is anyone surprised his evil fingers are behind this too?

if anyone is left out there who still thinks he is a good leader, we need to get you in a white jacket with the arms in the back and taken you out from society for a long time.

Always been curious why PETA never went dow there.

So they reopen these vile markets - where they claim the virus came from. China is laughing at the world while it profits from the deaths and misery of others.

Faulty testing kits and masks - probably being made by 6 year old sick children in factories with horrible conditions, maybe having the virus themselves. And China is selling them to the countries they have devastated.

Well I guess that would make and and hopefully at least half of the Canadians - conspiracy theorists. Why wouldn't she say that? Her and her supreme leader want to rule us like China does to its own people.

is it me, or does schiff look like a weasel in desperate need of a suppository?

yep - impeachment if he makes it to November - here you guys go again!

Would you really trust his government to have full access to all the information on your phone? If so - you must think the Chinese government is trustworthy

Oh Pelosi is using dead americans and the panic to get as much as she wants and what she needs - screw the americans.

They set up tents to ease the burden on the hospitals, and now its an agenda driven issue.

Now if the the celebtards would stop singing badly with no make up and do this, can you 'imagine' the positive impact that would make?

Okay so we are really supposed to believe it was bats? Comeon.
I have been up for 36 hours lol, I am going to try and sleep - and get to some memes for you guys.

Sorry guys this is a long one. But I was trying to see if anyone had a timeline, and I found this one in the National Review. I promise I will get back to the memes, so skip this one if you don't want to get more angry or depressed. Just remember, its better to trust our instincts, than MSM.

Yah - listen to her! Not the top experts behind Trump. She wants more people to die, so she can use it when (not if) she comes back.

Are there anyone seriously still out there that can support this fktard and his self entitled cabinet? While the cases increase in those who are catching the Wuhan virus, and those dying to his inactions, while people are losing their jobs, cannot eat at moment - he increases the carbon tax - and gives himself and the cabinet a raise. The Conservative mps that will be getting it as well, are donating to charities to fight what is going on - do you think this selfish pr*ck will do the same?

Because Sir Elton called this attention seeking twat a he/his during a concert to raise money for food banks and children's charities, sad pathetic morons have taken to twitter to call for Sir Elton to be 'cancelled' - um can anyone see the absurdity of this? And this - in their pronoun rage, has taken away from what the concert was set up for.

He and the unqualified people he has put in charge need to go, and they need to go now.

Time to torture you guys with yet another.

If anyone is to blame - she should look in the mirror - her and the swamp.

I hope everyone is doing well, and staying safe. I myself I think cabin fever is getting to me - thus this.

Ah - the irrelevant getting nervous that no one knows who they are.

Now at the end where I am pissing my pants, if no other creator has come up with this - I call 'dibs'! (I think isolation is getting the the old bag here lol)

Some you may have seen, others maybe not. I did not work on any of these, so I do not take credit.

Will be working on some Video ones tonight :)

If you are interested in the video I talk about in the beginning, let me know I will upload. But I want to hear what you guys would like to see - I think we could all use a break.

Ah Karma is a bitch. Seriously - who birthed these idiots?


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So their stupidity is trumps fault. Why not -everything else is!


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Just a someone like many trying to make sense of out of this insane world and how far apart everyone has been torn by ideologies. I try to use logic, but damn trying to get your head around some of the stupidity out there can make one's brain hurt.