The topic of conversation for tonight’s episode of The Healthy Debate is mental health. It’s probably reasonable to suggest that over the past 18 months or so, since the Covid crisis arrived on our island, many of us have had our mental health negatively affected to some degree. Most of us will find ways to cope but what about those that can’t, what kind of supports exist for them?

Our first guest is Josephine Keohane, a psychotherapist from Cork. Josephine will speak about the mental damage being caused as a result of lockdowns and ongoing restrictions, the effects that mask wearing is having on children, and the role that the IACP (Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) have played (or haven’t as they case may be) during this pandemic of mental health.

We will also be joined by Peter O’Donoghue who is part of a new initiative called Saol na Saoirse (a life of freedom). Saol na Saoirse put on events every fortnight in different parts of the country and are focused on promoting mental health and well being. There are voluntary psychotherapists on site speaking to the attendees, as well as alternative therapists offering their treatments, and of course, being at the very heart and soul of the Irish, there is also local live music at these events.

We are delighted to also be joined by Barry Murray. Barry is a sports nutritionist based in Kerry and is the Event Director of the parkrun in Kerry. The highly popular parkruns that take place around the country are due to restart this coming weekend. Amongst other things, Barry will update us on the parkruns and speak generally about the importance of regular exercise in looking after our mental health.

As many of you know, we’ve been having a lot of issues over the past few months with content being removed. It’s only a matter of time before we are permanently removed from Facebook and Youtube. Please join our Telegram group so we can contact you if/when the times comes. Here are the links…

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The most prominent and respected doctors in Ireland speak out about the dangers of injecting children with the Covid 19 vaccine.
Produced by Tracey O'Mahony and RylandMedia.

Dr. McCloskey recorded a video recently outlining her experience while working in an out-of-hours GP centre, where she met many sick, distressed, worried people, most of whom were double jabbed. Her video received 120K views in 36 hours on The Irish Inquiry Facebook page alone, before it was removed.

The Health and Social Care Board has said it has ordered an ‘urgent investigation’ in Dr. McCloskey, after receiving numerous complaints ‘from both GP colleagues and members of the public around her behaviour, comments and conflict of interest.

Dr. McCloskey will be with us tonight for an update.

Human Rights Lawyer, Sabrina O Sullivan has been very vocal on Twitter for some time and has now begun to set up stalls in Dublin City Centre to speak with people and relay her concerns about the ongoing restrictive measures. Tonight, she will discuss the V rollout and whether the numbers are accurate, the Teenheard campaign - informing parents and teenagers on how to deal with a return to school, and the pushback from student nurses.

Our first guest is John Olooney. John and his family run Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services and John says that the death rate has jumped up dramatically since the [email protected] rollout started in January.

We will also be talking to Lisa and Lynda from TeenHeard. Teenheard was set up by concerned parents earlier this year to give teenagers a voice and they have just launched a campaign to put an end to mandatory mask wearing for secondary school students in Ireland.

Finally, we will be joined by Andy O’Donnell and Gerry to talk about a new website called… Community Trades Ireland is a business search directory bringing businesses and customers together across Ireland.



On Instagram, Tik tok and Snapchat also for the teenagers

This message from Dr. Anne McCloskey was recorded on the 21st August. It received over 120K views in less than 36 hours before Facebook removed it. Please share far and wide to help warn people about the dangers of these untested injections.

Irish primary and secondary school teachers discuss continuing Covid restrictions including masks and the proposed segregation of pupils.

The second Iconoclast RoundTable Discussion, featuring Dr. Gerard Waters, Dr. Marcus De Brun, Stock market investor, Graham Neary, Barrister at Law, Tracey O’Mahony and Biochemical Engineer and Complex Problem Solving Specialist, Ivor Cummins.

We were told there would be no return to normal without a vaccine, yet here we are, more than a year and a half later, C19 injections have been rolled out under emergency use authorisation only. Those who are considered vulnerable have pretty much all received their jab, the curve has been well and truly flattened, but no sign of our freedoms returning just yet. In today’s discussion, we’ll be talking about the magic injections, Covid passports, government shenanigans, the manipulation of data and what we should be doing to protect ourselves.

Hosted by Sara Haboubi and produced alongside Ryland Media.

