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Kyle, Anthony, and Paul try crickets for the first time

Bitcoin is turning everyone into facebook investor professionals. Lets give our 3 cents.

Get into Cloud mining here:

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Paul debriefs us about the 2 gay guys that followed him in their car because he was running shirtless plus other things.

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This is probably our worst episode to date.

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The Smart Swab is a dream that never came true. The KAP Show discusses.

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Happy Halloween! We're honored to have the one and only Will "POWER" Pierce on for this Halloween Special.

P.S. Sorry we were late on this one, we had some technical difficulties with the export!

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The KAP Show discusses past rejection experiences and paul believes your stomach is outside of your body. Oh, and there is now another desk!

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Wow, The KAP Show has made a major improvement to their set. Let's get into it. Paul discusses his disdain towards the YEEZY brand while Anthony expresses his distrust in plastic. Also, a special shout out to Patty, Paul's ex-girlfriend.

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Dinosaurs or God? The dudes get down to the source of the issue.

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The most heated podcast to date. Current events discussion.

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The KAP Show is HONORED to have valet runner Homberto on to discuss the journey from anti vibrator to pro vibrator for his girlfriend.

The dudes talk about time travel... again, and discuss the 2nd Amendment.

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Don't take this the wrong way but being famous is way cooler than not being famous so we take an hour to discuss how awesome we are. The success has been a success and the money has been rich.


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