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(Road to Unite the Right 10/13/16) I attended a "free speech" symposium hosted by the Thomas Jefferson Center for Protection of Free Expression. The context was that a UVA lecturer named Doug Muir was being harassed by a cancel mob after posting on Facebook that "Black Lives Matter is the most racist group since the Klan."

At this point, I was an inexperienced public speaker and in a transitionary period as I shifted from the political left to the political right.

Panelists included left-winger Dahlia Lithwick of Slate magazine and Kelly Carlin, daughter of the late comedian George Carlin. Dahlia Lithwick is a Jew who attended synagogue with the Jewish Mayor Mike Signor and brought in her friend Robert Kaplan to sue protesters after the August 2017 rally.

Discussing the complex character of the 21st century Howard Hughes: Elon Musk. Lets discuss his free speech agenda, the mission to Mars, Space X, the Fermi paradox, self-driving cars, underground civilizations and his dust ups with Jewish power.

Since the original Alt-Right crashed and burned in 2017, the White identity space has been dominated by something calling itself Christian Nationalism, which is often a parlor trick substituting the less controversial “Christian” identity as a euphemism for White.

Its amazing how much of the New Left's radical rhetoric and social analysis could apply to the Dissident Right as well. Their successful protest tactics are still misunderstood to this day.

It seems to me like these folks were doing some things right, honestly. Their messaging was tight, direct and unpretentious. Their graphic design for websites and stickers was top notch and their protests were very professional if unambitious.

My feeling is that there is some truth to the criticism about forming a political organization around a celebrity cult of personality. But I think the main thing I see is that they were too insular, only trusting a small clique, unable to grow sufficiently, not welcoming folks outside the TRS sphere and not employing a visible public strategy for success.

As I stated before, I hope everyone in and out of NJP will use this as a learning experience and evolve rather than devolve into pettiness and anger.

Audio of Richard Spencer ranting on August 12, 2017 while Eli Mosley cackles beside him like Salacious Crumb, secretly recorded by former Identity Europa member Dave Reilly.


"We're coming back here like a hundred times. I am so mad. I am so fucking mad at these people. They don’t do this to fucking me. We’re going to fucking ritualistically humiliate them. I am coming back here every fucking weekend if I have to. Like this is never over. I win. They fucking lose. That’s how the world fucking works. Little fucking kikes. They get ruled by people like me. Little fucking octoroons. My ancestors fucking enslaved those little pieces of fucking shit. I rule the fucking world. Those pieces of shit get ruled by people like me. They look up and see a face like mine looking down at them. That’s how the fucking world works. We are going to destroy this fucking town."

James Fields accelerated towards the crowd at approximately 23 to 28 miles per hour. His vehicle is struck at least twice before he drives into the crowd: first by a long-haired ginger male bashing the rear driver’s side bumper with a wooden flag pole. The impact makes a loud sound (like a gunshot from Dwayne Dixon’s rifle perhaps). The second strike came to the front passenger side from a rioter with a club or other blunt object. The video is not especially high quality, and very pixelated further away from the camera, but it appears there may have been a third attacker, a Black male in a black t-shirt attacking with his fists, also from the front right-hand side.

Several left-wing rioters in Charlottesville attacked his car after the crash. Its important to know by inference that they were back there because he had previously tried to back out of Fourth Street and may have been prevented from doing so.

White advocates are not represented in modern politics. I outline how our interests are not represented in the border crisis, the 2024 election, Israel and "racism" on campus. I outline why we are not a power player in these political affairs and how that can change

Daniel Ferguson of Virginia, was assaulted by a mob of out-of-town Antifa including Joshua Abram Mascharka and Anderson Sweetser of North Carolina and Rourke Thomas Winder of Afton, Virginia

Dandre Shakur Harris stalks and wounds Harold Crews with a blow to the head after tense minutes of threats and racial harassment

Dr Michael Hill fights off an attack from militant Communist Nic Smith, who tries to prevent him from entering Lee Park during Unite the Right

Founder of Charlottesville Black Lives Matter and Charlottesville Clergy Collective Leader Don Gathers repeatedly strikes protesters as they are marching to the Unite the Right demonstration.

UTR speaker Baked Alaska was attacked by an unidentified assailant, leading to hospitalization and permament damage to his eyesight

-nonviolence is not lack of action

-it is an assertive strategy which can be employed in a military style campaign with the objective of obtaining power & influence

-optimal strategically for dissident groups in so-called "liberal democracy"


(0:30) Thanks Anarchist People of Color (Emily Gorcenski and Luis Oyola's group) for coordinating Antifa strike groups on A11 and 12.

(1:20) “Antifascists... expelled them from the park with sticks and fists and paint balloons and shields and just their bodies. The reason that’s important is we know we can do that, right?”

(1:55) “We’re gonna have to do that again and again and again.”

(2:55) “Every other white man is a nazi.”

(3:13) “White allies are mostly useless. We need white accomplices. We need co-conspirators.”

(3:28) Refers to Antifa leader Emily Gorcenski as his accomplice and co-conspirator

(3:58) Defends terrorism

(4:43) It’s okay to hate “whiteness”.

“It’s okay to hate things.”
“The problem isn’t violence.”

Jack Pierce, Richard Spencer's head of security for Unite the Right speaks to Sgt Tony Newberry about police escorts. There is a wide margin of difference between this recording and the story Newberry told to Tim Heaphy in the Charlottesville Independent Review

Talking about my current writing goals and hope to inspire a renewed sense of optimism and activism

Anarchist militia Redneck Revolt prepares for the Unite the Right rally by shooting targets associated with the Alt-Right like Pepe the Frog

The National Socialist Part demonstration is protected by Chicago PD in following the landmark Supreme Court victory of National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie.

The day after the first torch demonstration in Lee Park, I went into an angry mob to save my friend Emerson. I tore down a "white supremacy" sign from Robert E Lee, got mobbed and wrongfully arrested.

The year leading up to the fateful Unite the Right rally included numerous stalking and harassment incidents by local extreme left groups, including SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice).

Discussing the "meme trial" of Douglass Mackey aka Ricky Vaughn and Tucker Carlson's denunciation of White advocacy


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