UM.....Ya.... grasping at straws are we?

Some Video Footage

D.C. Shorts

And he also is quoted 'we have to spend wisely' um ya - lets take a peek on how Trutard has been spending our hard earned tax money....

So, is this going to be another show for it? Do you think it will see any time? And do you think like myself, that it will pull some fantastical stunt before the sentencing date (alongside going after a gynecologist) to gain sympathy?

source as always!

Anyone Remember Jones Town? This is a fn cult.

Remember, if you are feeling helpless and in pain - all is not lost. Please reach out

call the Canada Suicide Prevention Service hotline 24/7 at 1-833-456-4566, or text "CONNECT" to the Kids Help Phone (which also serves adults) between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. ET at 686868.
For a list of 24-hour crisis centres in your area, visit the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention's website.


For Vets

He promises no big tech deciding what you can upload, ads, etc. More control over your content as a creator - no silencing from the left. Do you think this will work?

Go check out his new platform

Now Yaniv has filed a complaint against a clinic that treats women through their Gynecologists, for refusing to give 'it' treatment. And if it could get worse, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia - are siding with Yaniv!

Please America - don't become the complete clown world Canada has become.

And Google is playing their tricks again when you try to find information on this guy. And with what happened to him, Randy Andy better watch his step (and neck), as he is now a huge liability to one of the most powerful families in Europe.


Yah, innocent valuable member of the community. This should be a wake up call - to those who chose to remain ignorant.


Michael Cowan via Twitter

tis the season for the war on christmas, songs, family, enjoyment, entertainment, and the list goes on.


Riggggghhhhhhhttttt. Me smells a publicity stunt to try and sell tickets to more woke arseholes me thinks....


We all know what this is about. Libtards like her don't give a shit about the environment (or they would give up their yachts, planes, the multiple million dollar homes, travelling the world). She just wants Orange Man Bad out. If they did give a sh*t - Hanoi Jane would be spewing her rhetoric in China.


Because of Woke justice - this shit was out when he should have already been burning in hell. The Judge who let him out early with an ankle monitor to attend group at a University - is just as much to blame for those innocent people he killed. Bravo to those citizens that were kicking him in the head.
Warning - I rant and I use some language i normally don't use at the end - but I am so so sick of this shit.

Another reason USA - fight to keep your guns.

Think I need to do a few parody vids again just to get some sanity back.

Yah follow his advice and lose family - nothing like shoving woke politics down grandpa's throat!

Just gained a little bit more respect for him. He is supporting their troops - while Trutard disrespects ours.


Were the Native's peaceful and free before the Europeans showed up on their shores?

This Chick has lost it. I used to like her when I was a kid, but as soon as these celebs open their mouths - UGH!


Oh I bet everyone was waiting for another Yaniv video (groan - yawn, ya ya I know). But Yaniv has been busy!

The 'Trans' community isn't just men/women transitioning into the opposite sex - no no no - there are many MANY sub categories. Today we explore one of the most disturbing, and disgusting ones that true disabled people have a right to be pissed at

We all know that Youtube is overflowing with all sorts of Lib/Dem/SJW/Trans agenda's - and being run by people with the same goals. But is it fair that a Trans 'warrior' can steal his video, start a youtube campaign against him - his video gets taken down and their video on him - with his own content still stays up? Also - do you think you are a bigot if you are straight and don't want to date anyone who is Trans? Well the left tells you that you are.

Please Go Support Salty (and Mrs. Salty)

couldn't find the link to his bitchute (there are a few of his videos on here - but not his channel), but here is a video of him explaining what is going on

Another example as to why I am not a feminist. I think at this point Feminist should be listed as another gender (hell Alien is), because I REALLY don't want to be associated with these bitter man hating, lie spreading broads in any way.

For more of the article:

Um - What? Isn't segregation in any context on your coloring wrong - especially on campus? The SJW/Libtard/Dem/ Machine has twisted today's kids minds so much - they are now demanding segregation.

If anything from the agenda and the past two years have shown us, when it comes to the game played with 'victim cards' - boys who say they are trans always trump girls rights. So girls are not equal when it comes to biological boys.


MattWalshBlog on twitter

Yep - all your fault for not wanting to go see a bad movie with bad acting, bad directing, shoving woke SJW bs down your throat. How Dare You!


Worked for Gillette and Sports Illustrated didn't it?


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