Ironheart looks like it is going to happen, and Morgan Stark is out. Is this due to the bullying the 7 year old actress received from SJW's? RDJ also came out and supported the Ironheart movie. With the push for females in the MCU - is this the end of beloved male characters bu replacing them? (i.e. female Thor - ick). And will only weak males be in the universe now.



Was working on a Marvel one but felt I needed to address the backlash this man is now getting after calling Omar to task on her comments. And now she posts on twitter a video on how horrible of a day it was, etc - is it too little to late?



I recorded on my phone - off the cuff so again sorry about not planning - I tried to speak from the heart. I didn't realize today was September 10th, and what tomorrow was - first time in 18 years. I am so Ashamed, and cannot believe how the world itself has forgotten. I promise to never forget again. I don't know what I believe in as far as faith, but:
God Bless the families of the victims
God Bless the first responders that died, and are still dying today
God Bless all those that were lost, including those heroes on flight 93 who brought it down before it could hit a populated area
And God Bless America

I found a copy on youtube of the Naudet Brothers Documentary:

Other clips

Dum Dum here was looking on her phone in bed last night at various news - and I stumbled upon these two examples of more woke bs. I hit record on my phone and had to get my frustration out (never look at news before bed!). So I threw this one together - I needed to rant a bit. Not sure if I make any sense here

Can't we just be entertained anymore without political bs ruining everything?


Gay Female Cap:

She Hulk:


It was very late Saturday night when I recorded this. Came across this on the Rebel Media, and it is just another example of the ridiculous world we live in. Especially when they protesters started accusing everyone of being racist - including the people of colour in line and a gay couple (thought this was an LGBTQ+ issue, but then again there is more to this agenda). I am not homophobic - but I call out the ridiculousness of the world.
Lost my 'lady' voice here yet again.

Check out the original video (without my commentary) and the other great vids on Rebel Media's Youtube channel. I am not making any money off of this video, but if you like their reporting, please support them so they can continue to chase after those ducking from questions.

I apologize. I was bored. Was going through some footage of the Straight Pride Parade, and i needed to have some fun. These people (Antifa) are ridiculous - delusional - and sadly supported by members of congress. I think the fact AOC is fundraising for these smegheads made me snap - thus this is the result.

please please go to the youtube channel Lives Matter. They covered the parade extensively. Sorry I 'borrowed' and butchered - but had too. But go show these guys some support

He is the gift that just keeps giving- right up Canada's Arse! But now he is giving $18 Million Dollars of your taxpayer money to go towards an airport for the elite to park their private jets. Can you think of what better things this money could have gone towards? Even if you are Liberal - how can you justify this?



Wasn't going to do a vid today, but got home from work and saw this - so had to throw this together. Asking people to donate money to thugs who beat up cops, innocent bystanders - is she serious? What do you think?

Link to Article:

If you go to the original article and click on Andy Ngo's post - you will see the full list of those arrested.


A comment originally stated by a pastor of a Baptist Church in Birmingham - Messing has fully supported it - isn't that a little racist of HER? Basically if you are black, and don't think or vote like them - you must be mentally ill in their deranged little minds. Stating Black supporters of Trump are not intelligent enough to think for themselves (and maybe have their freedoms including voting taken away - that IS racist). She also joins fellow 'actor' Eric McCormack in calling for a public shaming supporters of Trump.



Shouldn't we all be competing at the same level? Face it - a lot of women don't have the desire to go into these careers. But if they do, is it fair that they get a 'break'? Filling up Quotas does hurt others, and does not make for fair competition.



I was JUST about to get some shut eye after doing that rant video re: Feminism/Patriarchy - and idiot here checked into the news. So I am not drunk, just really, really tired. But this made me so mad I had to put something together. Again sorry for the stumbling in the vid, but this woman is a disgrace.


Rebel Media interviewed Blaire White, where she talks about getting doxxed by Yaniv, how she will pursue her to see if she can lay charges, how insane the Canadian justice system is and how Yaniv hides behind it, and how Yaniv does not represent the Trans community. Most shocking - is that Blaire brings up Yaniv was looking into purchasing a fire arm, and may already have one. How can someone so unstable own a firearm - especially in Canada? IT HAPPENS. Gun laws don't mean shit if someone wants to get a gun.

As always, I do not tolerate any harassment or bullying of anyone I have featured in today's video - this includes Yaniv - be above that (this is what she does). If you want to do something, please share the interview on social media (which I have linked below)

Link to original video by Rebel Interview:

Blaire Whites Channel (show her some love):

Rebel reporter gets attacked by Yaniv:

Music by

I was going to stay away from this subject as there are many videos on Youtube calling this movement out, but today I had a discussion that turned into an argument with someone who didn't want to hear about the facts. This isn't about not accepting a person because they are Obese - this is about promoting unhealthy and deadly 'lifestyles' to the public (especially children). Warning there are some medical images that might be upsetting to some.


For going the usual opening and closing - had to get this one out! Jessica Yaniv has been arrested following her live stream with Blaire White - where she showed off her stun gun. I was going to do a reaction video to that live stream then this breaking news came in. Bravo Blaire, Bravo!

Again I do not tolerate harassment of anyone mentioned in today's video - and yes that includes Yaniv. You want to do something - share the original links to the PM story and Blaire's videos (or even mine)

Blaire White's Video where Yaniv got in trouble

Link to Post Millennial story:

Link to alleged Victims story

Blaires original video on Youtube:

There are victims in this whole human rights hearings - the business owners (some who operated small businesses out of their own homes) - women - who were forced to close down their businesses due to 'alleged' harassment from Yaniv and her followers, and out of fear. Yaniv as the Post Millennial reported was first asking $2500 from each of the 16 business women to settle (would be $40,000) - but is now asking $8000 - is this REALLY about human rights? This is not a slam against the trans community - it is bringing forth into the light an individual who has some background allegations that really need to be addressed. And yes what about the young victims of the other 'allegations'? I will keep on top of the news, and will report on any developments.


Original Article

GoFundme set up for the business owners:

Vancouver Rape Relief Shelter

Another disgusting attack on an innocent man for wearing a hat - swarmed by 'teens'. Who is responsible for this bulls**t?


Link to story

I know this is a controversial subject - what isn't in today's society. When does it become unfair to the biological born women/girls competing in sports - what happened to fair play? Do Transgender athletes have an unfair advantage - you look at the science - yes. Especially when you trans in your 30's just before you entered into women's competition like this weightlifter. Trans athletes have rights to compete, but don't the women/girls? And is there some that are going to take advantage of the new rules?

Transgender Weightlifter's Gold Sparks New Debate

8th Place: A High School Girl's Life After Transgender Students Join Her Sport


According to an article in the Post Millennial, it looks like a special government appointed team (paid by taxpayers obviously) has been set up to monitor Canadian's on social media platforms for 'bigotry' and comments that are unfavorable to Trudeau. We are on a slippery slope to losing our freedoms of speech with Trudeau's new thought/speech police. And according to an attached email in the article, Canadians have been spied on by this 'team' at least since 2018. Who sets up the parameters to say what is and is not bigoted comments - or 'unfavorable' comments about the Prime Minister?

Link to original article


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