Looks like I'm not getting the "add music" option again... but with all the leaf crunching you probably couldn't hear it anyway LOL.

So since yesterday I've been thinking about why the kits & I stopped our once-beloved morning walk-around-the-house routine...?

That coupled with the fact that I watched the new "Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood" movie this weekend, which gave me so much food for thought that I didn't even want to watch any of the other movies on my list (& spoil my introspective mood!)

I guess after my Dad died I was grieving so hard that I just couldn't get back to the "joy of life" that I'd previously had. (And you just can't fake that stuff!) Truly there's a time to weep & a time to laugh, a time to mourn & a time to dance & as Mr. Rogers says: "That's okay."

And when the "season" has passed, it's also okay to dip your toes in the water again, as awkward as that might feel at first.

Abby Tabby (spoiled suburbanite indoor cat) vs Sweet Pea (streetwise sophisticate outdoor cat) in a subtle cat & mouse mindgame of: YOU-LEAVE-YOU-LOSE.

Let's see who can stand the pressure...

Abby Tabby is the first cat I ever "leash trained" to go on limited visits to the outside world. It was her idea actually. She'd always been an apartment/house cat &, after my roommate moved out, she bonded very closely with me.

Well, my habit at the time (in California) was to sit on the back porch & drink my coffee in the morning sun. Being relegated to the other side of the door proved too much for Abby to bear & it wasn't pleasant for me either having to listen to her constant yammering & clamoring, so I put her on a short (6') leash & looped the handle around my ankle so she could have hands-free wander time while I sipped.

This proved so successful that I wanted to see if I could get her to walk with me around the house every morning before settling down on the porch. Heh. You cannot believe. Pretty soon the other cats (4 all together) were clamoring to go outside & we became the neighborhood oddity, as I could be seen every morning being dragged around the house by 4 housecats on leashes.

If a fortune teller had told me this would be my future, I wouldn't have believed her.

So I thought I was going to get some good video of Sweet Pea playing with the mouse toy I put out this morning (I have to bring it in at night lest I hear crashing noises against the front door at 2 in the morning), but wouldn't you know it she quit just as soon as I brought out the camera. Granted I had just worn her out by playing with the feather-wand toy she also loves. Maybe next time I'll attempt operating the camera in one hand whilst swishing the "birdy?" I'm sure it will be a dizzy-making experience LOL. Note Abby the cranky Tabby growling at the end. She growls at everyone except me. She even growls at people coming to the front door unless they happen to be "cat people." How she can judge character through a closed door I do not know. ūüźĪ

LOL I was fighting against the anti-camera-shake function at this super-close proximity & of course Sami wasn't understanding why I kept sticking the camera in his face when it serves no useful purpose as far as he's concerned - it's not edible & it doesn't give back rubs = Meh.

I don't know how old Sami is - maybe anywhere from 4 to 6 months? They grow so fast - he's already gotten bigger in the 2 weeks I've had him! Feeding him good food at regular times (twice a day; as much as he wants to eat) I'm sure has helped tremendously?

The kittens were literally starving when they landed on my doorstep - their tummies sunk in - but everyone's bellies have filled out nicely & they no longer inhale the food like it's going out of style. I say "kittens," but the other 3 have recently found homes - looks like Sir Salmon is staying with me (purr).

BACKSTORY: So almost 2 weeks ago our down-the-street neighbor (we later discovered; they confessed) dumped a family of 5 in our yard - 1 Mama Cat (later to be renamed Sweet Pea) & 4 kittens. Our immediate neighbor (fellow Cat Lady In Arms) helped us find homes for 3 of the kittens & looks like we're "stuck" with the remaining 2. Well, not really stuck - we had already decided to keep Sweet Pea as an outdoor cat (you can see how adorably sweet she is AND she likes riding in the car - heh, our kind of cat!) & we're hoping our 2 little old lady indoor cats will eventually accept the male ginger kitten as a companion, since both their Maine Coon boyfriends died earlier this year (yet to be determined on that front).

But Sweet Pea was so cute jumping around in the leaves I had just raked that I had to try & capture some video (just in time, too - the sun went down shortly after & made it too dark)! I've really never seen a cat do that before? But I'm from California where most of our trees are evergreen & there are no leaves TO jump in.


Was trying to get 1 good pic of a fuel glove flying like a flag in the wind - ended up getting a ton of pics & now this.

I removed the under-the-leg cleaning sequence from the middle of this, plus a few other shots that didn't "flow"... I'm amazed at how you can change the chronological order of frames without it even being noticeable...

Cellphone images to .gif to video.

My little ham is starting to get used to the camera LOL.

Cellphone images to .gif to video.

She doesn't appear wounded - it looks like a deformed, super-short leg that she's learned to cope with? I couldn't get clear video of her as she was walking toward me, but you can see her using her right rear leg to scratch her ear without discomfort. Poor sweet baby!

When we first moved in, Abby hid behind the refrigerator, then she stayed in my room, then she slept on the kitchen floor, then she discovered she could get on top of the refrigerator - where she lived until she knocked over a full bucket of kitchen utensils & scared the living friskies out of herself.

This vid captures a brief moment of joy before that dreadful day.

Cellphone pics to .gif to video.

I think this was my first video ever on this phone? Really just trying to get the old stuff cleared out... Although, come to think of it, I think the reason I even took this vid was because of the way Libby had composed herself so nicely against the black & white.

Just trying some things...
Cell phone pics to .gif to video.

Images to .gif to video.
I unapologetically changed the orientation halfway through. Yes, I did. LOL.

Cool new Fair Trade cafe I tried today!

First Friday Art Walk Event July 5, 2019

I was trying to catch her snoring...
But of course she woke up LOL.

I still couldn't catch the snore, but I caught the conk.

Photos to .gif to video

Cellphone pics to .gif to video.
Taken from Tyron Elliott Trainwatching Deck in Manchester, Georgia.

Taken from Tyron Elliott Trainwatching Deck in Manchester, Georgia.

Video taken from Tyron Elliott Trainwatching Deck in Manchester, Georgia.


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