Both my cat crews helping me clean my house (NOT) 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹


I bought this reclaimed cardboard... thingy... (on Etsy) from a woodworker in Belarus about 3 years ago (2017), because I wanted a super-unique red accent/statement type piece for my living room that hopefully my cats would also like...

But no one really took to it until SIR SALMON came along (1 year ago, 2019) & he really, Really, REALLY likes it now that I've set it up high on a side table, as you can see.

The maker called it a "pouf" (?) & I think his original concept was a square cubby for books & knick knacks & the like...

But I (& Sir Salmon) had other plans. 😹


Gathering Grounds Coffee Shop & Bakery in Thomaston, Georgia outdid itself this year with holiday decor. 🎄✨

In previous years, it's looked kind of sparse, but apparently there's a new gift vendor who knows how to add a homey touch! 😊


LOL I found another weird little niche genre:

People videoing their odometers turning past the 100,000 mile mark 🤣

I saw one guy filming his daily driver turning over to 700,000 = WOW 😎👍


I know 5 minutes is excessive for this type of video (heavy on the portraiture with not much action), but the day will come when this "memory" will be precious to me (i.e. after she's all grown up, when/if her eyes ever improve, after she passes away, etc.)

It's also very useful to me to get some closeup video of her eyes in the bright light...

PATTY PAWSITIVITY is so sweet, she closes her eyes whenever I pick her up & she is so shy, she turns away whenever I try to look closely into her face.

The amazing thing about PATTY PAWS - being blind - is that she spends so much time looking around trying to see (as you can see in this video).

PATTY gets around very well considering her very limited visual ability - she can see "lights & shadows," as the vet says - but in certain low-light conditions it's possible to accidentally "sneak up" on her & startle her into a panicky leap of fright.

I'm learning to say her name & speak reassuringly as I approach her & hold out my hand for her to sniff before trying to pet her. She, too, is getting used to this routine & the "startle events" are becoming less & less frequent.

Also, LITTLE MISSY (black tuxedo mama cat) is hilarious in the background trying to keep her head up & her sleepy eyes open LOL! 😴🤭

Re: The ending. It's all fun & games until I get a dozen or so razor-sharp claws embedded in my knee = YEEOUCH! 🙀😿😹


I'm no Martha Stewart (by a long shot), but I thought I'd try my hand at the Southern USA's predilection for creating seasonal displays & especially for FALL.

I know my 2 little arrangements are slightly on the pitiful side, but after living through this strange 2020:


I didn't do anything for the outside other than set out a big heirloom pumpkin, so no need to document.

Maybe I'll do more next year.


This little knucklehead - PURRFESSOR MIDNIGHT the purry black kitten - let me put the camera right on his nose! Sometimes I think he's going to turn out to be the ultimate "casual cat" = kind of blasé & Garfieldy 😹

You will also note his mother - LITTLE MISSY the pretty tuxedo cat - curled up in my lap...

For the first 4 months in the Kittatorium she was too scaredy to step on anything fabric (carpeting excluded)...

But then a couple weeks ago she timidly placed one paw on my knee - I reassured her it was OK - & it's been game on ever since 😻


Trying to clear out my phone & found some oldies but goodies...

Sir Salmon is about 7 months old (already getting gigantic as you can see) & he & Abby Tabby (11 years old) had just recently made friends - hence sleeping peacefully in close proximity to one another.

Edited for brevity. I can't believe I held the camera in the air for 5+ minutes while I waited for him to twitch. 😹



Reupload... Now that I know a little (teensy weensy) bit more about video editing, I thought I'd give it a fresh re-edit for brevity & "style."

Sir Salmon is about 7 months old here. The reason he doesn't look so much like a kitten from this point on is that he was always visibly much larger than his siblings = destined for greatness. 😹


So this video is a random collection of still shots & videos put together semi-chronologically to represent my first flip-flop explorations & impressions of The Rock Ranch in Georgia & to commemorate the close of the 2020 Summer season.

Depending upon when you're watching this, you may or may not remember that 2020 was a weird year with all sorts of closures due to the Corona & so The Rock Ranch was not filled to capacity like it normally would be in Summer.

However, the off-season "vibe" made perfect low-key conditions for a leisurely exploration of the Ranch & allows you to also see it through the eyes of a first-timer. Enjoy 😊

I wanted to get some video of different attractions on the last day of 2020 Summer season at The Rock Ranch. It was nice partly cloudy weather today with a few but not too many tourists = Perfection! The train ride is about 5 minutes long, so I decided to put it in a video by itself. Enjoy 😊

Things were kind of winding down from a full morning of cleaning, feeding, romping with that beloved shoestring, etc. & I had sat on the floor to show them how to use the roller/hidden ball toy & thought: Hey, why not make a little video & get some good closeups while I'm over here in the light? (Hard to get good video when you're shooting black cats in a dark room!)

I turned the sound down halfway due to the annoying sound effects, but if it's too bothersome you might want to turn the sound down all the way. The unbalanced-washing-machine sound in the background is actually an unbalanced ceiling fan in the next room - I guess the camera resting on the wood floor PICKED. UP. EVERYTHING. Also sliding the camera around on plastic painter's dropcloth was not my most brilliant idea - sounds like Jabba the Hut slurping on Princess Leia 🙀🙀🙀

Free product placement for Cal Ben Five Star Soap - inexpensive line of soaps without petroleum products 😹😹😹

Last night I brought in the shoelaces to rig up a floppy basket that Little Missy likes to nurse in... but never got to use it for that purpose once the kittens et al laid their eyes on it 😻😻😻

Some more random explorations on a pretty Friday afternoon at The Rock Ranch in Georgia.

Notes on the corn maze: apparently that's an event they have in Fall, after the corn harvest.