Why has the Nobel Prize winning drug Ivermectin been suppressed as an early intervention treatment for so-called Covid-19? Journalist Aisling O'Loughlin discusses this and the use of Midazolam for the elderly on the One to One Show with Dr William Ralph, a GP based in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford. On July 20, 2021, Dr Ralph Wrote an open letter to the Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly outlining his concerns about the ineffective response from GPs to the perceived medical crisis. You can read it here:

Tonight on The Healthy Debate, with the school restart not far away, we discuss with parents their concerns over the masking and injecting of their children. We’ll be highlighting the important role mothers, fathers and extended family members play in the protection of children’s physical and mental health, and why such important decisions should not be left to the Department of Health, Boards of Management or Teachers Unions. As well as outlining their concerns, our guests Diarmaid O’Cadhla (Campaign for Truth), Rachel Whelan (Enough is Enough) and Lisa Sheerin (Teen Heard) will be providing solutions on how to get active and push back in defence of children’s wellbeing.

On tonight’s show we speak with Marcus Viertel, a German living in Ireland who has spent a lot of time traveling between Germany and Ireland since the lockdown began. Marcus is a member of the Basis Democratic Party of Germany, a Party that has been critical of the ongoing Covid related restrictions. At a very interesting time in Germany, with elections only weeks away, Marcus shares his insights on the political landscape back home, and analyses the protest movements in Ireland and Germany.

As the Covid Passport begins segregating Irish people into a two-tier society, starting in the hospitality sector, we speak with 2 Irish businessmen who are trying their best to resist the new laws. We also speak with Wade John Beckett, the developer and instigator of a new Irish website called ‘’, which promotes businesses that are open to all, regardless of vaccine status, or whether one chooses to wear a face covering or not.

In this episode we are explore how a conscientious doctor turned from blindly believing in vaccines to looking at the actual science, challenging her beliefs and coming out as a strong science-based, pro choice advocate for medical freedom.

If you are wondering why doctors are not speaking up in the current situation, Dr. Jayne Donegan's story might shed some light on the underlying reasons.

In this interview, activist John Caulfield talks about his journey of awakening over the past 4 months and addresses many of the important issues facing Ireland and the world during this time.

John has been a powerful voice in recent months, using his knowledge and words to educate and inspire those around him, especially the younger generation, on how to understand and resist the mainstream C19 narrative. Amongst other things,

Aisling and John discuss the vilification of the young during the pandemic, the public reaction to the Covid Passport, building bridges with family and friends, and visualising the Ireland we want to see into the future, where we are all united under the banner of freedom.

One of the few doctors in Ireland to stand up and be counted, at great personal and professional risk, is Dr Pat Morrissey from Adare, County Limerick.

This week the practicing GP says he no longer recognises Ireland. In a tweet, the father of three wrote: “Facts are rejected to push an experimental therapy on young people whose risks vastly outweigh any benefit by taking it.

The miscarriage rate is 82% for those vaccinated in 1st trimester and long term risk to fertility is unknown. No to vaccine”.

This week on the One to One Show with Aisling O’Loughlin, Dr Morrissey discusses the research behind that startling figure and why he has refused to take part in the national roll-out of the Covid-19 experimental injection.

This interview was recorded on Tuesday 13th July.

Introducing our brand new Wednesday night programme... The One to One Show with Aisling O'Loughlin offers a perspective you won't hear in the mainstream media.

It has become increasingly dangerous and costly for health-care professionals, scientists and journalists to offer an alternative viewpoint to the mainstream narrative, despite top class credentials and irrefutable evidence to support their arguments.
Debate has been shut down by branding anyone who speaks out a 'conspiracy theorist, right wing extremist or fascist'.

O'Loughlin has spent 20 years in the mainstream media, initially as a news anchor/reporter on national television in Ireland for six years before becoming an entertainment presenter for 10 years on a highly popular TV show.

She has also written a column in a national newspaper for five years and has a strong understanding of how the media works, having studied Journalism in DCU before embarking on her career.

This year, she declared herself independent, and began campaigning to share vital information about Covid-19 and the inoculation programme with the public.

She has met with strong opposition for her stance but feels she has a "moral obligation as a journalist who has spent so much time in the public eye, to raise the alarm and highlight information that has been ruthlessly suppressed in order to mislead the public".

O'Loughlin's first guest on The One to One Show is world renowned Molecular Biologist and Immunologist, Prof. Dolores Cahill who has paid a high price for her views on lockdowns, the inoculation roll-out and the use of early intervention treatments that she says would have prevented deaths and suffering.

Prof Cahill claims the Covid-19 injection is 'the worst decision you could make for your health' and says 'if you gave me €10 million, I wouldn't take it and if you injected me, it would be attempted murder'. In this interview, she does not hold back.

