Jill Biden was photographed in Air Force One seated at the Presidents desk reading documents and preparing for the G7 Summit

Tx Governor Abbott facing a massive crime wave on his border is forced to take action and build a border wall

Rick Wiles spoke about the stolen election and the Goyim uprising he's trying to invoke

Alan Dershowitz speaking candidly about Jewish supremacy!

The world as it today can never be understood or corrected until we know what Jews actually believe!

Many of us tried to warn the Black community that BLM was an inorganic group funded from outside of the community but many sincere and intelligent black people were still sucked in but the honest ones have learned their lesson and are coming out of it!

General Mike Flynn spoke in Texas on Memorial day and called for a Myanmar style coup after being asked a question

Genrikh Yagoda was a Jewish Soviet secret police officer who was responsible for at least 10 million deaths his life story is something Americans can learn from!

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said he told Biden he would not house the trafficked children weeks ago and they were sent anyway

Families of missing children and family members marched across Mexico demanding to know where their loved ones are some have been searching for years

George Floyd made an appearance on the Habib Show a known Porn producer

Both LA & NY police departments are extending special protection to the Jews enlight of the recent attacks over the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and street assaults

Jewish leaders met with De Blasio asking for more police protection in the Jewish areas following a series of assaults on Jews in NYC!

The full report on Black people who are developing enlarged tongues as a result of the Covid vaccine

Black people are reporting massively enlarged tongues after receiving the covid vax

It should be obvious to us all that we now live in a one-party state the Republican party is now non-existent as an opposition party and they are now totally complicit in everything that is happening

The embattled Mayor of Rochester NY husband was arrested on Cocaine and gun charges!

Palestinian protesters attacked Jewish patrons at a restaurant and vandalized other Jewish- owned businesses in L.A!

A Jewish man is on tape going into great detail about how both Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines were developed by Jews!
You can also see the video on my Odysee channel https://odysee.com/@TheJordanReport:3/ice_video_20210517-171545:8

Israeli Tv was filming as a Palestinian driver was pulled from his car and beaten mercilessly on live time!
You can also view this video on my Odysee channel https://odysee.com/@TheJordanReport:3/ice_video_20210516-211002:a

An Israeli driver was attacked while in traffic and hit the gas running over a Palestinian protester and was saved by a nearby policeman!


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