are not only destructive but that they don't even believe in. They have no integrity. The notion of a leftist nationalist party is a joke, and Sinn Fein are the punchline.

For them it's a race against time to maintain their PR image & capitalise off the public's desperation for change before voting day. Mary Lou is a convincing speaker, adept at feigning empathy & a false working class persona. The fact she won't let those who ask difficult questions into public meetings is a good thing. She is even willing to employ unidentifiable security guards to do so (which is illegal). It means she fears the repercussions of a waking public. This means we have power to enact change.

Sinn Fein sell themselves as a Panacea when they have not only supported loopy policies but have voted for them (through lockdowns & vax passes). They have contributed to devastating the economy & the ordinary people of this country.

Mary Lou tried to sneak out of voting in her own party's no confidence motion vote last week. Proof that she set up a fake no confidence motion to give an illusion of opposition?
They are less "panacea", more "perfidious".

Pressure from the Irish public may not affect the outcome of their quest, this is true. However they do seem somewhat concerned that there are murmurings of displeasure from the public gallery. They must be exposed for the frauds they are. Please do so by watching & sharing the video, & by putting the questions outlined (at the end of the video) to party members.

As he was one of the main proponents of the #PfizerJabs, we decided to ask Professor Luke O’Neill his thoughts on the scandal surrounding the #PfizerDocs...

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Varadkar's reductive ad hominem attack & threat to regular people who complain, who value sovereignty & oppose elites & the EU ruining their lives. He can't contain his glee. He delights in getting away with manipulation & threats. #DupingDelight #LoseYourJobLeo

Lies are like cockroaches. For every one found there are many more that are hidden. It becomes hard to keep track of lies when you tell so many.

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More Lies By Professor Luke O'Neill. Can we really trust this man?
@laoneill111 @tcddublin

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On the 19th April 2022, we went along to the Hibernian LawJournal Lecture entitled, Emergency Powers and the Executive: Reflections on the Past and a Vision for the Future. The panelists were asked if they were worried about #Nuremberg2?
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For anyone thinking about going to Ukraine to volunteer, watch this before you do. Please spread this around.

In conversation with Sara Haboubi, Dr. Gerry Waters speaks about the Covid crisis and the role played by the medical profession and the media.

Dr Waters has 'nothing but contempt for the Medical Council' and believes that 'one of the principle traitors of the people, is the media'.


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