Mar 3 2023 - Rebel News - Ezra Levant joins Tucker Carlson to discuss the arrest of Pastor Derek Reimer. The pastor was forcefully removed from a drag queen storytime event in Calgary

Irish Council for Human Rights

Eminent MIT Prof & expert on drug safety analytics Retsef Levi calls for immediate suspension of all covid mRNA vaccines

‘They should stop because they cause an unprecedented level of harm including the death of young people and children’

In this video, WCH Steering Committee member Shabnam Palesa Mohamed explains to eNCA News, South Africa’s top ranked trusted TV news channel.

Compilation of people suddenly dropping dead

Speaking out against the government over ignorance and handling of covid and the vaccines.

This call demonstrates the lack of informed consent and lack of help when you do find you’re injured.

Discussion on possible relationship and the real cause of Covid symptoms

Uninformed Consent - Official Full Documentary Release - Watch Now!

Matador Films · 2 videos
Watch the official public release of Matador Films new "Uninformed Consent" documentary, presented by and Vaccine Choice Canada.

An in-depth look into the Covid 19 narrative, who's controlling it, and how it's being used to inject an untested, new technology into almost every person on the planet.

Please consider supporting the filmmaker by pressing the SUPPORT button below.

The film explores how the narrative is being used to strip us of our human rights while weaving in the impact of mandates in a deeply powerful story of one man's tragic loss.

Hear the truth from doctors and scientists not afraid to stand up against Big Pharma and the elite class who profit from mandates.

Written & Directed by Todd Harris, Matador Films.

"This film reveals that we have been massively deceived by our own governments, public health, and mainstream media." - Ted Kuntz - President - Vaccine Choice Canada

"Can't wait for this movie to come out. Crude propaganda "crisis of the uninjected" followed by censorship, reprisal and totalitarian brute force on the people. I say bring it on!" - Dr. Peter McCullough - Internist & Cardiologist - Professor of Medicine

"Todd is a brilliant filmmaker who has a unique way of exposing the devastation to families from the mandates." - Odessa Orlewicz - Partner -

"Uninformed Consent is the most scientific and factual TRUTH to come out of Canada in the last 3 years. If you are a parent, this should be on the TOP of your viewing list. It is TRULY an eye-opener. Everyone needs to see this film!" - Amanda Forbes - Children's Health Defense

"This is the most powerful documentary of the Covid era." - Sherri Strong - Children's Health Defense Canada

Share this film - Our future depends on it!

Interesting discussion on treatments and vaxes

President Trump has done so much against Human Trafficking - Liz Crokin reports.

Doctors discuss the scam and how the world is being coerced

What do we know about Bill Gates?

This is the video that reportedly got Dr Robert Malone banned off Twitter. He tweeted a link to this video 2 hours before being banned.

Yale Epidemiologist Professor, Dr Harvey Risch discusses the risk benefits for 5-11yr olds


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Part of the presentations made to the Rabbinical High Court in Jerusalem a week or so ago.
This is Dr Zev Zelenko of NYC.
Dr Mike Yeadon