Notes on the goats: I was just trying to get some video of the idyllic scene before me in the goat enclosure - goats looking so regal & majestic standing on their boardwalks & goats grazing so peacefully & quietly on the green, green grass, when suddenly... 😳


This morning's video was around 3 AM (ya that's what time The Wrecking Crew woke me up this morning 😹) & this one was made around 5 PM & already such an improvement in Little Missy's breathing! (She gets one dose of ear antibiotic at noon every day as a boost to the shot she got at the vet's.) I don't know how well it comes across in the video, but I can tell the difference - she's breathing!

Note: The interminable scraping noise you hear in the background is the kittens practicing their burying skills in the temporary cat box - it's a fun game for them right now, so stuff gets buried & reburied over & over & over & over...

The kittens are obsessed with the stairs on the cat condo - they play on them, sleep on them, never want to leave them... meanwhile Mama tries to catch a few minutes of well-deserved shut eye 😹

Anyway, the kitten's eyes are a lot less "goopy" now, which helps when you're trying to play! Yesterday the female kitty kept running straight into solid colored objects (the white wall, the orange wardrobe, etc.), so I'm thinking her vision was retarded from developing normally? She seems a little better today, although her eye openings aren't as large as they should be - not sure what's up with that.

Little Missy/Mama Cat is obviously still wheezing, but the blockage sounds like it's starting to loosen up - she's been sneezing a lot, trying to get it OUT. And (though you can't tell from this video) she's a lot more active/playful/curious about her environment/following me around as I clean/replenish their bowls, etc.


Ironically, after she finally spit the empty water bottle out, Sweet Pea went to her (full) water bowl & drank her fill 😹

Most of the video footage I couldn't show - me crazy running behind her as she galloped all over the house with her "prize" - since Sweet Pea always manages to wait 'til I'm in the middle of a major house reorganizing/laundry sorting project to do something cute 🤔

Actually I'd seen her do something like this once before while she was still an outdoor cat: I was busy trying to get some bare root stock into the ground before dark & she seized upon one of the empty boxes & ran frantically around the yard for several minutes, while Butch (the neighbor cat) & I watched perplexed... & then she suddenly dropped the box & casually walked away like nothing had ever happened...

Aftermath results of the recent potting soil CATastrophe 😹😹😹

I didn't think I'd be spending MY WHOLE DAY deep cleaning the bathroom, but there you have it. The best laid plans of mice & men oft gang aglay.

Oh yeah & now I'm being magically bombarded (here on YT) with Meyer's advertisements... What the sam hill? I already bought the stuff - WHY do I need to see commercials on it? 🙄

From early December 2019 to early February 2020, I kept a sporadic visual record of my elder cat - Abby Tabby - learning to get along with the new kitten - Sir Salmon.

It actually kind of hurt my heart to document anything in the beginning, since, as you can see for yourself, Sir Salmon kept trying SO hard to be an adorable & friendly little kitty... whilst Abby Tabby hardened herself into a cold stone wall of resistance.

Sometimes the old cat toys wear out & have to be rehabbed/repurposed into "new" toys...

On this one, I kept the jingle bells from inside a (shredded) cloth toy & attached the largest one to a stretchy band I just happened to have sitting around...

This is video evidence of the one & only time Sir Salmon ever played with this repurposed toy...

Until a few days later, when I attached the feathered portion of yet another toy that had broken onto this one... & NOW it gets regular play.

So tonight, for the first time, we had Sir Salmon experiencing sleeping in a "bed lap" (lots of pillows & blankets) as opposed to a "couch lap" (no pillows & blankets at all) without being chased off by a very jealous & possessive Abby Tabby (already curled up comfortably at the end of the bed & who did give him the fish eye, but thought better of it & went back to sleep).

Note: It's hard to tell from the overhead angle, but the reason I even started taking pictures of him was because he kept sleeping with his hind feet sticking straight up in the air 😹

In the beginning - when Sir Salmon first moved in - I had draped the shoelaces over the chair rungs just to get them off the floor while I swept...

And you can see now how it's turned into an Official Fun Kitten Game ©️®️™️ to play.

Somehow I must have accidentally turned off the record button (ding dang hypersensitive controls anyway), because I lost some cute footage of him coming over & nuzzling the camera :(

NOTE: Sir Salmon's been tearing up my hand with his razor-sharp lethal claw weaponry - I have since clipped the tips. He didn't like it. But he did like the neck massage that went along with it. Maybe I can get some footage of that next time?

This is how I train my cats: Positive reinforcement + the power of association = pretty soon he will associate claw clipping with neck massages & it won't be such a chore.

I think this was actually the first series of images I ever took with my new (at the time) cell camera? You can see how I fought with the anti-camera-shake feature LOL. I wasn't expecting it to work so well (ahem)! I didn't get the camera out in time to capture the deer climbing all over my new mulch pile (chips from the big tree I had to cut down), but they were picturesque enough I thought it was worth taking a few shots.

Looks like I'm not getting the "add music" option again... but with all the leaf crunching you probably couldn't hear it anyway LOL.

So since yesterday I've been thinking about why the kits & I stopped our once-beloved morning walk-around-the-house routine...?

That coupled with the fact that I watched the new "Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood" movie this weekend, which gave me so much food for thought that I didn't even want to watch any of the other movies on my list (& spoil my introspective mood!)

I guess after my Dad died I was grieving so hard that I just couldn't get back to the "joy of life" that I'd previously had. (And you just can't fake that stuff!) Truly there's a time to weep & a time to laugh, a time to mourn & a time to dance & as Mr. Rogers says: "That's okay."

And when the "season" has passed, it's also okay to dip your toes in the water again, as awkward as that might feel at first.


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