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America First Host Nicholas Fuentes argues that age of consent is arbitrary and should be based on whether a young boy or girl has reached puberty. The title of the episode is "Judge Roy Moore Did Nothing Wrong" referencing allegations that Moore assaulted a 14 year old child when he was 32 years of age.

Groyper leaders Anthime Gionet and Catboy Kami recite a Hitler speech in front of a MAGA audience

Matt Evans aka "Beardson Beardly" threatens to rape Brittany Venti

Conversation with historian and DC resident Don Folden of DC Black Tours

Nick Fuentes nods approvingly while Alex Jones espouses several batshit conspiracy theories, including one which got him sued for defamation

Winter months have me questioning the meaning of life in politics, love and religion

Christopher Cantwell asks for police assistance and Jason Kessler instructs attendees to remain nonviolent.

A black antifa calls white people "fucking animals" and "inbred pieces of shit"

Antifa thugs Nic Smith, Jesse Schultz and Kyle Reedy threaten rallygoers

Drone footage of a march to an historic Thomas Jefferson monument at the University of Virginia Rotunda

Disinformation peddlers with Integrity First for America have raised tens of millions insinuating there was a conspiracy between James Fields and the Charlottesville organizers. There is no evidence that that is the case. I explain here.

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League of the South and Traditionalist Workers Party are attacked during their march up Market St toward Lee Park during the Unite the Right rally. Antifa had set up a barricade to block entrance to the park and violently attacked the groups as they headed towards the demonstration. **Notice the ball peen hammer being used as a weapon by the Antifa rioter in the cover image***

The famous Skokie Nazi rally involved threats of fights breaking out just like in Charlottesville. The difference was that the ACLU stuck to its guns in the landmark case National Socialist Party of America et al. v. Village of Skokie and the protesters were separated from counter protesters when the rally eventually took place in Marquette Park (instead of Skokie). (Scene clipped from ‘Might Ira’ documentary)

Susan Bro, Heather Heyer's mother, embraces free speech rights for unpopular groups and says she believes that Unite the Right demonstrators should have the right to rally in Charlottesville (Scene clipped from documentary, 'Might Ira')

A van used to carry protesters and equipment was attacked at the rally in Charlottesville, Va

Attorney Roberta Kaplan takes advantage of clients legitimately injured in Charlottesville car incident to push a political vendetta against far right protesters. She convinced clients not to sue police for the stand down that led to their injuries. There is no evidence that James Fields communicated with any organizers of the rally.

Medical professional George Lindbeck discusses emergency services preparations for the Unite the Right rally, including the expectation of Left-wing violence


4:54 Counter-protester physical interactions with law enforcement at KKK rally

6:20 Public perception was on the side of criminal protesters at KKK leading to constrained response on A12

8:15 (After KKK rally) realized counter-protesters were more likely to introduce violence than protesters

8:55 People felt a strong moral obligation to confront the other group, particularly on the left-wing side

13:11 Violent design of Left Wing groups

13:20 Violence is part of their mission (left wing groups)

14:00 Intelligence: Left wing groups felt like Battle of Berkeley didnt advance their goals sufficiently;
Needed more violent event in Charlottesville to advance their agenda

17:29 Antifa "street medics" shun traditional EMS and were concealing patients

23:28 Left-wing groups cached "non-traditional weapons" around the protest site

23:45 Law enforcement source warned about Antifa bringing coolers full of Coke cans filled with sakrete

29:10 We had a command center downtown

39:20 "Why weren't protesters separated?" "I don't have any answers for that." "You see the protesters
surrounded on all sounds by counter-protesters. That's when things started to get messy."

42:19 Bloody injury on National Socialist Movement activist

45:04 Militia behaved well & had no significant interactions with either side

54:36 2 medical transports from torch march; 26 total event related; 20 from car incident

Antifa extremist Molly Conger prepares for battle alongside violence advocate Emily Gorcenski. Conger's fans include Connor Betts, a mass shooter who murdered nine and injured 27 others.

Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20201231113036/https://twitter.com/EmilyGorcenski/status/1344014315553173506

Leader of communist militia Redneck Revolt gives a talk at Harvard about violence he inflicted on protesters at the Unite the Right rally

Gregory McMichael confronts criminal Ahmaud Arbery, who had been trespassing on his property. Things take a deadly turn when Arbery lunges for his son's shotgun and punches him in the head.

Antifa leader Molly Conger rips out pages of a Bible and burns them in front of Christian Confederate monument supporters in Pittsboro, NC (October 18, 2019)

After the January 6th, Stop the Steal event in Washington DC Roberta Kaplan decides that Baked Alaska was 'heavily involved' in planning Unite the Right

InfoWars founder Alex Jones has received an official warning from the Food and Drug Administration for peddling phony coronavirus cures online.


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