The electoral process must be lawful, transparent and have integrity. Dolores Cahill, a candidate in the Dublin Bay South By-election was denied access to the election count centre because of her stance regarding face coverings. She does not consent to any interference of of her Inalienable Right of Bodily Integrity.

Tonight on #TheHealthyDebate, George Hook and Aisling O'Loughlin present their differing views on how Ireland's Fourth Estate has lost the cornerstones of journalistic integrity.

They debate whether this is by design or unintended consequence, and discuss how the lack of balanced narrative has directly impacted our democracy and civil liberties.

George and Aisling ask; how this will affect our future society and what role censorship, political correctness, public relations and corporate external influences have played in changing the landscape of mainstream media.

Presented by journalist and author Lindie Naughton and produced in association with Health Freedom Ireland.


On tonight's episode of #TheHealthyDebate, we'll be talking about our health-care system and asking whether it's actually more of a 'sick-care' system. We will also be highlighting the misrepresentation of figures for C19 deaths and looking at the role that NPHET has played.

Guests on tonight's show are Dr. Vincent Carroll and Dr. Billy Ralph.

Produced in association with Health Freedom Ireland and presented by Lindie Naughton.

Is this week's show, we look at how we're being led by fear and how we can go about coping with this fear. In the second half of the show we will focus on the injection and some of the adverse effects that are being reported.

Journalist and former television presenter, Aisling O’Loughlin discusses the performance of mainstream media over the past 12 months and addresses media propaganda, censorship and character assassination. Follow Aisling on Instagram... @aislingoloughlin

Interview with financial author Eddie Hobbs. This is part of the #Iconoclast One-to-One Series, directed by @RylandMedia and produced in association with The Irish Inquiry.

On this the 25th episode of The Healthy Debate, we are joined by journalist and former television presenter, Aisling O’Loughlin to discuss the performance of mainstream media over the past 12 months. Aisling will be addressing media propaganda, censorship and character assassination.

We are also premiering an interview we carried out last week with financial author Eddie Hobbs. This is part of the #Iconoclast One-to-One Series, directed by @RylandMedia and produced in association with The Irish Inquiry.


TD Voting Spreadsheet:

Link to TD Letters:

Part 3 of the Health Preservation Act must be extended before the 9th of June 2021, failing which all restrictions on freedom (with the exception of mandatory quarantine upon entry into the State) will cease.

We are asking for your support in lobbying TD's to ensure they vote NOT to extend Part 3 of the act.

Please visit the Irish Council for Human Rights website at this

and download letters that have been individually drafted to lobby specific TD's, whom we believe are likely or may be persuaded to vote against the extension.


Voices for Truth - The Experts You Can Trust

A conversation you won’t hear on RTE...

Prof. Dolores Cahill, Ivor Cummins, Eddie Hobbs, Tracey O’Mahony BL, Pat Morrissey MD and Anne McCluskey MD take part in a round-table discussion, addressing the main issues affecting us over the past year.

In association with @RylandMedia

Recorded (as live) on 17th April, 2021.

This evening we’re taking another look at the PCR test on which so much of what’s going on is based. How true are the figures? Are there more reliable methods of testing? Is there any need for such extensive testing of healthy people at all?
Last September, Michael McNamara TD asked the HSE about the risks of false negatives with the PCR testing. Dr Colm Henry Chief Clinical Officer with the HSE said: “One of the problems with this test is that it can pick up residual RNA weeks after active infection and after a person is no longer infectious

Grassroots is a new departure in agricultural programming as we embrace the dialogue that needs to happen in the rapidly changing farming landscape, with an increased awareness of farming’s impact on ecosystems and how working with nature we can produce abundant, nutritious food while ensuring we protect our natural resources and our countryside for future generations.

This evening, we’ll bring you the stories of farmers who are doing it their own way, and practising variations on a system that is often referred to as mob grazing, which is usually synonymous with swards that have a lot more botanical diversity than would be typical in Irish pastures. Another feature of these systems is that the type of animal chosen must fit with the system in specific ways, so that it can outwinter well, without being hard on ground, and will typically be adapted to thrive on pasture and not require concentrates to finish. So, these systems require a different set of features and received standard practices than are considered mainstream at the present time.

Tonight's guests on 'Grassroots' are Jennifer and Stephen O'Reilly from Cluainview Farm in County Kilkenny and John Deegan from Kilbeggan in County Westmeath. Presented by Dr. Peter Dunne.


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