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The U.S. Navy came very close to loosing 4,000 soldiers Thursday when they sailed into the Persian Gulf and surrounded by The Iranian Navy!

Russia is accusing the Democrats who served under Obama of using bio labs to spread viruses and creating weapons

We all saw the medical episode of Mitch Mc Connell but looks can be deceiving!

The Buoys the buses and the razor wire have not stopped the immigrants and drugs from passing through Texas even though most people believe Abbott is doing a great job

When the media take the side of the rioters you know the Globalist are at work!

It's worth noting that there is no other place in the country with the frequency and deadly car crashes that occur as there are in California, there is nothing like this anywhere!

It's time for Americans to face the cold hard facts that their Government and all its institutions and offices have been slowly taken over by a small
group of subversives who have a long history of
such actions but it maybe too late for America!

The people of California are voting with their feet and picking up and leaving our once Golden state lets just hope they leave the politics behind!

The residents of LA describe how they're living in a nightmare that is coming literally to their homes, it seems the Police as well as the Fire Depts has been broken and it simply can't be everywhere at once!

Every major Hotel and retailer in S.F is fleeing for their economic lives leaving whole Hotels to the lenders and just walking away leaving the citizens with empty downtowns and drug addicts, San Francisco has been broken!

As In China The QR code will soon be required in America for almost all essential activities such as Travel and shopping!

An arsonist in Los Angeles who carried out over 30 car torching was finally captured after months of massive destruction!

More horrific police chases and car crashes coming out of our once golden state!


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