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Kelly joins Jon on the first Facebook LIVE Lagniappe Show

Going forward... Where to find what as we branch out across tech platforms.

Jon & his dad talk about the old school... Keith Whitley, Eagles, Conway Twitty, Percy Sledge, Hacksaw Jim Duggar, Sting, Vader, Andre the Giant, & more....

Jon & his dad talk about food... stuff they won't eat, the Super Bowl, and Big Tech covering for Joe Biden.

The Media is Lying About EVERYTHING!

Don't be that person that calls out the mainstream media's lies, then scrolls down and believes the next story like its gospel.

South Louisiana Podcast Show about Making Boudin, Drew Brees & the New Orleans Saints, and President Joe Biden... destroying the oil industry and other shenanigans.
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*Edit: Added "/Sarcasm" in the title.

Joe Biden's inauguration was The. Best. Inauguration. EVER - and EVERYONE Agrees!!! Loads of Powerful Performances! And Fireworks!

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Don't leave Facebook and Twitter, instead spam alt-tech content on them!

They're not even waiting for Joe Biden to be sworn in, Big Tech is cracking down on its competitors and YOUR FREE SPEECH.

***The NFL promo picture mentioned in this video is NOT the one that Tom Brady shared on Twitter as an obvious joke. The one mentioned was done more discretely and tried to pass as legitimate.***

Jon and Kelly talk NFL Wildcard Weekend, make predictions, and discuss the future of The Lagniappe Show.

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The media is just a bunch of scumbags that do no actual work, live in a bubble, and just parrot the same narrative to further one party's political agenda. They know better than you and you must OBEY!

(Notice I just did headlines. Look at these stories yourself and you will see the same sentences in multiple articles.)

Brief on COVID-19 Phizer Vaccine, Trump Challenging Election Results
Suspects break into wrong house, apologize to victims and offer to pay for damages
Guitar Duet w/ Cat
Woman in Bikini in Roadway Sucking on Gas Cap

Amazon Sidewalk has automatically switched 'on' in your Alexa app
Woman makes fake call to Pueblo Police to get back at ex
Flight attendants are being asked to wear diapers and avoid bathrooms to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in China
Evicted Tenant Left Behind Some Personal Items...
Delivery driver steals packages after dropping them off

Aliens in hiding until mankind is ready, says ex-Israeli space head
The People Who Drink the Most Coffee Don't Actually Like Coffee?
The Internet Says You're Hanging Your Christmas Tree Lights Wrong
Microsoft Is Selling a Windows 95 Ugly Christmas Sweater
A Woman Suffered Months of Hallucinations After She Ate Gas Station Sushi
Coronavirus Insanity: A Guy Breaks Lockdown for a Weeklong Hike After an Argument with His Wife

AG William Barr's Comments About Voter Fraud
Ellen Page is now Elliot Page
52% of Us Might Never Christmas Shop in Person Again
You Can Win $5,000 Thanks to Your Strange or Disgusting Cookie Recipe
A Guy in a Stolen SUV Runs Out of Gas . . . and Calls the Police for Help
After swingers convention in New Orleans, 41 test positive for coronavirus
Some Australian Politician Pukes Holding a Dead Fish

Jon talks about the new Amazon Sidewalk feature that shares your internet bandwidth with your neighbors.

The Average Person Would Pay $305 for Just One Normal Pre-COVID Day
People Are Turning Their Giant Home Depot Skeletons into Christmas Decorations
The First In-N-Out Burger Opened in Colorado . . . And Had a 14-Hour Drive-Thru Line
A Man Goes to the Doctor for Depression Over His Wife's Affair . . . Turns Out the Affair Was with the Doctor
A Guy with Meth Crashed His Motorcycle, Accidentally Shot Himself, and Got Hit by a Car
A Man Rescues His Dog From the Jaws of an Alligator
An NFL Player Was Hurt After Stepping on a Penalty Flag?
Someone Parking in a Driveway Loses Control and Hits Two Other Cars
Liquor Store Sells Twice as Much Booze for Cheaper

Top 10 Presents We're Buying Ourselves This Year
Playing Four Hours of Video Games Every Day Is Good for Your Mental Health
PETA Is Selling Tofu-Scented Candles for Christmas
A Fisherman Rescues a Tiny Bird in the Ocean
Who Do We Brag to After We Drop a Particularly Impressive Toilet Deposit?
A Ponzi Scheme Suspect Tries to Get Away Underwater by Using a Handheld "Seascooter"
A Guy with Coronavirus Eats Gross Food Combinations
Some passengers 'can't unsee' new BC Ferries mask policy signs

The Lagniappe Show is back! Kelly drops in and talks 2020, COVID-19, the Presidential Election, the Great Reset, and the New World Order.

How often, if ever, do you use your phone while you’re going to the bathroom?
Campbell Soup Company Reveals More Than a Third of First Time Hosts are Nervous to Cook for the Holidays, with 66% Worried about an Epic Cooking Fail
Stove Top Formal Wear
Costco Whisky Ornaments
Waffle House Is Releasing Its First Official Beer And It Smells Just Like Bacon
Women Named Karen Have Trouble Finding Dates
Police: Accused ‘porch pirate’ arrested when he shows up at court in same shirt from surveillance pics
Man Claims He Lost His False Teeth to Steal Police Car
Councilman's Cows Interrupts Budget Meeting

Millions of Women Don't Know Where Their Lady Parts Are Located
Ticketmaster Is Going to Make You Prove You Ain't Got the 'Rona When Concerts Start Up Again
A School Has Banned Parents from Tossing Their Late Kids Over the Locked Gate
One in 10 Parents Still Read Bedtime Stories to Their Teenagers
Can You Cook a Steak by Putting It in One of the Toaster Slots?
A Criminal Uses His Face Mask to Pick the Lock on His Handcuffs
Things You Didn't Know You Can Clean in Your Dishwasher
Reynolds Chocolate Turkey

Mainstream Media Gaslighting
Jon Rahm's Hole-In-One
Mountain Dew Cookbook
Most Young People Are Terrified of Going Bald
2021 Dating Terms
Man Receives Winning Lottery Ticket from Girlfriend
Car Vandalized with Manure

Mainstream Media's Handling of the Election
McDonald's New Chicken Sandwich
130 Unusual Baby Names in 2019
Arby's Deep Fried Turkey Pillow
Man Sells Car, Steals It Back with Spare Key
Woman Keeps Getting Arrested for Getting It On With Herself in Public
Man Builds Disney Coaster in Backyard

Presidential Election
Americans Lost Over 138 Million Hours of Sleep on Election Night
Alex Trebek Lost His Battle with Pancreatic Cancer
Three Toys Picked for This Year's National Toy Hall of Fame Class
Lots of People have Never Seen a Cow in Real Life
A Woman Angry About Not Getting Free Hotel Breakfast Drives a Stranger's Truck into a Pond
A Guy Beats Up a Fast Food Joint for Running Out of Lettuce
Woman Spends $200,000 To Look Like Barbie
Man Steals Police Car During "Spiritual Journey"
Third Grader Has America's Best Mullet
A Donor Heart Survives a Helicopter Crash . . . And Someone Dropping It

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