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Original commentary Videos on “the irish megaphone’ are NOT monitized and I neither receive nor seek any financial reward for this channel. On occasion, I may include short clips from publicly funded sources such as RTÉ, BBC and other news, media and film outlets . This is in the interest of providing fair comment, journalistic uprightness - and an alternative perspective which I believe are all in the public interest. Copyright is owned by the respective creators and any clips are used here under fair use.

Interview Clip courtesy of Grand Torino YouTube Channel.

Pat Kenny asks Ireland's Health Minister a poignant question regarding a vaccine database record system being rolled out. What about those who don't want to be part of such a system? Find out...

What you will lose in the Great Reset.

Steve Bannon's assessment of the lack of attendance at the Biden inauguration.

Full Interview available here

A short dose of reality by Katie Hopkins

The Election Theft 101 by Man in America - Banned from YouTube

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As of Jan 2021 - Back up for my YouTube Channel where some of my videos are now being removed by Google. Videos here will include my opinions and viewpoint on various topics, including some interviews with special guests. I will also upload videos sourced elsewhere that I deem of interest.

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