The Magick Farmer

Pressure forges coal or diamonds given enough time. In this war to end all wars, some will burn out like coal, and others will harden and shine, like diamonds. Which will you be?

Stopping the jab mandates are all well and good but what about the satanic ritual abuse of children? What about the freemasonry filth that defile our sons and heirs? Maybe it's time to get our priorities in order.

The new world order are attempting the single greatest wealth transfer in human history. They want to extract and steal everything you own and cherish. So let's give it to them. Edge first.

(((RANT ALERT))) - Stop inflicting the mask mental illness on others, you have no right and no say in how we conduct our medical business. (Side Note: Thanks for taking in the unvaccinated. Now ditch the mask business and we'll get along better :-) )

I despise segregation and discrimination. But as far as I'm concerned, any business that has pushed vaccine apartheid, especially those who aggressively pushed the segregation, don't deserve our business and must either see the light or go broke. Their call.

Soldiers of the Australian Army seen marching with protestors. Thank you for your service boys. Lets keep the faith and keep pushing, Covid is DONE in 2022, let's get our country and our freedom back, then retribution begins...

The narrative is crumbling, and so are your excuses for being a bastard to your fellow man. Maybe it's time to atone and change.

Covid is Dead. The Cult lives to oppress another day.

I don't want a two-tier society. But if we are forced to...

Save your children or condemn your soul.

It's depraved, disgusting and a form of child abuse. Stop it.

Never let go of your ability to think for yourself

How do we wish to rebuild our world?

Be on the right side of history

What is it going to take?

No more division. Only love, freedom and the human spirit.

...and know your friends too.

Hold the line.

There are no saviours in this war. Including Donald Trump

More protection for the rapers of children.

We need all we can get.

Who do you trust?

There is no virus. There is only illusion, lies, and theatre designed to put you to sleep, to kill you, and to rape your children.

Even on Christmas Eve, the fight continues. We stand as one, and we will never yield.

Your complacency will cut your throat and enslave your children.


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My name is Nathan. I am a husband and a father. I love my family very much, and I would do anything for them.

This channel is for me to promote both my views, and my creations. I am attempting to create a little fantasy world, in the form of stories, books, music etc., for my son to help him fire his imagination. The reason I am doing this is because most of the artistic and entertainment rubbish you can buy on the bookshelves and see in the theatres is controlled and funded by Freemasonry, Satanic depravity, and general anti-human, anti-European (I'm Australian with Saxon, Viking and Celtic roots) and anti-family agendas. Simply put, the world is run by paedophiles and Satan-followers, and I won't have my children polluted and raped by this influence. Hence my creations. Hence The Magick Farmer.

I am also expressing my views here online, not because I necessarily want to, but because I need to, because not enough of us men, particularly European or of European-descent, are willing to stand up and be counted. Our children and our families are under attack by globalist interests, fueled by Freemasonry and Satan, and we as fathers and husbands, as MEN, are REQUIRED by the Gods to STAND UP AND BE MEN.

Heil Odinn.